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Horses for Minis

Nov 26, 2010

    1. I checked over the search function, but although there is a thread for horses for the larger dolls, I could not find one for the MSD-size, so I thought I ´d open one. If there is one i have missed or this is not the right place for it plese, dear moderators, feel free to put this one somewhere else!

      So, I would like to know if there are more Msd-suitable horses.

      I know the American Girl horses are supposed to fit, but they are hard to come by in Europe anyway.

      I know the Domuya horse nightmare, which I find very interesting, but I cann´t affort that.

      A while ago I managed to find a paradise horse on ebay (19 inch :-)) that fits my Demi well. It´s cute, can move it´s legs (a little) and open his mouth to take the bit (again: a little). The cutest part are the poseable ears!
      Here´s the link to the makers site: (you have to scroll down a little to see them, I have a black one)

      But still I would like to see more horses or horse- and riding- related stuff for this size! Any other size-fitting horses out there? :)
    2. Our generation makes a horse that`s the perfect size for a MSD. No moving parts but it fits the size right....got mine at a local Zellers. Hope you find what you`re looking for.
    3. I have two from Tonner doll company that are perfect scale for the slim mini's. Unfortunately, the only pictures I have of them are with OT dolls. I'll try and get some later today. The horse is called Montana from a gift set (Montana Getaway)and can sometimes be found under hobbies on ebay.
    4. The our Generation horses are really wonderful. I have three different ones myself.


      I can now not remember what company makes it, but they might be Best Friend Club or something like that, but there is a similarly sized horse that has felt flocking on it and the legs, head, and ears move. I've been wanting to get one, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. If I get one, or if I can figure out what exactly it is, I'll let you know.
    5. This is the Tonner horse, Montana, being ridden by Barnabas and Angelique (Narin & Supia)

      Clickable thumbnails:
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Clickable thumbnail

    6. I finally got to photograph my Dollzone Demi with the said safty helmet and on top of the paradise horse! Sorry I could not make a photo "with feet" - while I was packing the stuff together the wheater changed from "windy but okay light" to "it´s gonna rain soon" and so I just quickly did a few photos on the balcony instead of the nice grass I wanted to go to.
      Overnight we got snow now...lots of ...
      Anyway, here´s the picture, hope you like:
      Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    7. Sorry for the size of the pix... I can't find my resized one in Photobucket. :doh
      Here are the MyTwinn horses we own... this is Johnny's Cash (60cm dolls)

      And ...Traveler's Dreams (60cm dolls)

      Wynham... unicorn(43cm dolls)

      and Talisman (43cm dolls)

      - ShadowHawke -
    8. Huh. I was wondering where to find horses that would fit an MSD. Target, here I come!
    9. But... but... we don't have Target over here! :( And I'm looking for horses for my 45 cm and 65 cm boys...
    10. I bought an american girl doll horse (but it was it was too small for the american girl) but PERFECT for MSD!
    11. It's the Paradise horses that have the flocking and the poseable legs and ears. :) I've been looking at those as well, but the shipping costs to get one sent here are astronomical.

      I've just found a Battat horse for my crew, though. I should be able to pick him up next week. I'll be sure to post a photo of him here. :)
    12. repainted Tonner horse:

      With Lati Blue




      Our Generation horses:
      With Unoas


      all together:

    13. I come with photos!

      Here is Guardian Angel, a 20" Battat horse, with Tyler (RS Mai, 43cm)


    14. And here is my Battat. He came from the USA headless to keep the shipping cost reasonable, and I had much "fun" putting him together again. But I have to say I'm quite happy with the outcome, despite the awful anatomic incorrectness in almost every part.



      and after


      with Soulkid Fafner


      BTW, I need stirrups in MSD scale (the Battat saddle is okay, but the stirrups are much to big) Any ideas how to make them?
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    15. That's a great reconstruction, Harey! I'm wondering about the stirrups, too. The saddle I have is hot pink, so I'm not using it. :roll: The stirrups are huge, though, obviously made for the monstrous feet of those 18-inch play dolls. When I do find some appropriate-coloured tack, i imagine it'll have those huge stirrups too.

      ...and one more photo, because I love this one, and I realized I hadn't uploaded it before now.
    16. I don't know much about horses, but they are more horse 'like' than realistic aren't they.

      I have a suggestion for making smaller stirrups, but it depends on if the large doll ones can be removed and replaced with custom made ones without damaging the rest of the saddle. If so then it's just a matter of sculpting smaller stirrup replacements out of clay or even metal.
    17. lol I think they're "horse-like" in the way that our dolls are "human-like" so, in my opinion, it works out rather well.
    18. Harey, beautiful job on the customization. He looks amazing, if I manage to get my hands on a Battat I hope to do something similar.

      SapphireStargazer, for some reason until recently I never noticed how looong Guardian Angels mane is!! I was obsessed with super long manes (probably MLP related) as a kiddy and ofc still am. I want to braid it and put flowers in it ;-; He really is a dream horse! It'd take a lot of effort for me to not glue a unicorn horn to his tack.

      I wish they were big enough that I could get away with turning one into a white shire horse.
      Maybe it's pathetic but guh http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c0/Shire_horse.jpg so beautiful I could cry /weird