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hollyholly Feedback thread

Mar 24, 2008

    1. If you have had a transaction with me, please leave me feedback. :)

      Thank you!
    2. I bought the cutest little volks sailor outfit from hollyholly. I am pleased to be one of her first DoA customers :). She shipped the package in a reasonable time frame and was very friendly. Very professional transaction! I would buy from her again. Thank you so much!:)
    3. hollyholly bought my Peaks Wood Segi head and she paid promptly. It was a nice transaction. Thank you :)
    4. I sold a Finn to hollyholly and the transaction was just perfect!

      She is great to work with!

      Thanks again hollyholly.
    5. I bought a Domuya Perennial girl body from Holly, and though there was a bit of a rocky patch, she was willing to work things out with me. She was very prompt on communication and friendly. I'd transact with her again if given the chance. :)
    6. Holly just bought an outfit for her Dollstown girl from me, and it was a complete delight--she paid immediately, was charming and friendly to communicate with by PM, and took the time to let me know that the package arrived safely. Highly recommended in every way! :thumbup
    7. I sold a Happydoll black short-cut wig to hollyholly. She was very quick with payment and very prompt with PMs.
      I would definitely recommend hollyholly as a buyer to any sellers!! Thank you for a great transaction!!
    8. Bought an AoD boy from hollyholly. I got a great price on him, and he's a great doll! She was also very good about letting me know when the doll was shipped. :) Thanks a bunch!
    9. Bought a body from her and it was a great transaction. Excellent communication and prompt delivery. Would definately recommend !!! Shirley in NC
    10. I give a thumbs up for this transaction. The only problem was that it took two weeks before the MSD clothes set shipped out. However, hollyholly offered to reimburse me some money, so overall it was a good transaction.
    11. Holly,

      Thank you for a smooth first transaction for me on DOA. Love the case! Awesome communication and super fast shipment! Thank you so much! :fangirl:

    12. I traded a wig I had for a MSD set hollyholly had, and the transaction went quite well! She was friendly to deal with, fast to respond to PMs, shipped the outfit quickly, and was a pleasure to deal with. I'd gladly deal with her again.
    13. Such a Delightful Buyer, Purchase a SD mini dress from me and was Quick with everything. My Highest Recommends to all that sell to hollyholly.
      :pcupcake Thank you Holly :bcupcake
    14. I brought a wig from hollyholly and it was a great transaction.
    15. Apologies for the delay in posting this. I bought a beautiful Yeondu head from hollyholly. She was lovely to deal with - great communication and friendly and helpful. Altogether an excellent transaction.
    16. Bought a pair of Mystics. Shipping was quick and the eyes were in good shape. Thanks. :)
    17. I purchased a pair of urethane eyes from hollyholly, they arrived in perfect condition and were very well packaged.
    18. I bought a Demon Garden SD boy body from hollyholly!

      She shipped super fast and the transaction went like a dream. She kept in great contact with me and everything showed up in perfect condition!

      I recommend her and would do business with her again!
      Thanks so much for everything.
      My boy is super happy~ ^_^
    19. I bougth some eyes from hollyholly, they took a while to arrive but it was not her fault at all since she shipped the eyes very quickly.
      She was quick to answer to my status querry and told me she would refund me if the eyes did not arrive within the next week. I find this to be excellent custumer service =) Really nice to do business with you!
    20. I bought a Napidoll Shane head from hollyholly, and I really think she did an exemplary job in dealing with our transaction! Due to some personal things in her life the shipment was a bit delayed, but she was always apologetic and made it clear she was willing to go the extra mile to make sure I felt things were right. I thought that her concern for the sale was great, and it was very clear to me that she values her transactions on here. I don't mind waiting a little bit for someone as friendly as her! Thanks so much again! :)