~*~Holidays 2017~*~

Nov 26, 2017

    1. Today I went to Daiso, and found some cute little stuff. A Xmas tree, some decors, I bought them and went home straight away.

      Now XiaoCan is happily preparing for Xmas. (Because we are located in Southern Hemisphere, December is our Summer :sigh)

      Here're some photos and what is your plan or gift idea for your boy/girl?


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    2. Very cute! Which of the props in these pictures are from Daiso? I'm planning to stop by one next weekend on the mainland to pick up some christmas class supplies (that rural island life...) and want to find some dolly props as well!
    3. It looks great so far! I don't have access to Daiso but my local hardware store was selling some "ugly Christmas sweater" tree ornaments that were nearly the perfect size for my Yo-SD doll. It's a bit large on her but the sleeve length is perfect and I love its colours! It has a big, fabric snowman applique glued on plus some extra pompoms and snowflake sequins. I just had to make a matching skirt and style her hair a little bit to complete her Christmas look!

      I also managed to find some doll-scaled cutlery and food so I'll see if I can take some cute pictures with those as well! :hollyberry
    4. Every year, my sister and I have doll Christmas, which we do separately from family Christmas, and our dolls gift things to each other. My sister sent me a photo today of a gift from her doll to mine who is his BFF--she even wrapped it sloppy to reflect her doll's character who is not exactly a perfectionist. XD We have too many dolls for them all to get gifts, but I have ordered some things from Taobao for her two boys that are married to two of my dolls. Last week at my work we got in a shipment that had these tiny cardboard boxes that some glasswear came in, it was just going to get thrown away, but it was perfect for doll shoes or a wig, so my managers let me take a whole big bag of them home! As soon as my order gets here on Monday, I'll be wrapping things in those boxes!
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    5. Everything except doll and his t-shirt (even the little xmas hat is from daiso) ;)

      Bought heaps of stuffs (from gardening section), and only cost 32 bucks approx

      actually all the props are more suitable for yo sd size. for my 1/4 doll, the chair and table is too small... so i put them as background lol

      I need to hunt for more stuff which suit for 1/4 doll, may go to daiso again some other time before xmas

      sounds good! I think so far those stuff I bought are far not enough. I haven't bought my boy any gifts yet. and I believe two of my other dolls are on the way home. they should arrive before xmas. Definitely need to go get some more things for them as well.

      Xmas is only a month away from now. Need to hurry up a little bit :cheer It's the first year i'm spending xmas time with my dolls. Indeed I need to prepare it nicely:frownyblush:
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    6. WOW the food too?! I guess I haven’t been looking closely enough. Next weekend I’ll go for sure then!
    7. Yes, they are fridge magnets :mwahaha the size is just perfect :mwahaha
    8. Fingers crossed, Daisos in Okinawa aren't as big as the mainland ones, so I hope they have it! Have you tried Tokyu Hands as well?
    9. I'm making new pyjamas for my dolls! I also found a mini Christmas tree in the attic so that will be their one. :3
    10. What fantastic finds! I wouldn't have thought of looking at magnets! I'll have to remember that the next time I get to Daiso...
    11. I was curious if anybody has made or will make any seasonal holiday props and dioramas for their dolls? Do you decorate your dolls or doll spaces. For example making clothes for their dolls, yule logs, putting up a mini tree for them, putting the dolls in your normal holiday display, Santa hats or ugly sweaters, or seasonal foods. Anythings related to the winter holidays but doll sized. I love this time of year and become craft crazy so I was wondering what other people like to do.

      I celebrate Christmas and I really wanna make my Realpuki a Santa hat, some cookies and a stocking? I may make some other clay props and an ugly Christmas sweater as well. Maybe a cute box diorama, too. How do you celebrate the holidays with your doll family? Happy Holidays~
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    12. I have lots of doll-size decorations - I set up a tree, put them in holiday attire & set them about in groups :D
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    13. We don't have tokyo hands here unfortunately, we only have few daiso opened here ;)

      I got a mini xmas tree too, without tree decor, it looks bit plain... :sweat:sweat

      Daiso has many different looks of magnet, i will take another visit next week :evilplot:
    14. I don't really do anything specifically for them, but when I find things that are doll sized I try to take photos. This is my MnF Chloe wearing a novelty wine-bottle skirt sitting in a decorative sleigh
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    15. That is so cool! I bet it is adorable~ I think I will try to collect items to do this as well.

      Awww! I love her tiny Santa hat. She's like a holiday pin-up girl <3
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    16. Yes, I enjoy setting out the doll size Christmas tree. Only one doll has a Christmas outfit I recently bought on Etsy. I'm slowing adding seasonal clothes and props!
    17. This is my first Christmas season with my little one, and the OC she’s the shell for celebrates the Winter Solstice more than Chistmas, I’m not sure what we’re gonna do! Maybe a mix of both, I might have the money to get some props for both scenes, though I’ll probably make some stuff for a Christmas photo shoot at least....I got some really pretty fabric at the store on Friday~~! X3
    18. I have a darling little Christmas tree that I set up in my Pukifee dollhouse. It's the perfect size for them and I put gift boxes under it. The gifts are just molded plastic from kid's toys but they look really cute.
    19. Hi :) Do any of you guys have seasonal doll clothes that you have your dolls wear during the season? Things like when it's winter, you start dressing your doll up in winter coats and Christmas themed things but then in the summer they wear T-shirts and swimsuits, and stuff like that, or when it's Easter they wear a bunny themed outfit, etc ? I think it's a really cute thing that I want to try when my doll arrives :D
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    20. I just got my girl in October, and I already made her a skirt, underskirt, apron, one-shoulder shirt with lace, and a christmassy cloak! And she still doesn’t have her wig or proper eyes yet xD It’s so much fun to make clothes for dolls lol, I think I made everything in a few days. I want to try making a christmas sweater for her from socks, I just don’t know how yet or where to find cute socks she’d want turned into a sweater for her! XD She also has a dress that I threw together just after I got her, but it’s more of a summer one so I’m gonna leave that for her hotter weather wardrobe...xd
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