New Company HOBLODS - Preorder period for Hobs Heddah + head only

Nov 26, 2018

    1. Hello everyone :D

      I am proud to introduce to you a new BJD company:





      My first release is a little hobbit / gnome for 1/3 doll. His/her size is 43cm.

      For the top, my two hobbits wear 1/3 girl clothes. And, they wear 70cm clothes for their big buttocks (large 1/3 skirts can also fit).

      You can choose between 2 versions: girl or boy (androgynous creature boy) and 10 resin colors (normal pink, normal, normal yellow, white, grey, coffee tan, suntan, dark chocolate, ogre green, azur blue).

      This preorder is limited to 35 dolls and only 10 default face-up.

      The preorder is opened from 27th of November, 2018 to 18th of December, 2018.

      Do not miss the chance to get your little gnome !!

      If you need a layaway, do not hesitate to tell us: we can accept 4 monthly payments to divide the big amount !!

      You can also place an order on our website, by email ([email protected]) or by MP:

      Your paypal address:
      Your name:
      Your shipping address:
      Your phone number:
      Your order:

      • Doll: Heddah boy or girl?
      • Skin color:
      • Bust option: yes girl - yes boy - or NO
      • Default face-up: Yes or no
      • Layaway: yes (2, 3 or 4 installments) or no
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