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Holiday Contests - Faceup Contest!

Dec 27, 2008

    1. :hollyberry Holiday-Themed Faceup Contest! :hollyberry


      If you do not see your entry and did not receive a notice that it was rejected, please PM armeleia or junkets ASAP. We have done our best to make sure that no entries were overlooked, but mistakes are always possible!


      Please read this carefully - any votes that do not follow this format will not be counted.

      Each contest has a special account assigned to it. The faceup contest uses "WinterFaceup" (which is also the account that posted this thread!)

      To vote, please send a PM to WinterFaceup. Please put the number of your favorite entry in the subject. You can put whatever you want (as long as it's not rude) in the body of the PM, but the subject must ONLY contain the number of your favorite entry.

      Each member will receive ONE vote per contest. If you submit more than one vote for a particular contest, your original vote will be counted. Please decide carefully before voting! :)

      Voting will close at 11:59pm PST on Friday, 1/2.


      Please play nicely - do not beg for votes or tell other people which entry is yours. We want the best entry to win, rather than this just being a popularity contest. If you are aware of a participant begging for votes either on DoA or off-site, please let a moderator know.

      We have attempted to weed out any entries that have been posted elsewhere on the forum. If you see a photo and know it has been posted elsewhere on DoA, please use the report feature to let the moderators know.

      People who are going against these two notes will be disqualified for being unsportsmanlike.

      Thanks for your understanding and GOOD LUCK!!! :clover
    2. The Entries!!!

      #1 Wings and Mistletoe

      #2 Baby, it's cold outside

      #3 Jane Frost

      #4 Awakening of the Winter God

      #5 Jackie Frost

      #6 Sparkling Winter

      #7 Madame Winter

      #8 Sugar Plum Faerie

      #9 Winterberry

      #10 Winter Solstice

      #11 Snow Princess