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Hometown Dolpa Nagoya 2 on August 21st

May 14, 2005

    1. I received a mail from Volks today.
      It is the dealer application form for Dolpa in Nagoya.

      Hometown Dolpa Nagoya 2
      [Date & Time]
      August 21st(Sun) AM11:00 - PM4:00
      Fukiage Hall in Nagoya Trade & Industry Center(not fixed yet)
      (2-6-3, Fukiage, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi)

      More informations will be on Volks' site.
    2. Well, I'm going. ;)

      I wish I could be a dealer! That must be so fun for you, Yuzuko.
    3. I'll be in Japan in August :D
      I'll try to go ^^
    4. I wish I could go! :chibi
    5. i live in near Osaka, but i will go, ^_____^
      i'm very happy, my first dollpa, :grin:
    6. Ooooh..... *bookmarks* ^___^
    7. aww man, that's my birthday; I wish I could go, what a perfect way to celebrate that would be. :chibi
    8. will there be other dolls except those by volks? Wah I wanna try to go there..need to write that down!!!
    9. IM THE DAY BEFORE >_<
    10. So, August and December... how about a November Dolpa? *grins* No...? ^_~;;

      That's a few days after my birthday (and Andrei's, too)... I hope there will be nice goodies for us! *.*

    11. I had planned a trip to Japan in September to visit a nephew. If I change my plans to August can I get in? Never been to one before and hate to change my plans only to find I can't.

      thanks, CathyL