Preorder Hoblods Jorhaal head

May 21, 2019

    1. Hello everyone :)

      Please let us introduce to you our new head : Jorhaal. I hope you will like it !!

      After a past first presale, we are proud to propose a new preorder: this cutie head will be available for preorder from the 24th of May, 2019 to the 10th of June, 2019.

      It is an 1/3 head (compatible with 60 to 70 cm bodies). The circumference of the head is 8,15 inches and it wears 12/14 mm eyes). A lot of colors will be available : normal skin, normal pink, normal yellow, white skin, coffee tan and grey skin.

      All pieces of information to preorder Jorhaal head is here.

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      And, also, our Heddah, 43cm hobbit doll, has a preorder opened now. Do not miss the chance to order it here !!!

      [​IMG]Hoblods Heddah by Milolaneva, sur Flickr​

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      How to order ?

      Please feel free to fill the form you find at the bottom of these pages:

      Or please feel free to send to us an email at : [email protected] or a DOA MP, in filling this form :

      Your paypal address:
      Your name:
      Your shipping address and country:
      Your phone number:

      Your order:

      • Name of the doll or head you need :
      • Skin color :
      • Layaway ? :

      If you need a layaway, we accept it. You can read our layaway conditions here.

      For all further pieces of information, do not hesitate to send to us a MP or an email :D

      See you soon and thanks for your visit :-)
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