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Holding other peoples dolls

Jul 15, 2011

    1. First off I hope this is in the right spot, if not please move it :sweat
      Second, I did look and didn't find anything like this, but if there is a thread thats like this feel free to delete or merge

      A few times at conventions I'd see someone holding a ball joint doll and I'd go up to them to talk about their doll and ask them questions in the hobby. I've been offered a few times to hold their doll, and while I do I can't help but get really nervous handling their doll. This might just be because I don't have my own doll yet and I'm not sure how to handle, so I tend to just hold them for a second give them back and then admire them from afar.

      So my question to you is;

      Have you ever felt nervous or feel uncomfortable holding other owner's dolls
      Is it more so you're nervous in general or, do you feel nervous if you're not comfortable with the size (say you're used to msd and then you hold an sd size)
    2. Oh, I've definitely been nervous about holding someone else's doll before. I'd ordered Otavi, but he hadn't arrived yet. I'd also just moved onto my college campus and made several new friends, a couple of whom were already into the ABJD hobby. One of these ladies gave me her doll to hold. I'd never held a BJD before, so I was super nervous. I didn't want anything to happen. But nothing did, and it ended well, although I'm sure I made quite a face when she handed him to me.
    3. First time I held a bjd... I was really nervous... but it passed after a min :) I still get nervous when I hold Sd sized dolls a little bit... though I'm gettin better I think ^^ (I don't have anything bigger then msd XD) SD's are heavy! Also if I don't know the owner very well I get nervous... cos yeah if I destroyed a friends doll accidently (highly doubt it) I think they would be slightly forgiving ... strangers... not so much ""^^
    4. I would definitely use more caution, since I tend to get clumsy when I'm under pressure (of holding another's expensive personal item) *A*
      Other than that I would love to hold someone else's doll!
    5. Yes I do! I don't know why, though. I have two of my own dolls that I handle all the time, but when I go to hold another persons doll, I feel like I'm going to drop them, or harm them in some way. Even though that's very unlikely, and can't stop myself from thinking it.
    6. First time I ever held a doll was when I was outside Volks USA. A lovely lovely man had me hold his doll. She was a FCS wearing the most gorgeous rose dress I had ever seen. I was so scared! I had never held one before and she was so beautiful and special I thought I would somehow hurt her. I gave her back after a minute because I didn't know what to do with myself. Thank you to the guy that let me hold his precious doll and trusting a total newbie.
    7. I have been to a couple of meets now and I feel honored if someone offers to let me hold their doll. Of course, the situation normally comes right after I have shown interest. The size of the doll is not my concern, because I admire all types of BJD's and I welcome the opportunity to see some in person and hold them.

      There was a time, at a dolly meet hosted in someone's home, where the hostess had us come into her bedroom to see her family of BJD's in a special cabinet she had made. She pulled out a huge Soom boy with horns, hooves, the works; I was fascinated and she asked me if I wanted to hold him. I was like - "yes, please" and the experience helped me to appreciate fantasy dolls even more than ever. I did find it surprising that the other guests declined and did not want to "experience" him at all. I suppose it depends on the individual. I think if you are respectful, gentle and aware of your surroundings; nothing should be of any concern in handling another person's dolls and admiring their unique beauty, sculpt or outfit.
    8. I wouldn't say nervous, since I never saw another BJD in real life until I already had three or so of my own so by the time I held someone else's I was experienced somewhat, but I am more cautious with other people's dolls than my own. I think it partly has to do with the fact that with MY dolls I know their quirks, and whether they'll flop over and which joints are likely to bend suddenly and how their outfits go together, while with someone else's doll I don't know if they might have a floppy torso and be likely to headbutt me, or where the delicate parts of their outfits are or whatever. I think most people will be more cautious with anything belonging to another person just out of courtesy.

      I'm one of those who often offers to let new people who've never held a doll hold one of mine. I keep my eye on them and say "here, just don't touch the face please" but I don't mind people holding them.
    9. I find that I'm not nervous about holding a doll, but I rarely ask to hold a doll (or, God Forbid GRAB for one) because I don't wish to offend.

