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hiyami's Feedback! :3

Dec 28, 2011

    1. Please leave any and all feedback here!

      I am really pleased to say that hiyami's first transaction on DoA went wonderfully! She purchased a green MSD-sized dress from me and was super friendly to chat with throughout the entire transaction. She also paid quickly (via Personal payment, unprompted by me; thank you!)

      Another trait of hers that I can definitely respect is that she is very thorough. She asked me some questions to learn more about the Marketplace and Paypal, as this was her first transaction on DoA and she was unsure about a lot of things. Instead of hoping for the best and letting the chips fall where they may, she took the time to find out the answers to her questions; I know I'm not the only one who can appreciate this!

      Anyway, hiyami rocks my socks off and I would definitely do business with her again! :aheartbea
    3. hiyami purchased an MSD dress from me. She paid instantly and communications were timely and friendly. Thanks, hiyami!
    4. Hiyami joined my "whats your doll`s element" Swap and was a pleasure to have as part of my swap! Every was done on time and would love to have her join another one of my swaps!! highly recommend! thanx for taking part in my swap ^_^
    5. Hiyami bought a wig from me. Payment was prompt and the transaction went very smoothly. Thanks!
    6. Hiyami commissioned a faceup from me. She was communicative, polite, and very nice. She paid promptly, and let me know when her girl's head came back to her. She was all around an exemplary buyer, and I highly recommend doing business with her!
    7. I joined Hiyami's "A Shirt Swap for MSDs." It was wonderful ideal go back to basic of sewing BJD top, but to add a twist or be creative with the shirt making. I would love take part in more of her swaps down the road. A+ Host
    8. I was in the 'A Shirt Swap for MSD's' that Hiyami organized and it was a blast. I have never done a swap before and this made me want to keep doing it over and over again. Thanks your were a great host, I would definitely join your swaps in the future.
    9. I was also in the shirt swap! Hiyami was a great host and very organized and was great at communication!! Thanks so much! I look forward to joining more of your swaps! :)
    10. +Positive!+

      Hiyami is a very wonderful person to work with, I highly recommend her and would work with her again any time ♥ She paid promptly and let me know when the item arrived, and even left me a very sweet feedback photo. Thanks for everything!
    11. I joined the "A Shirt Swap for MSD" that Hiyami hosted. It was run well, she had great communitcation and was nice enough to let first timers like me in! Just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to more of her Swaps!
    12. Hello! I was in Hiyami's "A Shirt Swap for MSDs" And I must say she did a wonderful job hosting it and making it easy for me to keep up although it was my first swap! Great communication and wonderfully pleasant!
    13. Hiyami participated in my second G.O for Nine9 Style. Paid quickly for her items and was great to work with.
    14. took part in her Shirt swap some time ago and she did a great job with it for it being her 1st swap!!! ^_^
    15. hiyami bought an Iplehouse wig from me. She paid promptly and kept up excellent communication. She even left me a wonderful feedback picture of her Asami in her new wig. Recommended buyer!
    16. POSITIVE~!
      ATC swap

      Hiyami participated in my ATC swap. She had gotten hurt, and was in the hospital. She was able to get messages to me as soon as she could, and despite my excusing her, she still messaged me when she got home that she had received her cards. Hiyami is a good communicator, and I look forward to having her in future swaps.
    17. hiyami bought some clothing items from me and it was a great transaction all around! Thanks again!!
    18. hiyami, ran a swap I participated in.

      She was an awesome coordinator and checked up on me when we were getting close to the end of the swap to check on my progress. Whenever I emailed her she was very prompt about getting back to me. I would definitely participate in a swap of hers again. (Although not during a semester in college, It's too crazy.)
    19. hiyami participated in a swap that I ran.

      She had great communication and sent her items out on time. I would love to work with her again in the future.