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Honig --- Sidra the witch

Jun 24, 2008

    1. I'm curious- are there plans to release her as a non-limited also :D?
    2. She is the first limited version doll fm Honig and will show on a fair in HK on 12July.:fangirl:
    3. just so people know, 5 dolls have sold and the rest are up for lottery.

      Drom Honig's site :

      Thank you for your support on our " Sidra the witch". We have 10 sets of limited version for Sidra. 5 sets of Sidra have been sold out. Another balance (5 sets) will be accept pre-order for drawing fm today to 31 July 08.
      One member can be pre order one set for drawing via email to vip@honigdoll.com. Pls write down " place pre-order drawing Sidra the witch" on the subject.

      Pls write down your name,
      telephone no and email address for our contact.

      The result will be open in Honigdoll.com on 10 August 08. The lucky member will be notice by email who need to settle the payment for the order confirmation by 20 Auguest 08. If we cannot received the payment before that day. Sidra will be transfer to the next lucky member.

      Best regards,