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How accessorized are your boys and girls? And why?

Nov 25, 2005

    1. Reason I'm asking is because I've just realized how un-accessorized my boys are. They don't wear any accessory at all. Not hats, not caps, not watches, not bracelets, not necklaces, not chokers, not lip rings, not earrings, not even the occasional pair of handcuffs! XD

      So I'll like to ask you if you accessorize your dolls - in particular your boys - and why. Are the accessories a vital clue to their personality or attitude? Are they also a reflection of your own love for accessories? Would you wear the kinds of accessory your dolls wear?

      I think G and J don't wear any accessory because I am not an accessory person myself. LOL. I wear glasses, but only because I'm genuinely short-sighted. I don't wear jewelry of any kind. (I don't even wear my wedding ring. Neither does my husband. We find rings on our fingers... cumbersome. XD) The only thing I do wear is a watch, but only when I leave the apartment.

      Your turn. =D

      EDITED for clarity. =|
    2. Well, my two only wear necklaces with their name on it. It's actually more an identification for other people than for myself. ^_^;; Other than that, nil. I myself don't accessorize, except for one ring. ^_^
    3. *rummages through Caleb's wardrobe*

      Hmmm... Caleb doesn't really have accessories either, save 1 scarf... but is that really considered an accessory?

      It is in no way a reflection of my own style, since I have pierced ears, wear 2 silver rings & a chain bracelet with a locket on a daily basis. But these items have sentimental value, so maybe I haven't found something more sentimental for the boy to wear?
    4. I do, Mizuiro has a hats, necklaces, earrings, it does represent his personality, he is an egotistical boy, who enjoys looking good. I'm an accessory whore, it's a must for my daily attire, so I guess it comes from that. :lol:
    5. ^.^ i have a lot of hats, lots and lots of hats for my girl (and soon to be boy and another girl) i'm not to fond of jewlrey for them though. in real life i have a ton of hats too but i only wear a necklace and a pair of earings for everyday.
    6. I knew Magnus and Idris both needed jewelry so I started bugging my friend to make some for me, and that's how orangebabydolly was born.

      Magnus wears three things constantly, a plain silver band on his left pinky, a mirror finish silver pendant on a long chain and a hammered silver cuff bracelet. They all have special significance to him. He also keeps a pack of cigarettes, his pocket knife and his cell phone in reach. Currently he's holding a canned coffee and a piece of cake.

      Idris wears lots of tribal jewelry. Everything he wears is antique and in some cases ancient. He loves knowing his pendant is 4,000 years old and wondering where it's been and who has worn it. His fascination with history is attributable to his ability to see the future. He also hopes jewelry will bring out his feminine side since he's really a s/he. He has two swords, a tarot deck and a cell phone. Currently in hand: a lace fan and a bottle of sake.

      Nate has an anotherspace goggle and will have body piercings someday. Max will probably end up with a sunglasses and basic boy jewelry, oh and he has two guns.
    7. Soye doesn't have any jewelry for two simple reasons :
      1. I haven't bought any for her.
      2. I'm not sure she's a jewelry-type of girl.

      I guess time will tell.
    8. I really like accessories! ^_^ I think they finish off outfits perfectly and show personality. My dolls don't tend to wear flashy or complex clothing, and they don't have dramatic or arresting face-ups, so accessories help to add interest, too.

      I usually use necklaces, bracelets, hats, bags, and sometimes scarves and pinbadges.

      My use of accessories is definitely related to the personality of my dolls. Shiina is not the showy type, so generally he'd go for something useful like a book satchel. Mitchell, on the other hand, is a really lively boy and can usually be found with multiple bracelets, a pinbadge, and some flavour of hat. I'm not sure about Noel, yet, but she seems to like jewellry. :)
    9. I'm just a n00b so I'm having enough of a hard time getting a decent wardrobe together to worry about accessories. I'd love to get some rings and necklaces though :)
    10. I love accessories and so do my dolls :) The boys not so much, they rarely wear jewelry only if they have to model a piece I made :sweat
      But the girls enjoy wearing jewelry, hats, little handbags and the like a lot :)
    11. You know, I think your dolls not having accessories is part of your style. I've noticed with your pictures that your boys have a sort of simple casual style that I really like...and your photos are beautifull the way they are!
      I don't think your dolls would suit a whole ton of jewellry so well, they're beautifull the way they are! ^.^
    12. All three of my boys wear earrings. Multiple in Haze's case, simple rings in Cha's and dangly crosses in 'DIna's. Haze also wears a choker and lots of dangly chains, while 'Dina wears two necklaces. I tried matching their accessories to their personalities.

      Both Cha and 'Dina wears a lot of hats, though Cha likes them cute and colourful while 'Dina favours more gothic-style hats. I'd love to get rings for all three of them in the future, but I'm not crazy about the Luts rings, so I'll wait for now.
    13. Minwoo has a collection of headgears - visors, beanies, headbands, hats and goggles. He also wears a chain and might get a leather wrist cuff in the future.

      What he wears reflects what I'd like to wear. I'm too lazy to accessorize myself. XD;;
    14. Nai's the only one who wears any sort of accessory. He wears either a cute little fish necklace or his default Arashi necklace. Everybody else... Nope. :lol:

      Lutz loses his wig constantly, I don't even want to think about worrying about doll rings/watches/etc. XD I can usually only find his wig when it falls off his head because I usually notice it going, and it's bright blue. XP

      I don't wear any kind of accessory either. I hate jewelry because it's annoying, and I use my cellphone in place of a watch. XD (I also turn everything capable of turning green green, eat through plating and can't have my ears or presumably anything else pierced because I can't heal from it right. O_o; Tried it once. I normally heal really quickly. When it had been a couple of months trying every metal under the sun and I wasn't any closer to being healed up than I was the day I had it done, I took the things out and within 3 days the holes had closed and healed and now you can't tell I ever had it done. Heh.)
    15. Fumiki isn't big into excessories except the occasional hat. They just arent' his style. Hikaru has a bracelet he always wears, because it was a gift from Fumiki, and he'll wear hats, He also likes necklesses, but he dresses much more fem.
    16. Luc always has his earring in. There's a story behind that, but I'm not saying everything about him yet. He wouldn't be Luc without it. The very FIRST thing that I got for him was the charm for his earring, before I had his head or body or any other part of him. XD

      He also always wears one ring on his middle finger on his right hand, but that's simply because I really like it. It was an earcuff that looked so good on his hand, that I've always left it on there.

      Other than that, he has a short necklace and a choker that he wears fairly regularly. Because I just love jewlery that is tight around the neck, and I buy his clothes so he has to too. XD
    17. Idris has a couple of chokers she seems to like to wear and doesn't usually change when she changes clothes. As far as purses and toys so forth go, I have a few but can't usually be bothered to set them up properly. If she's sitting down I will often give her a book to read, though.
    18. GOGGLES most definately goggles and necklaces~!!

    19. Nope. No accessories on my boy here, either, though I'd like to get him a set of dogtags. I don't know if that counts as an accessory, though!
    20. I think my doll is too tiny for accessories. I haven't seen any necklaces or rings in her size (I don't think she'd be interested anyway) but she does have some bear earmuffs, a few suitcases and purses, and a few hats. When she wears hats though she prefers to be wigless...it's a bald alien look.

      However, she does have TONS of props that we use over and over.