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High Question!! (Ryan vs. Jerome)

Nov 23, 2009

    1. Hi! :aheartbea

      I´m between a Jerome and Ryan, both of iple house, I see the pics you have of Ryan, Does anyone has a Jereome? and so important too, what you prefer the mobility or non-movility body?


      :pcupcake Doll kisses!
    2. Welcome to the forum. You might want to check out the size-appropriate subforum for that, and the doll databases for the dolls that you are interested in, not to mention doing an actual search in the gallery.
    3. Oh sorry! :doh
    4. BRESSEND, I suspect your thread got moved, and I sure hope you can find it again! I see you haven't reposted your question in the Iplehouse Mini thread, so I wanted to encourage ya to because one of the ladies there has tons of pictures of her "twins" Jerome and Joshua. I have a Ryan whom I turned into a "man" Kind of a surfer dude with facial hair, LOL. I didn't have to worry about which one to get, as at the time there was only Ryan and Vito, and Vito just looked too young for me. But today, I'd be in the same quandary.

      Edit, One more thing, definately get the mobility joints!!! I don't know why they bother giving people a choice, it allows them to do so much, so much better!!!!