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House names for your BJD

Jan 5, 2007

    1. I was curious about what everyone call their particular group of dolls. It might be interesting to database it one day.

      In the mean time, what name does your doll group go under?

      I've slipped into using 'House of the North Star' for my group. Adding on: The only reason I went with this name is my location, my characters aren't necessarily part of a story or connected to one another.
    2. My crew don't have a name, at least not yet. Someday the right name may make itself known, but for now, I just call 'em "the boys" or "the crew". ^^
    3. Collectively? Turtle House... Although that's really just a designation that I came up with for the cast members involved in one particular story-line. Not everyone over here is an "on-stage" part of that story, though I use the same watermarking and such for all of them.
    4. "Haven Way" It's the name of Ringo's foster home/inn/theature. lol its weird and slightly complicated but i like it. Its a home and a place to play...lol. :)
    5. I don't have one yet... I don't have enough dolls ^^; Though in my mind, the characters all live in one 'apartment complex', which is why I refer to myself as their 'landlady'. Actually, it might be fun to come up with a name for said imaginary apartment complex... :3

      All my doll 'shops' - modding, comissions, website, etc. - are known by 'BakuBaku', because Roo (my first doll) is closely connected to the Japanese Baku.

      So p'raps the imaginary apartment complex in my head should be known as 'The Baku House'... XD
    6. My group is called FC. It stands for a lot of things, but I usually have it stand for Four Children or Five Children, and am working on getting the group together. I'm getting pretty close to the Four Children designation as the head for # four should arrive tommorow.
    7. I wish I had a house name for mine. Though I only have three right now. I don't think I'm creative enough with names to come up with a house title anyway though.
    8. Right now, they are just 'the Mirkwood sisters', even tho all my dolls are not related to them. Dunno, maybe later there will be an official name. :p
    9. Hee hee, you could have, house of the floating head :lol: :lol: :lol:

      i call my lot 'the mad house' as we are all crazy around here in some way or another !
    10. well mine's Angel Hunt <--that's because that's the name of the story I've written for them itself. They are all cast members in said story.

      My daughter's 'House name' for her oncoming Dragon saga is Glass Moon ^^
    11. It's not the snappiest title, but I tend to refer to my resin-guys/the world/their storyline/pretty much anything to do with them as 'The God in the Web'. It refers to two of my main characters: Il&#250;'s paternal grandfather, Sharakti, and his maternal grandfather, Dee. Sharakti the god, Dee the spider, and the world they've built between them in which all the other characters are caught up... including the god himself, even if he doesn't know it.
    12. No...not really...sad really. I wouldn't know what to come up with.
    13. Captive Souls is Kodona's house name....It represents what he is..and the name of the halfway house in my story where he lives.

      The Lost and Found is the name that represents everyone else (Noah and Dakota, and my set of twins to arrive sometime in the future) and they got that name after my years and years of reffering to them as "The Lost Boys" between friends. Eventually I just decided to give up on thinking of a snazzy title for my book..and just called it the Lost and Found..simply because it just felt right. Ive always called them the Lost Boys...because all 4 of my boys have lost their way somewhere in life for some reason. And they help eachother become found again. :)
    14. I used to call them "my boys"...until a girl came along. XD Now, much like SolarCat, I usually refer to them as "my crew", or "the crew of Small Wonder" (my website).
    15. Don't really have a specific name, though I've only got Duckie here and Cass on the way. I'm toying with "Stranger Things Have Happened" because most of them will be connected in some way. Like the Lost cast. But that's awkward to say all the time, so I dunno. Maybe "the gang."
    16. I only have two but they're quickly becoming known as "my babes" :p
    17. I just call them the "nutters"
    18. Never thought about that. So far, they're just "the boys". Plus, they are only two so far. :sweat
      I did just call it the "Aernath Ranch" in an email recently... <.<
      ....um... two studs? :lol:
    19. My duo of crazies are known as the Insect House, named for the bizarre story they are part of (even though one of them isn't in said story much). It'll work much better when I have all the freaks in the Insect House.
    20. I refer to my lot collectively as "House Arkadian"; my website is called "Arkadian Dreams" for that reason.