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High Heels for MSD? Where?

Apr 23, 2006

    1. All the BJDs I've seen have flat feet and yet I have seen some people that have high heals for your dolls. Where do you get high heals and how do they fit?
      I'm waiting for a Narin..Narae and a Serendipity Freyja. I would like to be able to get high heals. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

      Thanks in advance!
    2. I've been looking for some high heels myself. So troublesome.
    3. Do you want high heel shoes? Or feet? If it is high heel shoes you want look at Luts shoes for Mini Fee
    4. Thanks! I'll check out the ones on Luts. I'm geting a Narae and she has flat feet but I want a shoe that has a good heal or looks like a high heal.
    5. Can a DoC wear those shoes?
    6. have you tried leeke preorders?

      btw heal is what you do to a wound, heel is what is on your foot and on your shoe.
    7. Oh my goodness! Thank you for telling me, didn't even notice it. Duhhh, of course. And it's in the title of the thread...ugh :blush
    8. I do not know. I don't own a Doc......... yet :)
    9. Thanks, they had them but out of stock. At least I know where I can find them.

      Another question..what about sun glasses for the smaller dolls? All I have found so far is ones for the larger dolls.
    10. have a look at www.leekeworld.us
      last time I looked they had some high heeled shoes for both MSD and Leeke...
    11. Thanks! Next group order I will get them. I was thinking about the sun glasses and with summer coming maybe there will be baby sunglasses.
      Now I better get off and get busy!
      thanks for all the help
    12. Would the Narae wear the size M or DL in Leeke?