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Hina Ichigo BJD?

Jan 10, 2008

    1. If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move or delete this thread

      I know that there are BJD's of Souseiseki (Forgive me if I spell their names wrong) and Suseiseki, and today I saw my first Hina Ichigo BJD on ebay!
      It's so cute!:fangirl:

      She makes me squee with joy!

      But at $980 plus shipping (Which is about $30), It's impossible for me to save up for her (It includes everyhting when you buy her. Shoes, Face up, Kun-Kun plushie, Everything).
      Unless I wait on mom and dad hand and foot (Age: 14= No job).

      Also I discoverd that this person is also selling a Suigintou BJD too.

      It's for 3k, I'd be 17 when I'll maybe be able to buy her if I save my allowance!
    2. That's one of the best Suigintou dolls I've ever seen! I want her so bad now. xD But I don't have the money for her, nor will I ever have that kind of money.
    3. Volks has made a bunch of Rozen Maiden dolls (Shinku, then Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, and now Suigintou and Hinaichigo), and sold all of them in very limited numbers at events. They're quite popular, and go for a lot of money on the second-hand market.

      Hinaichigo actually doesn't seem to be as popular as the others, though, and goes for less than the others, as far as I've seen.

      You might be able to find better prices on Yahoo!Japan, but those sound about like how prices are falling out there too (near $3k for Suigintou, under $1k for Hinaichigo).
    4. It's funny- Hina Ichigo is a Yo, which are of course hugely popular... but I wonder if that makes her price not go as high as it would if she were an MSD, since a Yo is too small to be on scale with a SD or SD13 for her character and the characters of the other dolls Volks has done so far.

      She is pretty darn adorable though. : )
    5. Am I the only one who never saw Hina Ichigo as being a pale blonde? I thought she was more of a golden blonde or strawberry blonde, but maybe my perception was different than others'. I was shocked when Volks released their Hina Ichigo with pale blonde hair.
    6. I think she's more of a golden blonde too. Greeniebone if you look at the volks rozen maiden's they have slight aestheic variations from the anime look that I think volks did for artistic purposes. For exmple Shinku's eyes in the anime is more blue than the dolls and Suigintou's eyes are lighter lavender not piercing purple.

      Hina's not as popular I think only because Suiginto has caught so much attention. Actually Hina is going pretty high for a non Tenshi YoSD. I've seen the Y!J auctions start at near retail but have been ending up to and over $1000

      On discussion of Hina I agree that she is not to scale as the other Rozen Maidens but for the character she seems better as a YoSD. Always thought the other Rozen Maiden's would have been better in msd size to keep with th character

      Volks was selling her for about $638 at the US lottery with about $18 shipping. Cost more than double the average yo since she comes dressed and is a license character doll.