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How breakable are BJD's? (especially DOD's!)

May 18, 2008

    1. I've heard horror stories of people's dolls simply tipping over and getting huge scratches all over their face:o, but I want to help prevent this as much as I can.So...does anyone know how breakable a DOD doll is? (FYI:I'm buying a DOC Petsha so if anyone has her that would help even more.;))

      Sorry if this has been posted before.Searches don't work well for me.

      thanks for your help.

      Edit:Just thought of another question, what's the best e-mail service to use when buying from DOD?I have an aol account and I don't think it works very well.
    2. My DoD pair, Too & Bee-A were my first bjds. They are without scratches or worse damage after several years.

      Don't drop your bjd onto concrete, and be a little cautious, but don't panic so much you don't play with it.

      What can cause damage--falling, sometime they hit at just the wrong angle, though most bjd are pretty darned sturdy; restringing and allowing the body parts to snap against one another; um, I dunno, hammers?

      Not a strong as cloth or as resiliant as vinyl, but much much stronger than china/bisque.

      Ann in CT
    3. My doll isn't DOD but I guess both are resin, and he's very new so I feel terrible that this has happened to him, but when I took off his clothes for the first time after putting them on, to measure him for new ones, I noticed the studs in the jeans had left scratches all over... well all over his ass, so it's not noticeable, but be wary of things like the backs of studs as they just gouge little lines into resin.
    4. I had the same question, Im wating for DOD shall, thankyou for asking
    5. congrats on your shall, if i ever got a dot girl, it would be tender shall
    6. I own a twingkey with the new body type~
      I'd have to say, she's taken quite a few falls [:sweat not on purpose and most of the times from my stupidity] and she's still in one piece thank god. -knocks on nearby wood- lol
      The only thing I worry about is her 'sword holding' hand. [If you get the new body type you'll know what I'm talking about] Mostly because her fingers are so pretty, and the other hands have no separation to them.
      Just be cautious of the doll- not 'OMG 2 INCHES HOGAWD MUST PUT PILLOWS AND WRAP IN BUBBLEWRAP' If you feel that the balcony photoshoot is not a good plan, then don't risk it.
      But yes, just be aware and if you really want that photoshoot in a high spot, make sure you have good enough reflexes to 'break' the fall, or catch the doll [<--- A rhyme :O]

      Btw we used Comcast I believe... and or Yahoo.. xD;;
    7. My first ever BJD was a DoT Sha....and 3 days after I got him he fell off my desk onto hardwood. (yes I was a bad mum lol) He was fine though. If you do drop one though think about what the surface is (concrete? carpet) any doll really may break or scratch or chip the faceup if you're not careful (the faceup I would say is probably the easiest thing to chip or scratch off though fingers on various dolls are known to break from time to time). I have a couple of DoCs but they've never fallen as I'm much more experienced with me dolls now XD

      If they fall, they likely won't break unless you get unlucky and hit at a bad angle. That being said, probably want to be careful with them none the less as it'll save you the heart attack. General rule of thumb is not to leave them in precarious positions. if you leave them standing, the safest thing is to have them on a stand and secure (even if DoDs are awesome standers). If you're not playing with them, put them away somewhere safe, preferably with their face mask on (helps keep dust off them and accidental rubbing off of the faceup) - none of this is mandatory but can help lengthen how long your doll stays in good condition.

      As for email, gmail seems to work very well. Hotmail AOL and MAC don't. Anything with a spam filter you'll want to add the DoD addy to the safelist.
    8. I have a T.Too and a H.Kirill. And once my T.Too was pushed to the ground and nothing happened. another time he fell from a shelf with his head first and nothing happened then either. I guess while these dolls are made by pretty strong material. You should still be careful with them, especially their face-ups! ^__^
    9. A friend of mine drops her DOD all the time and he is doing okay, the worst damage I think he was ever suffered it a messed up wig. I am about to buy Petsha and I was worried about the same thing D: They look so fragile!!
    10. I own a secondhand Dream of Doll vampire elf Kirill (referred to hereafter as Alistair). Sometime during his time with his first owner Alistair broke two fingers on his right hand. When I bought him I was tempted to ask how he'd broken two fingers since his fingers are pretty thick, much more so than my Angel of Dream boy's fingers. I DIDN'T ask and thus I don't know what happened, but it must've been a heck of an accident!

      The good news is that the owner was able to repair the fingers. I can't tell if she used Super Glue, epoxy, or something else, but except for some small battle scars Alistair is as good as new. So my advice to you is be careful, but don't flip out if they fall down unless they fall onto a hard surface or from a great height (or both). If something does break don't panic; resin does glue back together.
    11. My first bjd arrived broken in transit, tip of one ear and the little hook that holds the head cap in place. he wasn't very well protected and those thin bits are most suspeptable so on his way from Korea to the UK the box probably got dropped or something heavy landed on it, you never do know with post. A little superglue and he's fine, it holds really securely.
      I was a bit nervous hearing horror stories of broken fingers but having played with them a bit, I think they're pretty tough. You don't wanna go dropping them onto hard floors but they're usually fine. And if anything does break, replacement parts or glue are great. Usually it'll be fingers or the tips of long elf ears, those are the fragile bits. I dunno, I think resin is a lot tougher than I thought it would be.
    12. I am so glad this thread was revived. I've been wondering about how breakable resin dolls are for a while now. I've even considered getting an OT ABS plastic doll for travelling, since they are supposed to be more durable. Thanks for all the info. Now I am a lot less nervous.
    13. If you're concerned about breaking during travel it's easy to get (or make) a travel bag that will further protect your doll. It'll also provide some protection from sunlight that comes through the windows at odd angles, and it'll provide a good way to drag along a change of clothes if you fancy a new look for your doll in the middle of the trip.
    14. Thank you. I will get a bag. Funny you should mention the sun. That is the exact reason my bjd didn't ride from South Carolina to Illinois with me this summer. That would have been a lot of sunshine. Thanks again for the idea.
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