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Himitsu ~feedback thread (my buyers and sellers) ^^ ~

May 4, 2006

    1. It's easier for me to keep track of the feedback I leave and receive in one post. So I'll be adding the nice people I deal with in these lists.
      Please add any feedback for me in this thread! Thanks! :D

      Good sellers/traders list. Thank you all!

      xanthe_roses - Friendly and very good comm, til I got my boy!! YAY!
      lilmissmaya - Lovely kimonos!
      Lady Brick - She sold me a cute outfit for my niece's teddy bear
      Shelichan - Now my boy has a comfy chair!
      angelsecho - The eyes were beautiful
      nightmarenurse - Helped me with wig tips and all!
      Shoko86 - Sold me the cutest little boots
      ChocoMeijin - Even offered help with the tent!
      nikittin - Sold me the cute sneakers my kid's wearing now
      eveshka - I can't thank her enough for helping me get the outfit I could never find here!
      Noriko - Awesome person to work with in group orders!!
      shan - Got a Leeke wig and it arrived in perfect condition.
      tsuli - Great dealing with tsuli! Now my boy has F2BM tops.
      Jaeya - Yay Jeans!
      LoveVampire - Wow love the outfit!
      Azurielle - Lovely medieval outfit!
      Spiderfly - Awesome custom made comforter!
      syrinxfox - Pliver! oh yay!
      Lily - I got a head!! Wheee!
      mangorevolver - Got a body from her.
      Wifey - Amazing clothes!
      juless231 - Thanks for the nice eyes!
      HF - Waaah! a new boy has arrived!
      kumaru- OMG the cutest slippers ever!
      Breck - WAH! Got a big girl!!
      Dadagi - Got the MSD body I needed.
      Toccyn - Thanks for the shirts! ^^
      julia - Thanks for the oufit!
      ginarolo - Amazing eyes!
      tigerlily - Got a wig.
      ravendolls - Thanks for the lovely shirts XD
      nettness- Thanks for the cute little boots! XD
      frzndaqiri - Traded for a beautiful set of pants and a turtleneck for my girl.
      rkold - Got a MNF Shiwoo SS head XD
      panty_girl - I love the SD Luts boy wigs!
      Jolarocknrolla - Got a Leeke Sweet.
      Stinkerbell - Thanks for the cute yo-SD outfit!
      rykaan - My boy's got a trenchcoat!!
      timchener - Thanks for the cute sculpy eyes! ^^
      Dream_of_Isis - ok, these EA eyes are GREAT!!
      shiroi_yukiko - Great clothes!!
      tinybear - Got a lovely wig.
      Shoko86 - My girl's got sneakers now!
      saranilla - I got a Yo-SD tracksuit XD
      lindsayscorner - I got a cute Superman shirt and a pair of little Yo-SD boots from her.
      shan - She was most helpful and I got my MSD boy's papers from her ^^
      tsuli - Totally adorable and professionaly made clothes!!
      Naoya - I love the brown Volks wig!
      Kyrie Arashi - I got a rum shirt and some corsets XD
      belladurmiente - Great clothes for Yo-SD boys XD
      Weslie - I got I-ra's outfit.
      kenzers101 - I bought a F2BM pink underwear set and a maroon jumper.
      KeiCai_Ayan - Got 2 F2BM girly blouses.
      omichao - We split a Special CP boy and I got the 2 heads.
      weirdsparkle - I got F2BM blue fairy outfit and a pair of black shoes.
      talithax - I bought Dollheart undies and I got jewelry with them!!
      Hat-chan - I bought Dollheart blue undie set! Yay!
      DenaliWind - I bought a pair of ice cream color AR boots.
      Staci - I bought a lingerie set for a 60 cm girl <3
      Riven - I traded a pair of pants for a pair of white boots.
      Brightfires - I traded a jacket for a shirt. And there was a fluffy surprise in the package too!
      Seditionary - Traded a NS neckpiece for a BW one <3
      rolopuppet - Bought my dream CP elf from her XD
      tsuli - Got a pretty SD carrot wig.
      julia - I got a cloth body for one of my floating heads.
      Remmah - I bought the 2nd cloth body I needed.
      Ravendancer26.2 - I got some cookie/cake/candies props.
      Gunbunny - I traded SD clothes for Yo-SD sneakers and a pair of eyes.
      LadySaiyuki - I bought a NS CP boy body for my boy, who is no longer miserable in a cloth body! XD
      Mishiba - I bought a limited mini Dollga black wig.
      LabRat - Bought a Naripon from her! <3
      LadyLenneth - I bought the most beautiful MSD sized princess gown from her!
      ctrl-alt-doll - I ordered a custom dyed wig XD
      nena - I bought a Dollga SD wig.
      Katia - Got MSD Dollga wigs, DOD I-ra's feet and DOD hand s-hooks.
      Buff - Commissioned an awesome pirate outfit for my wannabe-pirate boy XD
      shiroi_yukiko - Commissioned sexy skinny pants!! WOOT!
      KazeKyou - Got a girl doll from her XD
      ravendolls - I bought a pretty SD auburn/silver wig.
      LabRat - OMG I got another tiny from her!! OD So ye this time XD
      NabeeRain - I bought a lot of kelly clothes.
      ravendolls - I bought an Anotherspace aviator cap.
      Lazuli - I traded for a pair of military pants.
      Katia - I traded doll wigs for a teddy bear bag and tiny sized goggles.
      knovak - I traded a a doll for a UH-14. <3<3
      Ri-chan - I bought an elfdoll tiny at a great price XD
      Grace - I ordered from her XD
      CherryStreet~Sera - I have commissioned her for face-ups <3
      marsh - I got 2 pairs of pants from her <3
      knovak - Another great trade with her!! For yet another Unidoll <3
      EcchoKat - Traded a wig for Bee pants and dollmore shoes.
      LordSesshoumaruSama - Got 2 pairs of pants, and an extra!
      DBZVelena - I got a pair of greyish/purpleish acrylic eyes.
      EcchoKat - Traded a DZ blond wig w/tail for white pants and a shirt.
      Pia - I got a MSD chain belt.
      mel-mel-chan - I participated in her Dollmore group order XD
      Phoenix73182 - Traded a DZ dress for a blond SD wig.
      LoveVampire - Got a tray of eraser sweets and 2 SD bottles XD
      Ravendancer26.2 - I got 2 Halloween cookie platters.
      asato - I bought a Candyland game and a tray of tiny hot dogs XD
    2. Good buyers list! Thank you all!

