How did you convince yourself it was worth it?

Jan 26, 2017

    1. Unfortunately a lot of hobbies are expensive. I've seen people drop the same amount of money or more on things like fishing tackle, art, car accessories, sports gear, 'fancy breed' animals and so on. As long as you're meeting your financial obligations and it's not going to cause you any hardship there's nothing wrong with saving up and buying a luxury item you get a lot of enjoyment from.

      Normally when I'm looking to buy something I use this list-
      *Do I need it/ is it useful?
      *Does it make my life simpler/easier?
      *Does it bring me joy/happiness?
      *Will I regret it if I don't buy it and it gets sold to someone else?
      If I can tick one or more then usually it's a good purchase :)

      As for personal side, I also gain the psychological and creative benefits that others here have described and as i'm bed ridden a lot, it's a good distraction too so that makes it worth it for me.
    2. Honestly I just have no impulse control when it comes to buying :sweat
      I didn't think about the price a lot, and I still don't. If I have the money available, I buy it because I want it and it makes me happy to have it.

      Of course, knowing I can get most of the money back by selling is a pretty big security. If I drop $400 on monster high dolls and barbies, I've lost at least half that worth unless I wait 10+ years for them to be rare and sought after. Not a good investment!
    3. It took me a really long time to convince myself that I wanted to enter the hobby.

      I learned about BJDs when I was 11 or so (obviously couldn't buy any then), but I only bought my first on-topic doll 3ish years ago.

      I started saving for a BJD much earlier, but I actually tried to get into other hobbies (Pullip, momoko, action figures, etc.) beforehand.

      Eventually, I decided I was spending as much on these hobbies (though not at the same time) as BJD, so, in order to decide whether I liked the faceup/modding aspect of BJD, I bought my first off-topic doll 6ish years ago.

      Finally, I decided I wanted to fully join the hobby, and purchased my first on-topic doll and later, a head, 3ish years ago and still later, joined DOA.

      When I was first exposed to BJDs, the price, and quick yellowing of French resins (although they are beautiful) made me wary of the hobby.

      Perhaps it's a good thing I waited so long, as my tastes have changed, but I was probably a bit overcautious. I don't regret my involvement in other hobbies, however--I've even kept most of these dolls.
    4. It took years to justify it for me, but I eventually did for several reasons:

      -I had been customizing Barbie and other fashion dolls since I was 12, and had always dreamed of dolls who were made to be customized.
      -I had spent $100 on American Girl dolls and rare Living Dead Dolls, so why not spent $200+ on a doll that was much more poseable, realistic and unique?
      -I was out of my parents' house, working and supporting myself, had no debt or excessive bills, so no one could tell me what to do with my extra money.
      -I cleaned out my apartment and sold everything I didn't need or use anymore and had almost enough to cover the doll, and that money didn't need to go to anything else.
      -I didn't have any other major expensive hobbies besides dolls.

      This is how I justified the first one. Now, they've been making me happy and I've found a hobby I really enjoy and like getting involve in, and I've learned so many new skills because of this hobby. I've made friends because of this hobby. I've found other new hobbies because of this one. That to me is enough to justify it.
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    5. well i'm don't really know. i do know that i've wanted one since i saw some one on deviantart when i was a teen. also i used to collect monster high dolls and i probably sent enough on them that i probably could have purchased a bjd. also i really enjoy dolls in general so i figured why not and started saving money for one.
    6. My boyfriend compared her to his Warhammer 40k hobby, and my PC, and I decided it was worth the money for the joy dolls would bring me. Previously, I felt anxious at the thought of purchasing something for myself with such a large value, and I hesitated for months. It was worth it though, and I enjoy having my doll around. I can't wait for another!

