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Hiro- New Immortality of Soul 70CM Release

Apr 17, 2010

    1. Immortality of Soul is releasing a new 70CM head, Hiro, who will be available from April 20th to May 3rd. The head can be purchased together with the body or separately, if my translator is working properly. The order board has not been updated but more information is available in the Diary section.

    2. How much he is coast????
    3. Hiro's head alone = 130$
      Hiro + 70cm body = 530$
      You can order him until may,3rd in NSpink, NS normal or white.
      I'm not sure about it because it's not easy to understand, but it seems you can buy the other IOS heads this time ONLY if you buy Hiro. Edit thanks Ashercroix (see below), that makes a lot more sense.

      to order you must:
      Login > shop > click on "order" > "english" > "notice for Hiro head" or "order sheet".
    4. I'm 95% sure that it means that only people who have already bought an I.O.S body + head (Osiris, Dal, Lucifer) can order JUST Hiro's head. You'll need the number on your Certificate of Authenticity to prove your past purchase.

      Everyone else (new customers, people who have only ordered heads in the past) have to buy him as head + body.

      Also, it should be mentioned that they're changing their shades of NS and WS in May, releasing animal dolls in 5-6 months, AND releasing a 60cm head + body in 6-7 months! :D
    5. You've got it right Ashercroix! You must have your certificate of authenticity in order to purchase Hiro separately. The Egyptian style cat doll is currently undergoing discussion as to whether it is on or off-topic for DoA, I believe a decision will be made regarding that after more information and pictures are released.
    6. Thanks for information, guys! ^___^
      You really help me!
      Do you know it?
    8. Nope, sorry. IOS no longer offers makeup services and doesn't plan to in the future as far as I know.