      If I do ask, I usually say something like, "Oh, may I touch him/her?" or "Would it be ok for me to hold your doll?" And even on occasion, "Do you need me to hold that one for you?"
      That last one happened before I owned any BJDs and was shopping with a friend who had brought her boy along. I carried him around for her while she tried things on.
      Of course, now I take my own resin kids with me while I go shopping sometimes. :D Heh.
    10. I didn't feel nervous until the first time I held a Volks doll. But the owner was so nice, she really put me at ease about it. Dang, i want a Volks so bad!
    11. I was nervous the first couple of times I held a doll that wasn't mine, way back in 2005-2006, when I was still new to the hobby. However now, after all the dolls I do own and have owned (including some hard-to-find dolls and pricey customs), as well as the length of time I've been in the hobby, I know I know how to be careful with them and not damage them, and I handle other people's dolls with the same care that I use when I handle my own boys. :3
    12. I've Held Another Persons Doll Or Baby Sat One Or Two For Friends So I Didn't Feel Super Pressured. xD
      But With Stranger's Dolls I Do Feel A Bit Nervous.
    13. This is me as well. I was at lunch with friends and passed my Mylo over for them to look at. My bestie sat her at the edge of the table and her husband *barely* touched her foot and fwip! she fell backwards on the table. The doll was fine and we laughed but he looked like he was gonna die for a second or two. I would REALLY hate for something like that to happen with a stranger's doll. :(
    14. I don't think I've ever asked anyone to hold their dolls. I think it's very personal (to me) to ask. It's like asking a stranger if I can hold their newborn. I think I'm silly but that's just the way I feel.
    15. I was actually really nervous about holding someone's Puki for them...but it was more of being frightened of losing a hand or foot because I knew they're magnetic and fall off easily. The first few dolls I played with I wasn't too nervous about holding because the owner seemed nice and even said that I don't have to treat them like glass, hahaha. The third doll I ever held was my own, hahaha~
    16. The first time I held some one else's doll I was really nervous. We are close now but I barely knew her then and she just plopped her giant (70cm) boy into my lap saying "see how he feels to hold" during my very first meet up. I only had experience with my own very light MSD sized doll and it was a whole different world. That 70cm was heavy and I was scared I would hurt him but it had the effect of making me want one badly. These days though I am extra careful holding a doll that doesn't belong to me I am not super nervous or anything. I am always more careful with other people's possessions. Like another poster said, I don't know another dolls quirks like I know my owns. It is also a matter of respect. My friends and I are always posing dolls together and helping each other with restringing or sueding ect. It really isn't a big deal. For months I had some of my friends dolls staying here while she moved and got settled in her new place. I played with them all of the time.
    17. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels nervous lol, thanks for all the replies everyone. I guess I'll get used to it over time, though SD sizes scare me. I've held two SD an MSD and a pukipuki and i was most nervous with the SD, they're so heavy*_*
    18. I used to be super nervous when holding a doll, especially before I had my own. Once I'd learned how expensive they were, the thought of breaking one was pretty terrifying so I wouldn't play around with their joints or anything. Once I got my own, I was still a little timid, but over time I learned dolls are a lot more durable than they look. Now when I hold someone else's doll, I'm not afraid to play around with them, stand them up or pose them (with the owner's permission of course). I actually have a lot of fun handling and tinkering with the posing abilities of different dolls. c:
    19. I'm always careful to ask permission. It makes me nervous if the dolls belong to people I don't know well (like at a meetup), but I feel OK if I know the person.

      I'm pretty open about letting people hold my dolls, if they seem respectful and interested. I've even let little kids handle my dolls--one at a time, close supervision, and sitting down.

      Also, if a doll decides to flop off the table to certain doom, and you are closest (personal experience), you are supposed to grab it, no matter who it belongs to :D
    20. Maybe this sounds weird... but I held babies in the past, and to me that's WAY more nerve-wracking than dolls. O.O So holding someone else's BJDs didn't freak me out so much. I still treated them like glass 'cause of their cost, until I got my own and realized that polyurethane resin is NOT glass. lol