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Homes for Tinies discussion part 4

Mar 7, 2016

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    2. [​IMG]

      Here's my modded WITHdoll Mia in their spell house! I found this lantern/terrarium thing at Michaels and have been painting the heck out of it. It's still a work in progress.
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    3. Very unique and creative! Love the use of a lantern/terrarium. Love the little bottles and stuff.
    4. Redrosette your lantern is very unique, and so is the occupant. Love the mod, wow, amazing. I love using lanterns for mini settings. You've inspired me to paint mine -a project I've been putting off.
    5. @lookame I love your house design it is so unique.
    6. @CBeck1 thanks! Progress is a tad slow but it's coming along nicely. Ive begun sculping the brim of the hat and have a swing and fireplace on the way. It's been quite a project but I think when it's done it'll look pretty nice. Plus I love that my tiny fairy troop will have a cute place to live :)
    7. Thanks guys! I love lanterns - I can toss all the props in a bag and lock them up in the house so they don't get lost between photoshoots/nothing gets dusty.
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    8. So I have done a few different types of dollhouses in the past.. That's how I first started in the bjd hobby. Well I do not own any of them now and I am looking around at tutorials and what not and trying to come up with a 1:8 scale type of dollhouse. I have a dollzone bbdoll Hal incoming and an off topic art doll that is a troll who is 6.5 inches tall so I have to make this house from scratch. I like the idea of a house in the woods sort of like a fairytale type house. I am not sure if I am going to have it be modern with a kitchen or American colonial type... I have so many ideas but very few translate well to dollhouse form. I like the very step peaks of houses that look a bit wonky and rounded windows and doors.. anyway do you all worry about staircases? I seem to be stuck on how to incorporate a way for the characters to go from the first floor to the second... Does it matter to you all if its "usable" for your dolls? (Some part of me wants the magic of when I am not there the dolls could move about if wanting to).
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    9. I love looking at everyone's room ideas for their ideas! I'm not as creative but I am currently renovating a 3 storey 1:12 scale dollhouse into a rustic/shabby cottage for my 14cm Nabiyette elf doll named Lilac. It's been a long work in progress! The first dollshouse I found for Lilac was poorly made and sorta fell apart when I tried to make modifications, so it ended up in the trash.

      When I first acquired this dollhouse it was painted a garish pink colour and had awful glued on additions inside such as fireplaces and sinks. I first had to remove all these bits then paint. I painted the entire dollhouse a pale stone grey colour. I then printed onto heavy card images for rustic aged wooden planks for the walls and stone bricks for the floors.

      I have been sourcing 1:12 rustic/shabby furniture and display items befitting a refined young lady elf's taste. Lilac's cottage has no electricity so all her lighting are LED candles and lanterns powered by battery. I still have a lot to do to make it a home, more furniture and things on walls and window boxes etc. At least Lilac can live in it now it's at "lock up" stage so she isn't in her travel case anymore.

      Here is a little sneak peek at her cottage. The third pic is of Lilac and her pet magpie ;)


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    10. I like the idea that the staircases in a dolls house are just out of sight, just around the corner..that they are there but we just can't see them. I removed the staircases in Lilac's Cottage as they took up too much room and they didn't go anywhere...ie: there was no opening leading from each staircase to the next level anyways.

      Ooops! I've just read in the rules that it is only permitted to post one photo per post. I haven't been in here in a whiles and a LOT has changed! I will read up more before I post!
      #10 Magpie Dreaming, Mar 14, 2016
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    11. I love your dollhouse! Very well done and modern. I agree with the stairs out of view thing.. I just can't seem to either create or find a dollhouse that is what I need. I really like how you have decorated your girls home :)
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    12. I love it can't wait to see more of the renovations also love the magpie great idea
    13. Here's another progress shot of the crews home. The top part of the witch hat can be sculpted on the brim soon. I'm not sure if I'll do a mosaic floor on the third (top) floor or just leave it as is. There's a tiny clothes wash area with chair in front and a little leaf swing. The outside looks better than the inside (there's roots sculpted all around the trunk and folds in the hat and such)


      Im torn on painting the window all one color (like shimmery blue or gold) or all different colors or if I should stain them. I also need to paint the areas I accidently stained with grout white again.

      Overall I'm not really sure what to think of it or if I even really like it or not...
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    15. @Magpie dreaming

      your dollhouse :love
      wow this is beautiful
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    16. Wow the room is fab, she is amazing and the cute little dragon wants to go for a walk. Now that's adorable.
    17. @Redrosette I think your Danyet is beautiful, her markings/tattoos remind me of australian aboriginal art works. I want to see more of her spell house!
    18. @Redrosette Wow! Danyet's spell house is amazing. The tiny bottles and details are great. I can't wait to see more of it.