      sat - She got a pair of purple eyes.
      eveshka - Bought TT jeans.
      Lucahjin - Bought sneakers.
      alexiusSana - Enjoy the jeans!
      NeeP - Bought a boy body soon.
      Yenna - Bought a Hoo DOD outfit.
      Buff - Bought a BC kitty wig.
      shaDrouet - Bought pale blue glass eyes.
      Rynn007 - Enjoy your toothy vamp Shiwoo head! :D
      EvaFriedel - Enjoy the SD high heeled shoes! ^^
      Avenger - Enjoy the BC outfit ^^
      Myrtle - Enjoy your pretty silver wig! ^^
      shiroi_yukiko - Bought a MNF Shiwoo sleeping head.
      mendokusai - Bought pliver.
      MysteryAya - Sold her a tinybear mohair wig.
      pinkspider - Bought my Leeke Sweet.
      hobbywhelmed - She got my dreaming El head.
      Breck - It was a pleasure having your Sudanna here for a few months!
      c_de_montigny - I sold her I-ra's outfit.
      Shayi - Bought a Teen Trends striped shirt from me.
      shaDrouet - Bought a pair of black Yo-SD boots.
      Anhelanti - Bought a sleeping Yder head.
      Gamekitty - Bought a pair of Delf boy hands.
      *All these nice people joined my piggyback order and paid promptly and kept a great communication:
      Bilesque ~ Stormlight ~ moonlitparadox ~ Rynn007 ~ Elegy ~ Nirote ~ sgtgeorgecarter ~ sakuracha ~ Thank you all!! <3
      rillystar - Bought three Delf hands.
      Se-chan - Bought a blue chair for minis.
      Laksinu - Bought a dollheart jacket and a shirt by shiroi_yukiko.
      julia - Bought a Tinatsu outfit from me.
      Remmah - Bought a Yder head.
      hobbywhelmed - Bought a Delf boy right hand, hehe thanks! <3
      Yuriko_Terachi - Bought a Black Riche set.
      seisei - Bought an AR blond wig.
      Skeekers - Bought my Kuuta's default wig.
      Shinya - Bought a black MSD Leeke wig.
      blakrose - Bought my MNF Shiwoo elf vampire head.
      Scissorhand - Bought MNF Chiwoo/El hands.
      Raider - Bought a pair of 18mm green acrylic eyes.
      rikki_mew_chan - We split a MNF Shushu special, she got the heads and I got the body.
      Odii&Thaer&theCD - Bought a pair of 16mm acrylic blue eyes.
      shatia - Bought a pair of 16mm acrylic Yellow gray eyes.
      mymel0dy - Bought a MNF boy body from me.
      Ai Kazi - Bought a pair of 16mm green gray glass eyes.
      alexiell - Bought 3 MSC cans from me.
      RiverKelpie - Bought a Luts cloth body.
      hobbywhelmed - Got the other Luts cloth body.
      Rally Vincent - I sold Rally 2 wigs.
      Ragsolith - Thanks you!! Got a wig from me.
      shaDrouet - Bought 2 pairs of DZ sneakers!
      Toxic_nightmist - Bought a wig from me.
      alexiell - She bought a dress with cross charms.
      Krissy - Bought a DZ dress and a pair of lolita shoes.
      Se-chan - Bought 4 pairs of DZ shoes from me!
      jinjur - Bought 2 pairs of shoes.
      saranilla - Bought a long ponytails wig.
      Omi-san - bought a pair of mini black shoes.
      Tsuminaki - Bought a jacket outfit and a pair of shoes.
      Kittywolf13 - Bought a lot of wigs.
      ecchigirl - Bought two dolls from me, plus wigs and shoes.
      marsh - bought a pair of MSD size orange sneakers.
      LNY - Bought 2 pairs of mini shoes.
      shaDrouet - Bought even more pairs of sneakers from me!
      Amy - Bought a jacket outfit.
      PixielatedTink - Bought 2 pairs of sneakers.
      pixieblue - Bought a DZ Demi from me.
      kir - Bought my Naripon Periwinkle.
      Brokenshinigamisoul - Bought 2 cans of MSC.
      Nightmoon - Bought a mini blue wig.
      peppa - Bought a DZ kitty outfit.
      moonchilde - Bought a black/white mini wig.
      keiinwonderland - Bought a pair of skull mini sneakers, thanks! <3
      kboyd912 - Adopted a Unidoll resin guy, thanks so much! XD
    3. I had a transaction with Hitmitsu and she is great! :)
    4. I sold something to himitsu, super nice, GREAT communication, overall a great buyer! Also let me know when the item arrived, so I wouldn't have to worry X3
    5. I just completed a purchase from himitsu that was flawless. She even threw in a bit of a surprise for me.
    6. Thanks for a very smooth transaction, himitsu! ^_^ (and thanks for buying ^^)

