How big is your doll family?

Jul 2, 2017

    1. As a new time owner still waiting on my first doll, I'm curious to know, how big is everyone else's collection? I catch myself looking at other dolls constantly to add to a dream collection, but is there a limit on how many a person should have before it becomes a crazy obsession? Do you ever have a limit as to how many is too many? Please share your family photos of the entire crew if you have any! I'm curious to know what the average number of dolls in a family is!
    2. I have 36 BJD's but some are for sale. I Don't think there is a limit. You can never have too many. I only sell the ones I don't feel a connection to anymore. But sometimes a faceup can fix that connection. I have taken some off sale as I connected to them again. But you can have 100 if you want to, its up to you. its your collection after all. I have 3 on there way also. And I am still exited as much as I was when I got my first one. I don't have a doll family photo. I should do one. But some don't have there own body's, so I might have to do two. Well I do have a really old family photo but i have new BJDs and some have long gone. so I need to update.

      Add me on tumblr, DA, Flickr or fb is you like, I want more BJD friends~~ Message me if you would like that...
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    3. Although there is no set limit to the amount of dolls you can have, a person's budget and the limitations of the physical space you have will determine the amount of dolls you will have.

      I myself started with 1 bjd then moved to 3, 4, 12, 20, and now I have 40+. Most of my dollies are between 60cm to 72, so those suckers take a lot of space.

      Although I don't have a group picture of my dollies, you can venture over to my Flickr page and meet some of my darlings.
    4. Currently, I have:
      -13 full SD
      -2 SD heads
      -1 full MSD
      -1 full YoSD
      -2 full tinies

      For a total of 17 dolls and two heads. Plus a bunch of random tinies that are off topic so don't really count.
      Here's my crew (minus Amir because he's in storage awaiting a new look that may or may not ever happen...) :

      As far as a limit...I've tried setting limits, and it doesn't work. For me, "too many" is when I start feeling more overwhelmed than having fun. Then it's time to sell a few.

      If you'd like to know more about any of them, check out my doll profiles!
    5. I think that's a good limit. I went through and sold off about half of an off-topic collection last year for this reason. The shelves were too full and looking at them felt burdensome and anxiety-inducing. It wasn't a money issue with those, as much as a general space and clutter issue. Now the collection has been edited down to only the things I really enjoy seeing every day, and I'm much happier with it.

      I currently have three bjds, with one on the way and plans for one more. After that, I don't know. I probably won't stop with five, but I don't want so many that I can't do all the things I want to do with them, such as giving them all full outfits, building dioramas, etc. I don't want to have more just for the sake of it, even if there's more great sculpts out there than any one person could have. It all comes down to your budget, how much space you have, and what you want out of your collection. Some people have one doll and that's all they need. Some people have dozens, with a dedicated room of the house to display and enjoy them. Other hobbies, such as fishkeeping, are the same way. I have one tank with five fish in it, and I don't want more. Others have a fish room with walls lined with tanks and thousands of dollars' worth of high-tech equipment and animals because that's what gives that person joy. From the outside perspective, all of this looks crazy, so it's really down to the individual.
    6. This question comes up frequently, and there's already a relatively current poll thread around here somewhere called "How Many Dolls Do You Have", or something like that... I'm sure Cynthia will be along shortly with a list of links, and/or one of the mods will merge this thread with one of the others. IIRC, the average collection is around 10.

      That said, my answer to the question has always been "Too many." Even when I only had two. Almost all of my dolls have profiles, so clicking that link is the best way to see my crew if you're really curious. My limit? It's how many would fit in my display cabinets.
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    7. I currently have 12 full dolls, 1 floating head, 1 for sale and 1 on the way. I think the most I've ever had at once was 15, and I started to kinda freak out at that point and began selling some. Ideally I'd like to have 10 or less, but it's hard to let go of a few of them I've had forever! I'm sure when we move in a couple years I'll downsize to my 5-6 favorites for the sake of money and space.

