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Hopscotch Hill/American girl clothes on MSD

Sep 14, 2004

    1. I've read a couple places that these clothes will fit an MSD, but from what I remember (this is years and years ago when I was wee and my friends had American Girls ^^; ) AGs have fatter arms and torsos than MSDs. Do these dresses really fit? I don't want to get one if they're going to hang off Nora (but if they do fit okay, there are several AG dresses I really want for her...)
    2. American Girl clothes will not fit MSD, though some will fit SD/SD13, albeit rather awkwardly. I have heard that the Hopscotch gang (or whatever they're called) clothes will fit MSD and Unoa, because the dolls are a lot smaller than the original American Girls.

    3. I bought an outfit designed for Hopscotch Hill dolls (from the makers of American Girl dolls), and found that it fit my Dream of Doll (MSD-sized doll) quite well. Unfortunately, the person who made it lined the bodice with black cotton (!) and it's stained her twice now. And each time, it's the, ah, part of her that's closest to the fabric. :oops:

      Before I got my DoD girl, I went to the American Girl store in Manhattan in the hopes of getting AG clothes to fit her... silly me! The outfits are so baggy, they could be used for a Weight Watchers ad. :wink:
    4. Hopscotch Hill doll clothes do fit MSD nicely. The shoes are too small though.
      They're a pretty good buy at $22.00 for a complete outfit, and usually you get some accessories too.

      BTW - To Sharmin owners, I have been told that the shoes will fit Sharmin and the outfits look OK too, they are just slightly baggy.
    5. AG Hopscotch hill clothes fit my MSD like a dream :D Much cheaper alternative for those of us who don't want to spend 80 bucks on an outfit and are worried about fit.

      The shoes for HH dolls don't generally seem to fit, Helen Kish shoes fit their feet very well! My friend has a pair of boots that were designed for Kish dolls, and they're barely a smidge big, but not enough to even really be noticeable.

      If it weren't for the fact that my mini can fit into these clothes, I'd be broke by now buying clothes! :oops:
    6. Last weekend I went to the American Girl store in New York City because a friend of mine wanted to get another Hopskotch Hill outfit for her Unoa, apparently they fit Unoa very well in most places, and the shoes fit perfect.
    7. It's true, the shoes don't really fit MSD-sized dolls. But Unoa is thinner and has smaller feet, that's probably why the shoes fit them.
    8. Well, somewhere in the original DOA's photos, there's a picof a n MSD wearing Skylar's outfit, including the shoes, but I wasn't able to get the boots on an at all. Way too tight. I remember soeone bought another outfit and said the same thing, but I forgot what outfit it was.
      The art outfit comes with clogs. Maybe those will fit...
    9. As far as I'm aware, the Hopscotch Hill clothes fit MSDs like a glove- or at least, that's what it looked like when my friend and I were at the American Girl store in NYC. I had wanted to order some of the clothes for my unoa but I wasn't sure how they'd fit- but my friend had her MSD with her at the time and we tried one of the outfits on her (wth permission, of course- actually, the employees were really nice about it and they seemed really interested in her doll).
      As of now, I actually have two HH outfits for my unoa, and while they're a little roomy, they fit quite nicely. The really noteworthy part, though, is that the shoes fit unoa PERFECTLY- so if you know anybody with a unoa, they could probably get some use out of those shoes that don't fit your MSDs~ :chibi
    10. I have five Hopscotch Hill outfits since I am near the American Girl store. The tops and jackets fit really nicely. Both MSD and Blue Fairy .

      The pants are a tad short and forget the shoes, they are way too small. The hat even fits my SD 13. I am saving the shoes for a Unoa, as I think they may fit those tiny feet.

      Grab the HH clothes as they are cute!

    11. I have some hopscotch hill stuff for my MSD, and it fits absolutely flawlessly.

      Socks work great and everything.

