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Hound Regular sets on Tenisya. starts in Jun

May 27, 2005

    1. [​IMG]

      Ordering Hound Regular doll on TensiYa.com
      Starts to order in Jun.
      (prices are 'plan' only. yes, shoes can be higer than..a; not fixed exactly.)

      Hound Regular on Tensiya is different with other shops,
      you can make a choice for basic itmes as special sevrice price.

      # How to culculate Price? 0.0
      If you order Hound : 550.00
      If you order Hound and regular fashion : 550.00+38.00
      If you order Hound, regular fashion,and wig : 550.00+38.00+20.00
      If you order Hound, regular fashion,wig and shoes : 550+38+20+24
      and so on. :D (....is it too complex for you? 0-0;
      let me know your opinions;;; :D
      Only I wanted to reduce price by option, for your various choice

      Sells regular sets seprately for Hound dolls of other shop...considering-_-;;;
      but cause my product capacity(ability) is not so high...(T-T;;)

      It is natural, every works(shoes, wigs) are Best of Best.
      You can see detail information when they are on shop.(later)

      Regular fashion sets. only 20 pcs will be done by myself.
      (it is "very" large number to me, T-T;;)
      Over than 20 pcs, will be done Tensi-Team, my assistant group :D (;;;)

      Also total quantaty of this style(named "Shy Funcky" can not be over than 70 pcs,
      cause the steel laces were order maden (-_-;; it was too expensive T-T) sorry. T-T;
      but it would be enough number for Hound doll, I think. :D

      and one more asking favor for you ^^;;

      Till 1st weekend(next weekend) Anu is quite deadly busy for various works. ^~^;;
      Finishing jobs for Haute doll exclusive,
      keeping jobs for Hu Die Meng (half done now; sorry; many hand sweing is required;)
      and also have to make regular sets for Hound. (;;;;;;)
      so it can be possible I can not answer promptly, but I will do my best for you :D

      Eventhough many jobs make very hard.but
      Every works makes me very happy. happy.happy.and happy. (^^b) too.
      Beautiful dolls, beautiful fabrics, and sweet friends as always :D

      Happy days,always dear~~~~****

    2. Anu, he's gorgeous! :o Every time you put out a doll, they're always such a heart breaker *hoping she can get together the money to bring home one of the lovely Bermanns* Thank-you so much for all of your hard work with these guys!
    3. Eek! Will this be on an order basis, or is it limited?
    4. Anu~~~~ He's gorgeous~~~!! :D Really love love love your work. I look forward to the Haunte Doll Hound~~

      For this hound regular, I wonder if it's possible to order the wig separately? Love the wig~~~

    5. He is absolutely gorgeous Anu. I love him. but could there be an extra set that is Hound + wig? He is lovely in this wig!! :D
    6. ^^
      yes you can make your order sets
      for example::
      Hound doll only,
      Hound doll with a wig,
      Hound doll with a pair of shoes, .......etc :D

      Well I'm considering to sell items seperatly or not..;not fixed yet;
      (I will ask to crafters later ^^a)
      but in that case I can not assure to keep the basic price.
      because it can be ppssoble to be included extra tax fees maybe
      if I make items all seperatly. (taxs are required by each one Item)
      and heavy shipping fees are too.
      (......a;if there are someone who make a group order...)

      I'm very happy to hear your good reputations,
      cause I'm not talented to express funky mode.

      Bermann dolls are splendid graceful,on the contrary
      Hound dolls are ...voluptuous, quite a little bit..I think..a;
      but..I couldnt gave up classic mode,either. (hahaha;;)
      so, they are maden with classic white cottm laces
      and funky black steel laces..a (..very stranged mixed style again;)

      anyhow....Thank you so much for your adivces again :D
      I'm doing my best for you ^^!
    7. Oh gosh! I MUST get one!

      Wow...is he the same skin tone as the regular Hounds (like on Luts website and such?)? He looks REALLY pale...maybe that's just the pictures, though....

      Either way, put me down for a Hound with a "regular fashion" clothing set. I don't think I'll get the shoes or wig, since my Hound is going to be black-haired, but the clothing.... **lusts**

      Now if I could only figure out how to order from you....when the time comes, I mean....
    8. Oh my goodness... Anu, you have killed me dead with the utter beauty of this one. And I am completely broke! ;O;
    9. Wow he is stunning! :o
    10. *dies* I'm absolutely in love with that first picture T__T If only I had some extra money...

      ^^ And don't worry Anu, I think that you're pricing system is quite easy to understand! Very nice!

      I can't wait to see more of him!
    11. *_____________________* You are so great Anu!!! I loooove your work!!! Love you!!! Awwwwww he is gorgeous! Amazing!! And the way of buying is not complicated, do not worry ^^
    12. :o Oh dear God in heaven! Anu if Hound is painted with a face-up like that, I MUST have him! He is so dreamy.....Thank You a thousand times over :D
    13. What a great outfit and guy....^^

      Hound is gorgeous in this outfit and wig....
    14. Oh Anu!!! thank you thank you thank you for this "funky" fellow! I shall be ordering him with all his gear! :daisy :daisy :daisy
    15. Anu, he is so beautiful! You have created another lovely man! And the clothing is fabulous. (applause!!) :D
    16. ZOMG!!!! :o HE'S LOVELY!!! WANTS!!
      He isn't limited, is he? ;^; Please tell me he isn't limited!
    17. Wow, I have new respect for Hound O_O.
    18. Arggg Anu !!! He's gorgeous, handsome, so beautifull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love ! :D
      How do I do now ? Bermann ? Hound ??? How do I choice ??? :? :oops:

      Your job is amazing ! Thanks so much to put so much of yourself in theses gorgeous BJD... :D
    19. He isn't... :wink:
    20. Beautiful ...as always :D