Horror themed dolls!

Jun 15, 2017

    1. Do you like a little horror or creepyness when it comes to dolls? : 3 Or do they make you uneasy? Are there any horror darlings on your wishlist? If you own any horror themed dolls, do share! ^w^
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    2. I don't have any horror themed doll but I love the infamous line of Ringdoll! They are really creepy but I can't help :D my favourite character is Warren (aka Jack, the ripper) :D
    3. I currently don't have any horror-themed dolls, but I really like skull sculpts, such as Popodoll's Ramiel, Soul Doll's Azrael skull version, Simply Divine's West Nile Christopher, and Angel of Dream's skull heads. I would like to own one of these someday. :)
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    4. Whilst I mostly own cute dolls, I also like to embrace the 'soul stealing kill you in your sleep' kind of creepy, so I love seeing horror themed dolls that achieve that unsettling feeling. I feel like you need fine skills and a good eye for detail to really achieve that with purpose. I couldn't do it! I would just create something rubbish and cheesy looking.

      Then I do admire the 'witchy' doll kind of style. Looks really cool!
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    5. Now I don't think I'll ever own one in particular, but horror dolls are so gorgeous! They take so much talent to make them have that realist gory, body horror feel.
      I like a lot of body horror dolls with multiple eyes, the doll chateau limbs and lankiness, and dolls with monochrome, horror-esque styles! I want to see a whole bunch of gorgeous horror dolls! O:
    6. You should look up the posts of DOA user @Sadomina.
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    7. I have always loved anything horror. When I customize MH dolls, they either turn out as cute girls or some kind of monster or horror theme, haha. I've been thinking about getting a Doll Chateau to decorate as a Lovecraftian high priestess that has half-melded with some kind of eldritch abomination, I think the body types would be extremely complementary to a theme like that. I personally love seeing creepy BJDs. Especially with gorey or bloody faceups, or with some kind of body horror mods - sign me up! Really any kind of horror theme, if done well, has my appreciation and admiration. They are an art form in of themselves in my opinion.
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    8. The closest I have is my goth girl, Opaline, but she's really not that creepy IMO.

      I LOVE some of the stranger dolls, like the DC spiders or the DZ girls with the exposed spine. I really like a lot of the tiny creature dolls too, like DZ/DC event dolls, Aimerai QT Monsters and similar. I don't own that many yet, but I sure do admire the doll profiles with creepy dolls, especially if they're carnival/circus themed!

      I also keep thinking if I could get my hands on one of the AoD or Angel Battle skulls, I'd make SkinTaker from the CandleCove CreepyPasta.
    9. I dont own one or have them on my wishlist coz im more into the cutesy ones but im open to horror dolls!! As long as they are still made beautifully!! Hahaha but im scared of chuckey as a child so idk!! XD
    10. Horror dolls are my favourites :) I have a lot in my doll family and love to do creepy customs on my dolls. If you like to see, they are on my Flickr Sadomina’s albums | Flickr
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    11. I find horror dolls very interesting! I've put Doll Chateau Irma on my wishlist.
    12. I guess some of my BJDs might get a bit into the horror category (a doll with quartz growing on her body, dolls with barnacles/fungi/lichen, a skull headed doll, a pretty extensive burn mod, etc.), although I'm not sure I'd consider them in that way.

      Off the top of my head, if you're interested in more, UniverseDoll, Doll Chateau, Dollzone, Ringdoll, PopoDoll (ramiel), DollIOS, SimplyDivine/Stinesculpture (bird skull), AileenDoll, Iplehouse (Crow), Angel of Dream (skull head), and Jungatoy D come to mind.

      I do like other horror themed dolls (Ashley Wood's dystopic universe comes to mind).
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    13. I'm huge fan of horror themed dolls. I've plans for one, vampire with wings.
    14. I've seen her before, I love her! There's just something incredibly cute about the eye on the skeleton side of her face. She looks so innocent.

      Woah! That's a big project. :O I bet she's going to look amazing once she's done! I haven't seen a doll with eyes on their cheeks/jaw like that before, really cool. I also love the mint green color of her body.
      Ooh, Pyramid Head BJD... Hope you have some pictures to show us. 83

      Oh. Ohhhh. You are my kin. You've done amazing work with your dolls, I love them. *_* I have to say, I wasn't prepared for Lemmy, that's for sure. You have so many doll's that I've been eyeing at. You even have Ai no kusabi dolls and yookai and Anubis and Hermit and one that glows in the dark and and... Gah.

      That's a very useful list, thank you! I've actually gone through all those sites (I've done a liiitle bit of surfing...), but it's handy to have a list of the one's that have horror themed dolls. To add to the list I could mention Dollmore. My first doll is Dollmore's Dollpire Dead Mansion Tara. She's still in the making. :3 The Dollpire-category has vampires and some gore dolls as well. My doll is supposed to be some kind of a zombie, but to me she's a ghost.
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    15. @Saapas

      Dead Mansion Tara has a very Nightmare Before Christmas Sally feel! Interesting! I like the open mouth, but something about the placement of the irises relative to the shape of the eye in the stock photos is rather strange, especially in the last photo. Definitely look forward to owner photos for this doll!
    16. @americanseamstress

      Now that you mention it, she does have a bit of a Sally feel to her. : D It's the mouth and the stitches! And yup, the eyes are interestingly placed. I think it's because she's supposed to be a zombie which means she's dead. And when you're dead, well... it really doesn't matter where you're looking. 8'D
      I haven't found any owner photos of her, so I'll make sure to post some once I get her. ^_^ I wonder how many people own this doll at the moment. I know they make only nine of her in total.
    17. @Wolfie Pie

      Uwah, those are really cool! I bet the making of the head must have been a lot of work. I wouldn't even try. 8D