      I wish shoes fit. I'd buy up everything from American Girl.
    12. HHill clothes fit very well. I think for Xmas I may take Anathema over to the American Girl store and get her a coat or another outfit.....she has an American girl sweater that she wears alot. Its big, but its cute, so we'll see about the coat...as for the shoes, I got the art outfit (really wanted the jeans) and it came with clogs but those didn't fit....I have heard that some do fit, but they all looked kinda small to me....
    13. The Hopscotch Hill socks fit Ichii (DoD Zen) very well. He likes the knee-high blue ones best. I wish they'd sell socks seperatly, like they do with the American Girl line. *sigh* And Sher - they might let you try them on. Everyone was really nice. (Better yet, get a younger girl (five or six is best) to hold your girl, say it's her doll, and that she needs new shoes.)
    14. Hopscotch Hill fits perfectly, except for the shoes. Friends 2b made is hit or miss, often they are too short for my taste, but if you don't mind navel baring the shirts are great. THe jeans don't work, but the skirts do as long as you don't mind the length again. Check the request forum for my request to see HH and 2b clothing. I dont' think Gene will fit, she is too skinny. I might be confusing her with another doll. Matt O'Neill clothes will fit but they are a bit loose, but they are generally very nice for boys. Helen Kish 16" clothes are hit or miss, becuase they are chubbier than BJD, the clothes sometimes look baggy. Betsy Mc Call clothes fit, but just barely, they are also very short. Someone posted a picture of an Unoa with a Betsy Mc Call school uniform on and it looked perfect, except for the sleeve length. Hope this helped! Oh, and Hopscotch Hill shoes only fit smallish BJD feet, as Sher pointed out. Helen Kish shoes work nicely, though. Forget about 2b shoes or Betsy Mc Call shoes.
    15. The art outfit clogs don't fit? I thought they might because they are slip ons. I love the art outfit, only for the jeans and sweater. You can't order it online until sometime in March, though. booo. That's probably better, though. I can't afford to buy clothes and stuff yet.
    16. They do. I bought the pink/red athletic outfit for my DoC Tender Yen and it fits him fine. The pants are a little short on him, but I think his legs are longer than the average mini's. The shoes included in the set are cute, but far too small.
    17. Teen trends and Hopscotch hill dolls are both made by matel. They are exactly the same body size. The only difference is the size of the head. We have both kinds of dolls. Kim
    18. Hopscotch Hill
      An affiliate (?) of American Girls, these are unfortunately no longer being made (as far as I know). I managed to buy three outfits after I heard they were being discontinued, so I've had them for quite some time.
      School uniform and jacket: HH stuff fits like a dream on BFs. The jacket is actually really well made (like a lot of the American Girl stuff) and the outfit's purple, a bonus in my book! It comes with a white 'polo', plaid skirt, jacket, cap (which actually fits although the bill is a teensy bit floppy) and shoes (don't fit). The polo isn't button down so it kinda flares open (as you can see in the pic) but I'm not overly bothered by it. It velcros down the back while the skirt is a wrap that velcros in a couple spots. The socks either came with this outfit or with the next one, I can't remember (although I'm pretty sure it's the next one). Boots in these pics are from Volks.

      Ladybug outfit: Well made, really cute. The overalls are meant to be short, coming just below the knees. The shirt velcros down the back and the overalls do as well. This outfit came with a backpack and book. I can't remember if there were shoes with this outfit or not. If the socks came with it, then shoes did as well.

      Gym outfit: Outfit includes jacket, white tee, pants, hair band (seen in Laika's hands in the second school uniform pic), white socks and gym shoes. None of the HH shoes I have fit my girl (I don't know about other dolls, especially those with smaller/thinner feet like Sharmin). Again, fits really well. The jacket has working front pockets and the shirt, like all the other shirts, velcros down the back. The pants have an elastic waist and a working mesh pocket on the side. Bunny courtesy of Michaels Crafts Store.
    19. The Hopscotch Hill shoes will fit on a MNF. Well, I'm not sure about all of them, but the one pair I have fit perfectly:
      The shirt he's wearing there is HH as well and part of the same set as the shoes (also came with a skirt, but my boy won't wear that--and a vest that has been stolen by another of my boys XD).
      I agree that they are very nicely made clothes.