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How Clean are Your Dolls?

Jan 25, 2010

    1. Clearly the title is a play on the British show "How Clean is your House?" which I love, it makes me feel like such a good housekeeper, ha ha.
      Who keeps their dolls in the cabinet or in boxes?
      Who keeps them out, and where?
      But seriously, how do you keep your dolls neat? I know some people keep their dolls boxed or in a cabinet, but for those of us who keep them out, can you share your tips?

      My best tip is used clothing dryer sheets, especially the "Purex 3 in One" ones. They tame static on wigs, and pull the dust right off clothes and doll, and they smell good.
      You can't use them from the box because of the oil that is on them, but the fresh ones are good for super unruly flyaways on wigs as there is just enough oil, but not enough to make the wig greasy.
    2. When I had 3/4 dolls at a time, they would just sit on my desk or a shelf and would naturally accumulate dust or the stray hair from the cats I've lived with. An easy, free fix is to wrap a bit of tape around your fingers, sticky side out, and pat them all over. Works great on delicate clothes, too, from my experiences.
    3. Wigs I tend to keep brushed and straightened with a small travel-size hair brush, nothing big there. Just careful. The dolls I keep sitting out all the time. But being as I'm a nocturnal animal myself, my curtains are heavy and pinned shut so there's no light but my ceiling light in my room. I do take them out, but when they get dirty, a damp paper napkin doesn't do a bad job, sometimes a magic eraser for the stubborn stuff like clothing stains.

      Clothes I just wash, and dust.... A hit of canned air from a good distance does the trick. Just 'poof' and then you're good. X3
    4. My crew have their own shelves (bookcase really) that they sit out on. That room is curtained and they're up high away from the fuzzies that roam my household. I usually just give the dolls the ocassional magic eraser wipe down over their bodies, I leave their faces alone abit more. Clothes I needed tips (dust+animal hair DX) so this is great~ I actually wash and condition their wigs once and awhile but my Delfs wig is always evil despite that :\
    5. Too clean. I nearly rub off my Xanthe's fae-up once while i was dusting them off ^^ I give them baths 0nce every 7 months as well
    6. I keep most of my dolls in their carriers when I'm not playing with them, so they are very clean. If I leave some of them out for any reason, I cover them up with a dark cloth.
    7. sounds silly...but i use a tooth brush to brush my wigs...there just the right softness and enuf bristles to keep them cute and neat ^_^, just make sure you dont nick your one with toothpast on it from the bathroom...not good lol...and i use jml majic eraser...tis the english version or magic sponge and its like £3 for some massive block of it...and when my 2 arnt out there in ryushins carrycase that way i cant nock them lol
    8. my dolls live in a cool, airy, dark room in their boxes when they're not modelling. I also keep their clothing, wigs and accessories packed away in boxes too when I'm not using them. I like to use a clean, soft make up brush to remove any dust or lint that might have settled on the dolls faces especially in the grooves of the nose or eyes, canned air works a treat too (used carefully of course!), a lint remover for keeping clothing fresh and a soft cloth (similar to a lens cloth) for a general all over wipe every now and then. So I guess all in all, they're kept very clean.
    9. I leave them in an empty drawer when they are not in use: my decapitated dolls are asleep there, covered in a black satin cloth (satin doesnt stain) while they wait for their new faces ^^
    10. oh man, if you has asked me 2 days ago i would have said "pristine!" because they are usually in glass-front cabinet dollfie-rooms when i'm not playing with them ... but i was taking some photos yesterday and i noticed that my Pipos dandy-boy Rooney was DUSTY!! WTF? I guess that lil' stinker needs a bath. :sweat
    11. My dolls have a miniature book case with a blanket thrown over it during the day. I love natural light, and so I just do this to keep them out of it. They don't get very dirty like that; the sheet also keeps out most of the dust.

      If I do need to clean them, I use a lightly damp cloth. They get the infrequent full treatment with a magic eraser every now and then. Then, if you take them apart you might see a browish or black buildup of yucky dust in you doll's joints, especially if they are loosely strung and older. It's good to give them a full blown spa treatment, where they get taken apart and washed thoroughly and given new string. But this is probably a yearly or biyearly thing.
    12. Oooo, I am going to have to try that for the hair static. Thanks for the tip.
    13. My dolls are out on stands or sitting, only 2 are in a glass case and those
      are my Beryl and Vesuvia. They get a little dusty, a little cat hair on their clothes sometimes bu nothing that can't be quickly cleaned off.
      Why bother having them if they are just going to be hidden away?
    14. My lot are parked on my shelf on display when not being played with. They get a regular cleaning (only a light cleaning though with a lint free cloth and maybe some water for dirty patches, full cleaning is only if they get really dirty, which is very rare) and have their wig tidied often so there is no dust or anything of the sort on them. My room does have curtains on it so most of the light doesn't get in, and no animals come in here so there isn't so much hair, though it gets on them occasionally so a lint roller is good for that.

      Only exception to this at the moment appears to be my BBB Pandora, who has a stain on her schnozz that I keep meaning to wash off but still haven't ^^; I should do that now as I've said it
    15. Haha, I use a toothbrush too! I just went and bought one at a dollar store. Works very well on all sorts of wigs. :)

      I also use magic eraser to clean stains. Water and a soft cloth does the trick too! Most of my dolls are in glass cabinets so I have never had much of an issue with dust.
    16. My crew is sitting out in the kitchen because I need them for patterning. I only put them up when I have company over. When they start looking grungy, I destring and wash them. Wish I had a dedicated book case area for them, but that won't happen until we convert our old garage into a den, probably a couple of years at this point.

      I make an extra effort to spiff them up for meet-ups, but I wouldn't describe their ordinary existence as pristine.
    17. Oh dear... after reading this, I seem to be a terrible "guardian" of my resin kids :sweat

      Not that I leave them outside, and there's no kids or pets here to manhandle them, but -- they sit around all over my house, as if they were little people who live here -- well, they do! A doll in a box is not a good thing here; it means they need to move on. Other than an occasional touch-up with a Magic Eraser for any obvious spots, I've never bathed them, or done any other elaborate maintenance. (Restringing I delegate to expert friends :lol:).
    18. I keep most of them in their boxes but my boys I usually keep on the bed with me and they are neat and tidy. At one point I unstrung and cleaned my Ttori with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser because he was already dirty from the previous owners playing with him.
    19. I keep my dolls in their boxes when Im not playing with them and I clean them whenever I see they need it.
    20. I don't wash mine regularly, but I do immediately remove any spots I see. They don't stay in one place long enough to get dusty, and my apartment has as little natural light as humanly possible (for unrelated reasons.) Their clothes live in a series of shoeboxes, and I've never had to brush their wigs (though my niece loves to, so maybe it's her.)
      Really, as long as your house is clean, they shouldn't need special cleaning unless you're scribbling on them with crayon (Comes right off with Magic Eraser, and it wasn't my niece.)