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Hot Souldoll boys! Kanguk, Chiru, and Tae

Jul 4, 2008

    1. I thought I would go ahead and open a discussion thread for the three new Souldoll guys; Kanguk, Chiru and Tae. I am very excited to see more dolls by Souldoll, ever since they changed their style! :D These guys look very realistic looking, and have a beautiful asian look to them. ^^

      Pics are up!

      Kanguk: http://www.souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1481

      Chiru: http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1480

      Tae: http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1479

      My favorite so far is Kanguk, he is really cute!! X3 Chiru is also, but Tae has a very serious looking face! :D

      ......geez Souldoll...>_______> I'm still trying to save up for an Ize!
    2. me do want, but what's the height?
    3. Oh, God....... just when I finally get the Souldoll sculpt I've been lusting after for months, they come out with these guys..... Tae.... *wipes drool from face*

      Maybe they are the boy counterpart to the new Bling MSD sized girls? Oh, that would be amazing!
    4. They are the same as the other Double souldoll boys...63cms. ^^
    5. nice..
      but i must say the faceups don't do them much good D:"
      Think they could look WAY better :'D

      I like Kanguk.. but in that on picture you see his jaw..it looks strange with the neck.
      Hope they post better photo's soon.

      I hope i can get a Kanguk head from Souldoll because i have a Ize comming.
      More pretty asian heads for me :3
    6. They look super asian! 8 3
    7. Love them , But I am broke now ... Can't even save for Ize T_T. maybe later on 2009.. hopefully XD
    8. Do want. :D Oh gosh Kanguk is stealing my SOUL! They're all gorgeous, but - but man. Kanguk. :D
    9. Love Kanguk! He's so cute ^^ I agree with you Dybbuk, Souldolls new style is a lot more beautiful and attractive!
    10. Oh noesss why does Kanguk have to be perfect for one of my characters?! They're all pretty nice looking though I agree their faceups could look way better. but that's changeable.
    11. @Naiara: I agree...with different faceups...i think the true beauty in the mold will shine :D

      ^-^ I wonder who will be the most popular out of the three, Kanguk is very cute, but I started looking at Chiru too~~ and I think I'm starting to like him more.

      Tae looks very serious, though I like that he is a bit different from the first two. ^^
    12. The brows kind of scare me, but I am developing a serious lust for Tae..... he is just soooo much love!!! :D:D:D:D (I have a thing for serious characters and doll molds...)
    13. They look like boys of korean boy bands! XD The sculptor was probably listening to Big Bang and DBSK while they worked on the new sculpts. XD; the hip hop clothing is also reminsicent of Big Bang's style as well. :aheartbea
    14. Oh, man! ;_; They're really SD? I was hoping for MSD to have more of an excuse to splurge when they're released, but hey! whatever works! LOL!
      I definately want to get my hands on kanguk, at least... -sigh!!- He's so cute!
    15. @aquarius85: agreed!! I wish they would sell the hip hop clothes they photograph their dolls in though.

      @satoru: Yes they are SD, they are listed with the other Double boys. ^^ ahaha i would love to splurge on them too ><;;;
    16. they might. didn't they do that with sleeping ize and ize?
    17. Yes they did :D...i hope they will do the same for them~
    18. I love souldoll - petty I love my bank account too!
    19. So is there any idea when these lovies will be released? :D
    20. Joining the Kanguk fan club. He reminds me of a boyish Gackt.