      Something to keep in mind is that BJDs are a slow hobby. You shouldn't expect to drop a lot of cash all at once, usually. Just take it one step at a time. The doll will deal the biggest blow, depending on the size, and even then, some companies offer layaway.
    7. I thought they were too expensive for me at first, so I bought cheaper vintage and play dolls, bought them baby clothes etc. Then one day I added up the cost of my 'cheaper' dolls and it was easily enough to buy a few cheaper/smaller BJD with! :doh

      Now I compare the cost to keeping pets, or having other hobbies, buying clothes, eating out, going on holiday, decorating my flat etc - stuff which 'normal' people spend their money on. I don't buy those things, so the money goes on BJD instead. Of all the hobbies I've tried over the years, BJD are the most satisfying on many levels. I can shop for them, like they're my children - I can style them creatively, sew for them, paint them, photograph them etc. - and they are also strangely companionable, like pets and companion animals - I relate to them as if they are little personalities. Bonus being they're not a tie like pets are, and don't cause more chores and cleaning either (just a little dusting now and then) :3nodding:
    8. I'm new to the hobby too, but I've been wanting a BJD for a few years now because they are anime-like and I love anime. I started off with the small and cheaper stuff like Pullips, Ai Dolls, Monster High Dolls (regular size, 17 inch ones, and 28 inch ones too). They have the range of motion like BJD's. I've tried face ups and making clothes for them. It's hard for me because they are on a small scale. And collecting those doesn't seem to satiate my appetite. It seems that buying those, I could of save the money and bought a large BJD. The larger the better right? I've been wanting a 1/3rd scale, but those goes for about $400+.

      So now, I'm trying to save up for a Smart Doll that Danny Choo came out with. I would say it's worth it because if you really want something, you would do everything to get it. This is something I really want for awhile (even though my spouse doesn't want me to get one). He says, "How could you spend that much money on a doll?" Then he says that even if he says no, I'm going to buy one anyways. Does that mean that I can get one? He just knows me too well.

      I say it's worth it because I see myself sewing again. I see myself recouping the money by sewing doll clothes and selling them. I used to sew for fun by going to conventions and cosplaying with my family. But now that isn't fun anymore and I need a new outlet for my skills and creativity. So with saving up for a doll, I need to get a new sewing machine too! I just started saving money at the end of January for a doll and at the same time saving up money to pay my car off by the end of the year too. It teaches you how to save money also instead of splurging everyday! :thumbup
    9. I actually had the same thought when I started, but then I thought of all my impulse buys and realized that money could be saved and used to buy something special that actually mattered to me. I never rush into a purchase unless I've been stalking the doll for months and I never put it on credit. The way I see it as long as I'm responsible and paying my bills, I deserve to be happy buying dolls and loving the hobby. :3nodding:
    10. I've just started saving for my first dolls, the process of which fills me with equal amounts excitement and anxiety. It's a very, very expensive hobby and I struggle to convince myself that I deserve to have expensive things. I'm in love with the sculpts I'm saving for and I'm excited for the project of clothing and customizing them, but I also live at home and I'm worried that my mom won't get that this is something that's worth it to me, which is hard to do when I'm not sure if it's worth it to me. It's the first hobby I've wanted to actually go after in a really long time (thanks to mental illnesses), and I'm still struggling to convince myself that the money I'm saving really should go towards dolls.

      How did you convince yourself that collecting BJDs was a worthwhile hobby to start? What makes it worth it to you?[/QUOTE]

      They make me happy, and no one but me has to sacrifice anything for them. They are much, much cheaper than kids or pets. (I could have bought several dolls for what I dropped on pet food, medical supplies, and vet bills in the past month and a half.) This hobby has allowed me to meet people, to exercise my creativity, and to learn and practice new skills. All of those things are important to helping me feel fulfilled, which is something that can be a struggle for me.

