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Home of the Vampire Elf Moon Cult!

Aug 19, 2007

    1. So now we have a Dreaming Vampire Moon from Fairyland, and an Elf Moon Juri head from Luts. I know I am content for the moment, but I still hold onto the dream of a Vampire Elf Moon.

      In the meantime.... we have a MISSON!!!

      SIDE QUEST!!! - It's like getting XP for free!!!
      To all the Moon devotees, there is a poll on the DOA for Sexiest Delf boy. You all know what to do. ;)

      ~~~Original post for prosperity!~~~~
      I know several people were interested in joining a Vampire Elf Moon Cult that was disscussed in the Lu-Wen thread.

      So everyone join in!!

      I want to see how many of us are out there and perhaps once we get a bunch of peoples interest peaked, we can send CP a petition to make our dream doll!

      Also, I am hoping we can get a signature icon for people to use. So if you have ideas and skills to make one, then please do so and post them. After a while we can vote on which one we like best. :)

      If you would like to help out, please sign our PETITION!
      We now have 103!
      Please feel more than free to post this on any other forums you may belong to!

      UPDATE 2
      Luts has replied and they sound like they are taking our request seriously!
      See reply in post #125!

      UPDATE 3 10/27
      Well, its not a Delf Elf Moon, but Fairyland now had a Vampire Dreaming Moon as an option head for those who buy a FeePle (Pictures here!)

      This by no means I am giving up on Elf Moon;)
      Feel free to keep signing the petition!

      UPDATE 4 12/03
      Luts has released a Juri head that looks like dreaming Elf Moon!!!
      Please see the overlays provided by Sterling on page 11!!!

      Thanks again to everyone that has helped out!
    2. Haha :D Good idea!
      I'm in... :D

      I've asked LUTS about Elf Moon few times.. first answer was "we think it's a good idea". Everything after was "we have no plans yet".

      But first one gave me hope that sooner or later they will make him :D
    3. Oh, they will! I am just hoping it will be durring this coming Christmas event.

      I got to see a blank Moon head in person today... made me want one even more than before!
    4. :) Yay! You did start the thread!

      I without question want a Vamp Elf moon! It would be awesome if they release one! I have plans for one, I just hope I'm not waiting to long (but I'm willing to be patient for him!)

      Luts is notorious for saying "we think its a good idea, but we have no plans in the near future" and then releasing something a month later!
    5. *grins*
      Okay, I'm in. :whee:

      Only thing I worry about is them deciding to do a really limited run of Elf Moon, like the Xmas Elf El and Lishe...there would be no way I'd be able to afford one on the spur of the moment like that. -__- I would hope that they'd release him like Elf Chiwoo.

      ...like I said before in the other thread, I've been putting off buying a Dreaming Moon head to mod in the hopes that they would come out with an Elf Moon with a sleeping/dreaming head (vamp or non-vamp). The character in question would be my half-elf, half-Hroefn boy Nyx Draconis (my Nara-Elf's older brother) and story-line wise he would be coming here after having spent a decade or so living in a world with vampiric elves and passing himself off as one of them...so fangs are a reasonable addition. ^o^
    6. Hehe. I've got Moon already and he's love.
      Though I'm a bit Unoa freak I must say that if I had to choose which one I must sell.. he would go last..

      Heh I know they say that.
      I remember asking about new body option for girls and ofcourse they said they have no plans yet.
      And 3 days later they added type2 Miyu..

      I've asked about Moon few months ago really so..
      it seems they have no plans.. YET XD
      Though this avartisment with 2 senors really gave me "OMG NO WAY" thing..
      I started to gather money than lol

      acanthiel my concern here is not that I won't be able to afford him but rather that I won't be able to catch him..if he'll go so fast as Els did last year.
    7. i am actually a moon fangirl no matter what version he is XDDD
      *joins in*
      lemme see what I can do about the icon thingy..but I need to battle with my midterm first ><;; 18 hours to go waaaaaaaaaah ;OOOO; *wants to slack and draw*
    8. I'm making sure I have enough room on a cc so no matter when he gets released, I'll have a way to get him. I hope he's not super limited or released at a bad time. Midnight Korea time is really bad for me since it's 11:00AM my time. If I work that day I'd be hosed, unless one of my fellow cultist could order for me. ;)
    9. Waaah all Korean times are bad for me.. from 9 am to 12.. it's middle of the night here. But I watched the battle for El's before (it was like 4-5 am than >.<) So I'll catch Moon no prob.. unless my ISP and quantity of Moons says otherwise lol
    10. I think I'd jump in on a petition. :3 I love Moon and I think Elf Moon would be a beautiful thing.
    11. Same here. I always make sure I have enough on a card so even if I don't have the cash, I know I can get him whenever they make him. I know they will, its just a matter of when!

      I REALLY hope when they do (I have faith in you Luts, you know you want to make him!) release him, he won't be limited like previous Lishe and El Elves. I will never forget the stress of buying mine! But I was lucky.
    12. I wanted an Elf Moon for a long time, so I just made my own. I think I'd have to buy one if they did come out with a Vamp Elf one...*drool*
    13. Haha if we have left one on their Q&A.. I wonder.. what they would do :D
      And as open post so people could second that .. and so on :D
    14. Okay I have definately decided to wait on an elf Moon. I almost bought Lu-wen. But somehow he is just not quite right.

      >.> I hope Luts does release some. Even if it's as early as Christmas I'd make sure I was prepared.
    15. Lol welcome in club XD
      I almost went searching for heads :D
      But then I thought I would be heart broken if they realise Elf Moon before I get Lu-Wen and what?
      And that's what stopped me.. baibai Lu-Wen :P
    16. He would be the best Christmas Elf EVER!! (Plus a free head if the timing is right :mwahaha ). Can you just picture it? Buy a VampElfMoon and get a VampElfJuri for free! ::swoon::
    17. Hey guys, I'm not really sure this would be the right place for this thread seeing as no one's really waiting to receive a doll that doesn't exist. Perhaps you should ask a mod where a more appropriate place for this thread would be to avoid any confusion. Cause I know you sure as heck got my hopes up when I saw the title, and I doubt I'll be the only one.
    18. Tonboko did PM a mod before starting this topic, to make sure this was ok.
    19. That's almost too good to be real :D
      But second versoin Elf El had only one head >.<
      Hope they won't do that in Moons case.. that would be mean :|
    20. you need to ask? I'd die...for an elf moon, a v.elf moon...a mnf moon. Any moon *stares at her moons* XD yeeeah