hip joints

Jan 24, 2016

    1. Hi,
      I am going to jump in way over my head and try my hand at a BJD. I see there is a load of info on heads, not so much detailed info on joints. I like the look of the reverse hip joint. But the regular hip joint is the one predominately used. My question is do they both give the same amount of mobility and stability? I live in a small rural area, I don't have the opportunity to look or play with any actual bjds much less different types. I even had to order the fimo professional online ;) . I have just been pouring over all the photos and tutorials online. Also is a double hip joint a better way to go?
    2. If you're thinking of making your own BJD, you sadly won't be finding much info here (it's been removed years ago).
      You'll likely find the answers to your questions on The Joint, a bjd-making forum.
    3. Satyrsmoon is correct, we do not allow discussions of making dolls on DoA; The Joint would be a much better place for that.
      But as this is off topic, I will be locking this thread.