      EDIT: We've dealt another time and it was just as positive an experience. :)
    7. Sold a couple of items to himitsu - great transaction, thanks for being a lovely buyer! :)
    8. I sold a outfit to himitsu and she was very nice and quick with her payment :3 Thanks for the buisness! :3
    9. Himitsu is amazing! Fast payment, and super friendly. ^^
    10. Himitsu was a fast payer. Paid right after receiveng the total for the order. And good communication as well. Pleasure to work with.
    11. Had a very good transaction with Himitsu! Paid promptly and had very good communication!
    12. Was graced with another order by Himitsu. Paid promptly and provided all necessary reference for the requested clothing design. Once again a pleasure to work with.
    13. Great buyer! Very nice communication and prompt payment! Thankyou!! :)
    14. Himitsu is ABSOLUTELY GREAT! She bought my MNF Shiwoo and she paid promptly. She has great communication and responded to every PM. I would definitely do business with her again. :)
    15. Himitsu is great to work with! The transaction was a breeze, A++ for awesome communication! (^^
    16. Absolutely GREAT transaction.. Good communication, everything fell into place like clockwork.
      And it was so much fun to sell to someone who enthused about what she was buying!
      :D :)
    17. VERY good transaction! Good communication and perfectly shipped item! Will buy from again :3 thank you!
    18. Himitsu is great to deal with! Fast payment and good communication. ^^
    19. Another great transaction here! Himitsu is quick to pay and kept in contact! Thanks again! <3
    20. I have just received the MSD boy body yesterday, and I love it. Himitsu went above and beyond the expectations of a seller. Thank you very much!