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Homes for BJDs?

Dec 26, 2016

    1. Just wondering, how does everyone like to house their dolls? I've been struggling with it for a while, but finally found the perfect thing.

      My family had this old dollhouse from when my sister and I were kids back in the 90s. It's perfectly large enough to hold my Mini and Tiny, but as I did not know that we still had it, it ended up going to my niece.

      I'm perfectly fine with that though, because I found the same one on Ebay for a low price! It's a high quality Little Tikes dollhouse from back in the day. Given that my niece, a toddler, can fit inside it, I'd say it's plenty big enough for my two dolls. I can't wait to be able to get some furniture for it!

      So like I said, I'm wondering how everyone else likes to create homes for their dolls? Do you prefer dioramas? Or just constructing a living space on the shelf? I'm excited to hear!
    2. I do permanent dioramas on shelving build just for my dolls. For the ones who don't have permanent bedrooms, they hang out on the doll couch.
    3. Mine sit on an old chair from the late 1800's in my living room. I'm not super comfortable with humans sitting on it (except me, but even then it's because I know if I break it, I'll only have myself to be angry at).
      The dolls look beautiful on it and it's a great means of display.
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    4. I like using my shelf and getting furniture and such for them. I'm going to have yoSDs so they fit perfectly on my bookshelf even standing up! : D
    5. Mine typically hang out with my books, either on or near them. I do have a small section of my desk that has all the assesories i've collected in a nice looking display, but they rarely hang out there as my desk is usually full of projects. XD
    6. All my human/elf dolls are 62cm or taller, so that limits my options a bit. I recently got new furniture for my room, so I made sure to take them into consideration when doing so and had a cabinet made especially for them. It has three levels, a glass door and little windows on one side so I can see them from both the entrance of my room or the inside of it, and it faces away from the window so they're not under direct sunlight ever. It's really nice, but the downside is there's no room to make it any bigger, so that limits how much my collection can grow.
    7. mine sit on a row of chairs - not ideal but I have to keep them in the one place the sun doesn't get to them. I love the idea now of getting a playhouse for them as they're all big dolls - thanks for giving me the idea!
    8. On my bed, my headboard has these tiny bookshelves. They don't fit hardback or normal paperback books.. maybe those teeny tiny romance novels.. but anywho, I use the bottom shelf to put small stuffed animals and made the top shelf into a bed of sorts for her.
    9. mine is on a shelf right now but i want to have a diorama type set up for her eventually
    10. For the time being, my dolls are in my room in their boxes, and since I have light blocking curtains, they are rarely exposed to sunlight. I eventually plan to move them to my sister's old room though, which doesn't have a window at all.
    11. Mine are in their boxes as well, but I'm wanting to buy a Detolf or other similar display cabinet. My room has a lot of natural light 24/7, though, so I don't know what to do about that DX.
    12. I had a big dolls house in the 90s that was similar to that, I wish I still had mine. I bet they'll look really good in it.

      I display mine on a small ikea picture shelf in my living room. They were in my bedroom and I was thinking about converting my bookcase into a home for them but I don't get to spend much time in my bedroom and I missed them :XD:
    13. In the past, mine had a doubled-up set of open shelving that was tall enough to give them space to have little "environments;" this was after they outgrew the doubled-up bookshelves I had been using for them (I omitted the back piece from one to give them more space, but that made it a bit unstable). Currently, they're stuck in their boxes pending the construction of dedicated room boxes to take the place of the previous shelving, at which point I'll basically have a giant dollhouse forming along one wall. :)
    14. I bought a big television table several years back, just when the transition from tube TVs to flatscreens was really beginning. It's a wide, deep table, and I have a bunch of chairs set up on it for my SDs. More of them are sitting on another smaller TV cabinet (nice storage underneath!) and the rest of the SDs are on a long, low table/cabinet/shelf thing that's probably 45 years old or more. ^^; Not proper rooms, certainly, but at least everyone has a chair and there are chairs to spare for company. I move dolls around when I need one of the tables for photos and want to set up a room. ^^;

      My MSDs are living in a relatively deep bookshelf. I need to decorate it.

      I want to make some nice folding room backdrops for my SDs, for photos, unless I can make some sort of doll house for them in a corner.
    15. I can say that I don't have room to display all of my dolls, but the dolls that are displayed sit atop a mid-sized drawer on bench garden planters (bought from Prier 1) that I changed to become an actual dolly sized bench and chair. :XD:
    16. Oh, I am so glad not to be the only one. I have shelves up with room settings --and most of my dolls are SD's. So far there are 10 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a mid century modern kitchen, a dining room, and a roof terrace. Now I am out of space for more.
    17. That sounds so amazing! I have nine bedrooms, a mini bar area and a couch, which is still really pushing it for such a small bedroom. They're all SD rooms as well, though my smaller dolls do have a bench in the bar.