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Home Town Dolpa Osaka3

Feb 18, 2007

    1. ria_ria posted this on the discussion thread:
    2. My good friend in Japan got our copy of Volks news and took pictures of the entire booklet for me! She is so great! Just to warn you, she does not own a scanner so all picture were taken with a digital camera, sorry!

      So the new Dolls are:

      Yos Puff and Papi

      (second picture)

      MSD Nagisa (personally I prefer the original ^^; )

      BTSSB Luna!

      The new Tenshi for the Sato Anniversary (they are not part of Dolpa)
      Yo Tenshi Mamu

      Tenshi Yugiri

    3. [​IMG]
      Dolpa Wigs

      BTSSB dresses, I love the Little Red riding hod one *__*

      I love these too! *_*

      School clothes

      More School things

      Black Label

      La Personal


      DD clothes and Pink Label

      Elf Fantasy

    4. Is the BabySSB girl SD13 or SD10?
    5. Well... I think I only like Yo-SD x_D (and Nagisa, of course UxD).

      Well, I am safe of any other rush xD
    6. Both outfits say they fit: SD, SDB, DD, and SD-13 girls. The little Red one is being modeled by Mimi and I can't read who the other one is being modeled by. ^^;
    7. no no, the girl, Luna
    8. Sorry, the text is not legible on the larger copies I have either, next time I catch my friend on when she has the book I will ask if she can tell me.
    9. So we can order these in a sane way from the volks Usa site does anyone know? so tired of the drama of not winning...
    10. The other model is Sylvie :daisy and I believe Luna is SD10, going by her hands, but I could be wrong.

      There are some fantastic clothes at this Dolpa, just what I was afraid of *_* I hope my news file comes soon so I can get better scans up!
    11. I am new to this - I would want to try for the yo-sd's. How do I go about this - will their be an after event or do I need to do it through crescent? OOPS will repost in Discussion.

    12. What mold is the model in the La Parsonal Page on the left? (The middle is School C and the right is Emma boy, correct?)
    13. He's the same one modeling the wig and according to THAT he's SD13 Boy F-33 >_>;; So my guess is a new FCS mold
    14. There is supposed to be a new Sato mold coming out at the anniversary so I'm assuming this is it.
    15. She has a swaricco SD10 body. ^^
    16. i want to know that where can i buy this booklet, Thanks~~