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Hobby Lobby Doll Clothes...?

Jun 19, 2008

    1. Excuse me if this has already been brought up in a thread. I did a search and couldn't find anything on this topic. So if there is a thread out there on this already, I'd appreciate it if you would point it out to me.

      A friend of mine mentioned to me that Hobby Lobby sells clothes along the lines of those at Build-A-Bear. I know that Build-A-Bear is too big for an MSD, which is the size of my Kaet, but that Friends2BMade, also found at some Build-A-Bear Workshops, fit just fine. Going to Hobby Lobby I've never actually searched for doll clothes. My friend is a non-doll owner, but I'm not saying she's not right about the doll clothes. Instead of wasting gas in going somewhere that's going to turn out to be useless, I would like to pose questions to you doll owners.

      1) Does Hobby Lobby sell doll clothes?

      2) Do those clothes fit an MSD?

      Thank you so much for your assistance! :)
    2. I remember seeing Build-A-Bear clothes there the last time I was there... other then that I can't really remember. :sweat I plan on taking a trip there either tomorrow or Monday so I can look at my local one and see what they have but every Hobby Lobby might have different things.
    3. The Hobby Lobbys that I have been to sell some bear clothes and a few pieces for dolls, but they are all rather large. They would have to be taken in quite a bit.
      I did see some smaller Tee Shirts at Michael's however, but there were only a couple of them. You might want to try calling the store first before wasting gas.
      Yeah...those gas prices...<sigh>
    4. As far as I know, the hobby Lobby next to me might carry a few bear clothes, but nothing that really looked like it would fit a BJD; they all looked too wide and all. The only thing my Hobby Lobby seems to have is possibly in-scale miniature unfinished furniture and chests.
    5. From what I've seen they would be really baggy shirts on an MSD, but would be a belly shirt on an SD. ::shrug:: Right length for the smaller size, right width for the larger.
    6. I've seen American Girl clothes and teddy bear clothes, but nothing good for MSD, no. There are teddy bear hats and glasses that could work, though.
    7. Michaels had some generic seasonal bear sweaters & tops that fit Msd size dolls. They are pretty cheap but the fit isn't exact. Hobby Lobby might carry the same line. Here is an example:



      I got this about a year and half ago at Michaels it was on a paper hanger that had a bear head sticking out the neck opening. The doll it's on is a slim msd size. I can't find the sweater right now so I can't try it on my regular msd. I have noticed this exact sweater on other msd's though.

      So you might keep an eye out for Tops that aren't build a bear at Hobby Lobby.

      Some of the Friends2BMade clothes do fit check here:


      and there is a Database listed in that thread but I can't find the link right now.
    8. Ah, thanks so much for the comments and that photo. All are very helpful. I'm so doubtful about clothes that aren't made my bjd companies, except for Friends2BMade, since I've heard all about them. And I don't know where there is a Michael's close to where I am. I'm pretty sure there is one, but I would have to look that up.