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How Big is Too Big?

Apr 8, 2008

    1. *I couldn't find a thread about this, but if I missed it please direct me*

      I just got my DZ Yuu today. I'd been wanting a 70cm doll for a long time and was very excited when the UPS man came. I was a little surprised at how heavy he is, and he just dwarfs my 60cm dolls (let's not even talk about the MSDs) He is gorgeous, and I wanted a big doll, but now that I actually have him here I'm wondering if he is too big.

      So how do you feel? How big is too big? For some people MSD is the perfect size, others only like tiny dolls.

      If you enjoy the big boys (approx 70cm dolls) what do you think would be your limit? When would a doll be just too large for you to handle or even want around?
    2. I don't think it's size for me as much as the weight.

      I love my Ark but the dude weighs a ton! If he were taller he'd weigh even more.

      I don't mind tall as long as the torso isn't solid resin.
    3. I love big dolls, and now thinking about getting one of Soom MA, they are 80 cm tall. Some of tiny dolls can be fun but I don't like any MSD. They just not my choice.
    4. I have one of the 80cm Mecha Angels. I have no plans to get any other dolls this size and certainly won't go any bigger than that. I might as well start collecting mannequins at that point. :lol: Really, 80cm is the max.
    5. I LOVE heavy dolls! I don't know why. Karrian is my heaviest (60cm, average weight of an SD), and I love to hold him like a baby. X3 He doesn't appreciate it, but too bad~ xD Something about the weight is comforting, like I can snuggle him without any worries of hurting him. ^^ I carry him around my room when I'm upset.
    6. I don't think I have a limit... I own a broad range, from 14cm to 80cm, and I rarely think of how big they are.
    7. I just ordered my first SD boy, and I am excited on the size and weight, since i am only used to MSD and a Puki. :XD:
    8. I think I'm going to stick to dolls that are around 60 cm. I'm not so good at sewing and I love to buy outfits from different dollstores on the net, so it'd be hard to find clothes for a bigger doll.

      But I must say that the Mecha Angels and Dollshes are incredibly pretty, but too big for me :sweat
    9. Same here 60cm are fine over that is just a little too much they are big as it is.
    10. I prefer the large sized dolls though I like tinies too but some are just too small for me! My dolls are mostly 60 cm and I'm loving their size. Theres something about their weight and size that makes it so much more appealing to hold and look at. I'd like to have dolls that are bigger and life sized ones would be awesome but that would be insanely expensive and heavy. :XD: I don't think I have a limit or would ever think it's too big.
    11. Hm, for my current condition, 60 or 70 cm dolls will be too big.
      That's why I choose MSD size as my 1st doll.
      Dunno if the condition changes n I can bring home the 60 or 70 cm doll, hehehe... :lol:
    12. For me an MSD is too big! :lol: Though the big, 70-80cm dolls do interest me, just not in the sense of wanting to adopt any.
    13. My mum actually was shocked at how "small" my future dolls are. They IH Cocoris, and like 60cm. She expected them to be massive, like 100cm+ :lol:
      I probably won't go for any bigger than 65cm [possibly Aaron/SooRi one day], unless it was a must-must-zomg-must-have :lol:
    14. I love the mould for Yuu but it is a concern of getting one cause of the weight, that and it's seeming I'm running into some problems with clothing for anything bigger than 63cm. I've heard there were bigger dolls out there even, though to me having one at 3ft or more would weird me out a bit
    15. BIGGER IS BETTER. I would sincerely scoop up a 1/2 scale if it was remotely possible. Weight and portability are not at all an issue for me. (Though the shipping... *_* Crap on a stick.)

      Shoes might be an issue, though. (hmmm... boy-size loafers?)
    16. I got a chance to see a D.O.I irl and while he was gorgeous, I now know that 70cm is too big for me :sweat
    17. IHAVE A DZ ying at 70cm, and he is gorgeous! He looks great with his 60cm girlfriend! I would love a Mecha angel boy, they are lovely, having seen one at a meet :)

      He would look silly with my msd dolls, so would be restricted to photos with my Dollzone ying I guess!
    18. i ordered an MSD because it was in my price range but i really would like one 60 cm and a 12-15 cm ... the big ones are more fun to dress and pose but the little ne are just so dang cute.. nd my msd is hawtso i had to get her
    19. Most of my dolls are 70cm and that's really as big as I want to go.

      I love the Mecha Angels but they are just too big for me.
    20. My tallest is a Dollshe and I don't want any dolls that are taller than him. He is pushing the limit already for being in scale with my other dolls.