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How 'alive' do you treat your doll?

Aug 1, 2007

    1. How 'alive' do you treat your doll? I mean, do you have conversations with them? (On a rational level, of course.) Treat them like a member of the family, or in a human sense?

      I don't own my own doll yet, but I have carried out mental conversations with objects before. Ok, I have no mental issues. XD It's something I do when I'm bored, it's not like I think the objects I talk to are alive, but I do think those little conversation endow the objects with even more personality.

      Am I making sense? XP I don't think I am. I'll probably re-read this post later and kick myself for it.
    2. Weeeeeelll, I treat Shiwoo as I treat most of my belongings: With love and care. Mebbe even a bit more.

      Btw, I love your Impmon avi!
    3. I talk to Aiden and Yzak in a conversational tone, but it's more to hear myself speak and work out conclusions for my problems. I've noticed that talking out your problems, even if it's with yourself, really helps to find an answer. I like talking. And one thing I learned from Psychology is that talking aloud to yourself is actually a healthy thing to do. You come to realizations that way and keep your thought processes working smoothly and such. My resin friends become the targets of my blather and bother, but it's all in good fun. They are not alive in a human sense. I don't believe them to have souls or spirits, but that doesn't stop me from talking things out with them. I take good care of them and make sure no harm comes to them. They are one of my dearest possessions. Afterall, they make me smile and feel at peace. :)
    4. I babble at them while I'm dressing or moving them around. It's just reflex.
    5. I talk to my girl, mentally and out loud, pretty often. And I really hope to God that she doesn't have some sort of a spirit in her. I mean, yeah, that'd be cool as a one day, "good spirit" thing, but I'm totally freaked out after reading about dolls being possessed and stuff. But I don't think that'll stop me from talking to her. I mean, I feel better having her around to talk to.

      When I was a kid I talked to Megan, a babydoll of mine. Now that I'm older I talk to Shoko XD Besides, if I'm talking to her and figureing things out that way then I don't have to talk to a therapist or some higher up like that to help me figure out my problems.
    6. I'm not sure one can converse with an inanimate object on a rational level.

      Of course, there have been threads in the past where some people express beliefs that dolls really do have souls and are, in fact, animate.

      Not being one of those people, I will just stick with treating them like dolls. I think they get a good deal: I don't buy my friends designer clothes or send them on expensive makeover holidays to foreign countries. And my only expectation of dolls is that they look pretty, but in return they get heaps of love and attention.
    7. I talk to Reita out loud and in my head, I also take him out when I go shopping or when I'm just eating with friends. So I guess I treat him like family/twin/close friend. The twin being I feel lonely or empty when he's not around.

      I believe that they, in a sense, have a soul. So they deserve the same treatment as any other human.
    8. Dezarii - Thats pretty amusing it reminds me of young kept woman being supported by a rich man - minus the love in most cases.
    9. Well, my dolls have names. And I treat them with love and care. And I apologize when I accidently knock off a wig or have to take of their clothes in public. :XD: So I dunno. To me they are more animate then the action figures I have, but that might be because my dolls are characters of my own creation and not based on anything else. They might not be people, but I think it's a mark of a person's character on how they treat the things around them. For me, everything deserves respect. :)
    10. I wouldn't say I hold actual conversation, no. I may drop random lines while I'm dressing or photographing them, but that's not because I think they're alive and listening. I don't think my dolls are just dolls, but I don't think they're going to start talking back either. It's their characters that give them so much value to me, and that's where the love derives.

      Overall, I guess I don't treat them like they're alive. I treat them like things I really love and enjoy. Even with their applied characters, I don't consider my dolls living. Though I let their characters live out during roleplay and stories -- it's a little more sane that way.
    11. I treat them like all things I cherish, whether it's a stuffed doll, a favourite T-shirt, etc. and that's with love and care.
    12. I do consider my dolls to have some sort of soul, so I consider them animate (though I obviously don't expect them to climb down off the sofa and go the fridge for something to eat(not that they could reach the handle, anyway). I talk to them a lot, watch tv and movies with whoever seems to be into that particular thing. Lorry doesn't seem to have much of a choice, though, if I'm watching a scary movie, I'm clutching him. I don't know how many horror flicks he's been subjected to :)
    13. My current ward (whose head is currently out to get a face up :D) and I don't talk much. I guess it's because I don't want to bond with her too much, as she's almost done and ready to be given to her TRUE owner. :)

      But I recall in the past talking to dolls. It's just sort of a reflex, owning guinea pigs. I'm used to talking to them (both on an intelligent level and "baby talk"), plus, I also have a habit of talking aloud to myself and/or the TV.
    14. animism and the personification of objects is very natural, and left to it's own devices, that is how the human brain relates to the world. I do not own a doll yet (ordering tomorrow), but i already know i will talk to him.

      the world is a beautiful place, and i'm so glad to be here.
    15. I have a sneaking suspisicion that I will talk to my dolls a lot... I talk to many inanimate objects, including my hair and the till at work... (Mainly, "Whats wrong with you now you stupid thing!")
      Plus Ill be living alone next year so itll just make it worse -_-
    16. Stripey you're gonna go crazy like this *_*

      I think I'll be happier with my dolly :sweat and I will talk to him. And hang out with him...oh dear :doh

    17. Yeah I know! Youll come and visit me and itll just be... scary...
    18. You'll just be sitting there rocking and I will be like *joins* and whip out Jasper :lol:
    19. I admit that I talk to them sometimes when I am rearranging them or putting a new outfit on one of them, but I try only to do it when I am alone in the house.
    20. I SPEAK to Elina sometimes. Like when I leave the house and come back, we get our hello's and goodbyes. Or if she's misbehaving posing. I remember one time she moved a bit, as if she was to fall down, and STOPPED herself when I got close. I was like, "...That's not funny, you know."
      I speak about her as if she's real, like "I had to get these shoes because she didn't like the old ones. She kept undoing the laces."
      She really is like my kid.