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Hollywood Bakery

Jul 21, 2007

    1. Hollywood Bakery has opened up a specific section for SD-sized food including sushi platters, hamburgers, ice cream, and breakfast foods for our ordering delight. This is the official test to see how well the new items will be received by buyers. They have quite a few other sections which have just about everything you could ask for, and I do believe they do special requests.

    2. They look very well done. I guess these are not rement. Are they from Japan?
    3. They are hand made by a food artist :) If you read on the homepage they explain in detail :)
    4. They're also available at Dolls and Friends, as well!

      I've seen them in person myself, and I do have to say they look very well done! I'm excited to see if what else they'll come up with in the future!