      My limit, like someone else said, is the point at which it starts to stress me out rather than excite me. The hobby is supposed to be fun! When I start to feel overwhelmed then it's time for somebody to go.
    8. My current doll total is 43 dolls (2 of them are OT for DoA), 1 head awaiting a body and 1 floating head I've no idea what to do with (yea free head event). I will be ordering another doll within the next month (I've been waiting to get him for 5 years). Depending on how things go, I may order a body for the head that needs it or buy the full doll that is partner to the bodyless head as my Xmas gift to me.

      How many is too many? At one time I thought 5. Then I had 5 and thought 10 would be the max. Then I had 10 and thought a dozen would be my limit. Then I had 12 and... are you sensing a theme here? I've no idea what my max will be. I'm not even going to guess at it.
    9. Oh, dear. I think about 50, counting floating heads. 35 SDs alone. ~sigh~ But I've reached the limit of my dolly plan now so won't be spending so much on resin in future.
    10. This hobbie is so crazy you buy your first doll and then is hard not to buy anymore, I just wanted to have one girl, now i have 8 SD plus a head, 3 yo-SD and a little pet (OT), i am also paying another doll in layway
      I don't think i will sell any of my dolls at least if is completely necesary. I don't know which will be the limit in my family. I hope 15
      As said the most important is to enjoy every doll so much.
      I think i will do the doll family photo soon
      Sorry for my poor English
    11. I have approximately 48, mostly between 58-70cm. I say "approximately", because two or three of them have not been assembled, but they could be complete dolls. A few are on the list for possibly being sold in the future.

      I remember feeling like I had too many when my ninth one came home! But some of my newer arrivals are among my favorites (my 70cm+ ones), so I don't regret getting more. And I wouldn't have my Dollfie Dreams if I had stopped purchasing BJDs.

      Here's a group photo I took in 2014. They're in order of arrival, starting at the top and going from left to right.


      Linda S.
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    12. I only started last year dec and i have 6 yosd now, i wanted to stop at 2 but i cant stop myself! So far all my girls are preloved cos its cheaper and i get them faster. :)
    13. I have 50 (ranging from a Lusion down to four RealPuki in size), plus a headless body and 5 floating heads, an alternative head for one of the 50 (different expression) and a spare unoa headback and couple of faceplates that fit it. plus some alternate faceplates (again different expressions ) for a few of Fairyland and Unoa Chibis.

      I don't think I have any pictures of all of them together. They don't all live in the same room so are seldom all together anyway, although the majority of them (plus my husband's three 1/3 size BJD's) do reside in the Dolly Drift that takes up a corner of our livingroom from floor to ceiling.

      I used to draw the line at 30 BJD as above that number I didn't get around to playing with any of them, but somehow it crept up to 50 as they devided into more distinct "famiily" groupings. The biggest number being the SD/1/3 sized dolls who are (mostly) members of a large, extended Victorian/Edwardian family of siblings, half-siblings, and cousins.

      These days, fewer are added to the numbers as I concentrate more on tryign to dress them how I want them. I have a lot of sewing projects on the go.

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    14. I have 28 and am at that point where I can not fit anymore and I would need to sell some before getting any others. It can also get a bit overwhelming at times.
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    15. I'm rather new to the hobby and only have 2 SD and one 30cm off-topic doll. I hope to add more members to my doll family, especially the bigger uncles or the smaller but mature ID51/vito range. I always drool at them when I see them on instagram haha
    16. I have one doll for the moment (one on the way home and I orded another one yesterday). This is my second time around in the hobby and last time I had 5 or 6 at the most.

      If you have the money and space you can have how many dolls you want. My limit is that I always want to have a character for my doll (all my dolls are from novels I have writen). The moment I buy dolls without thinking about it or don't enjoy my dolls anymore I think my collection is complete:)
    17. I have three SDs and one floating head. I've got plans for at least four more SDs, and maybe an MSD or two. I definitely think I'd be overwhelmed by more than ten dolls.
    18. I have three but I'm in the process of adding one more to my family.
    19. Currently 4; Another 1/8 size doll is on the way. I may buy one to two each year? I'm not sure when I'm going to stop. but I can say that i won't afford a 20 or 50 huge family LOL.
    20. Currently I have 19 and a floating head. They range from Real Puki to 30cm mature tiny. I intend to sell one of them and the floating head because they don't work with the group. I'm planning to keep the group at about 20 for a while.