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How come this site is called Den of Angels?

Jan 16, 2006

    1. I assume the creators were aware that DOA actually means Dead on Arrival right?

      Or do you guys have really bad shipping on your dolls? :...(
    2. There are lots of acronyms that mean the same thing.

      Den of Angels came from back when ABJD collecting was new, and we found out that Volks SD stores were called "Tenshi no Sumika". The word was hard to translate literally, and one of the first translations we got was "Angel's Den". There was no english Volks site, and no way to order them online or in person in USA like you can now (or any other country other than Japan.) Very little information about these dolls was in english.

      The word Tenshi no Sumika though means closer to "Angel's Nest" and when Volks finally translated the name into english, they clarified that. But we thought it was cute that we'd mis-translated it (it's actually a good example of all the stuff we had to, and still have to, go through to get these dolls). So we left the name "Den of Angels" even though, obviously we were aware of the acronym (how can anyone not be?) that's why we often right it DoA and not DOA.
    3. Um. I'm assuming you don't know any japanese otherwise you wouldn't claim that Sumika is closer to 'Nest'. It's actually closer to 'House' than it is 'Nest', and even then, that's no further away than 'Den'.

      That's a hell of a mistranslation.
    4. I didn't translate either.

      Volks says that they wish for the translation to be "angel's nest". It's their name so they can translate it how they please.

      The original "Den of Angels" translation was translated by someone else, not me. But mistranslations are to be expected.
    5. Call me crazy, but I think this was meant to be a troll post.
    6. "dwelling; house; residence; den; habitat"

      This is according to http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/wwwjdic.html an online Japanese - English dictionary. The word sumika in romanized Japanese, results that response. Nowhere is nest listed, but Den is. Besides, one has to take into consideration the cultural differences between our "dwelling" and their "nest"; perhaps at one point sumika was used as a bird's dwelling? I don't know; I don't study these things in Japanese.
    7. Wow, that's a hell of a way to introduce yourself to the forum.

      Wasn't the term Tenshi no Sumika first translated by someone who actually spoke Japanese? It's not like they just grabbed some words out of the air. *_*
    8. Somehow I agree, just based on the post history of the member.
    9. I think I'm the one who first came up with "den of angels". I don't remember how I found the word "den", probably in a dictionary; I must admit I didn't have any very clear idea of the meaning of "den" in English and I must have looked it up and thought it fitted. As Aimee said Volks hadn't come up with an English translation yet at the time. I apologize if it was a bad translation, but honestly I don't think it's a very big deal.
    10. I think the name is rather cute. ^^ Kind of reminds me of a "weir of dragons", except I picture a sort of cliffside cave opening from which all these pretty BJD angels come flying... (I have a very visual imagination :p )
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    11. No one seems to have a problem with it other than our friend up there, it seems. Personally, I think it invokes a nice image as well as calling to mind the Volks stores... but of course, we're not an exclusively Volks-based ownership here, are we? Hence the slight difference is nice to have as well :)
    12. I like it too. I've always thought that the word "den" sounds like the living room of your home or a cosy den.
    13. I always think of the word den like a "lion's den"
      i like the name den of angel's and i think its cute how the mistranslation led to it :D
    14. Now that I know the word den a little better it makes me think of an opium den. Not really a place for my dolls who are all quite young and innocent!
    15. Oh how wonderful!
      I had always wondered about the forum name also.
      Thank you for sharing!
    16. I like the name ^.^ oh well everyone makes mistakes and often those mistakes turns out to be good ones XD
      *pokes at troll*
      So that's what a troll is *poke poke*
      T_T there never nice are they? *hits*
    17. *laugh* Call me morbid, but I always liked the fact that it looks like Dead on Arrival when you abbreviate it--I mean, they are resin. They do arrive unmoving. :)
    18. I never knew much about trolling either until recently. My husband spends a disgusting ammount of time on SlashDot and once I started reading about the sub-culture, it pretty much extends to every forum.

      I highly recomend those who don't know about trolling, (or crapflooding as it's also termed) to read up and educate.


      That link pretty much covers it all. Bit of a warning though, I am not responsible for the content of this link. There may be some stuff that would get some people offended or upset, but it's pretty tame for the most part.:smile:

      I also learned a lot more about forum sub-culture than I ever wanted to know!:sweat
    19. For a troll, this is was an unusually useful one! :daisy I've wondered how the forum came to be called Den of Angels. Thanks for the explanation, aimee and buiscuitbear!

      The fact that the name arose from a slight mistranslation is just apt - DoA falls in to a long and venerable (well...) line of Japanese - Western language mistranslations. And it gave us a very pretty name! :-)

      I think a den is a nice word, both the sound of it - soft and round! - and the meaning of it: lair, burrow, nest, warren, cave, or hidaway, safe place, refuge, secret place, or study, workroom, office, sanctum, chamber, depending on which meaning you go with.

      Simply put: it's a good name! :-D
    20. Under the posters name is the word 'banned'. If this person is banned, how is it that they are still able to post?