      Now as the mom of an 18 year old with a history of depression, I'll give you my mom perspective. (lol, the unwanted gift that is always there.) You have found something to bring excitement and pleasure to your life at a time that has not been the best for you for your own reasons. It's not impulsive, because you are having to take the time to save the money up. It's something that is going to engage you and allow your imagination and skills to develop. You are using your own money, which means you are sacrificing other things for this. With the internal struggle you are having, deciding to invest in something for yourself, be it a doll or something else, is a positive step towards acknowledging you deserve to be happy, to have nice things. I think if you are using your own money, your mom shouldn't have complaints. If you want her support as well, I think giving her a list of the reasons you want this and doing the research to show you are not just jumping in will probably ensure that. I know if my daughter uses her money for something, she doesn't owe me an explanation. And, when she was younger and wanted a tongue ring, there were two things that convinced me to take her to have it done when I thought she was too young. It was the first thing I had seen her excited about or heard her ask for in several years, and it was so wonderful to see that. The other was all the research she brought me on it. Nothing reassures a mom like taking the time to learn, and nothing makes her happier than seeing her child heal, even if it's just a little.

      You deserve to be happy, and if a doll will bring some joy to you, you should have one.
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    11. I had the money and, quite frankly, I thought it would be good for my mental health. I have quite a bit of social anxiety and depression, and these dolls are so sweet and lovely that I thought it might be nice to have one sitting on my desk as a long term project. I've also been quietly in love with them for about six years (the internet is a dangerous place for a middle schooler!), so I had a feeling I wouldn't regret finally buying one.

      The fact that they're so DIY– especially regarding clothing, props, wigs, etc – also promised to keep me occupied for quite a while. I've challenged myself to do her clothing as cheaply as possible, using fabric I've, um, accumulated over the years (IT BREEDS) or recycled from our school's "free store". I need to have an ongoing project, and Hyacinth is small enough that sewing a sweater or some leggings doesn't take too long and can provide quite a bit of gratification.
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    12. @rebeccag12363 oh! Your girl is from myou! That's the company I want!
    13. I'll echo what many have said already... as long as it makes you happy it's worth it.

      They are a lot of money and you're going through the process of saving which is good (better than what I do xD). I personally have mental issues too (depression) and being able to have a cute doll by me can be a motivator and mood lifter.

      It was a slow build for me. It started with little anime capsule figures and cheaper figures. From there it went to larger and slightly more expensive figures, but I still was staying under the $100 mark with everything I bought. I finally broke that when I went for smaller anime style Azone Pure Neemo dolls. Then I figured... well if I can spend $120 ish on a small doll, I can spend more on larger ones. I started getting little anime figures in probably 2003 so in about 14 years I've shifted from a small little endeavor to owning several dolls of different types.

      I think it's perfectly healthy for everyone to have a hobby or collection that gets them excited. If you think dolls will do that for you, don't be afraid to try. And if it doesn't work out, it's not impossible to sell dolls and get a part of your investment back.

      Hope you enjoy your first when you do get it ^^
    14. Dolls make me happy. I like to decorate my home, and have a weakness for beautiful artifacts. So for several years I've invested my money into artifacts like bronze statues and figurines, all kinds of resin and pvc figurines, fairies, warriors and so on.. Two years ago I discovered BJD, and I fell in love with their beautiful sculpts, with the right outfit they look like the most stunning piece of art! Just to have them around me in my living room makes me happy indoors, and I often walk around my home looking at all my stuff, it's like a museum :) I don't regret a thing, and I'm so happy that I used my money on this, rather than stuff that gets old, rusty and declines by time.. Dolls stay the same for years, if kept safe from sun light and moisture, and their value will also sustain.
    15. I work very hard for my money and as a single parent, I had many years when I couldn't afford to spend anything on myself! Now that I have less expenses (I don't drink, smoke, eat out or travel) why shouldn't I reward myself with something I enjoy? I am very new to the hobby and I admit I was a little shocked at the prices at first, but when I consider the work that goes into designing and making the dolls and their accessories, I feel they are worth the price. In general, arts and crafts are under valued and I am happy to support a product that incorporates so much artistic talent. I am a knitter and I love to design my own patterns, so this hobby also gives me the opportunity to expand my talents by designing clothing and accessories for the dolls.

      Mostly though, I feel that anything that makes you happy is worthwhile as long as you can afford it without creating hardships for yourself or others. Our modern society undervalues the importance of happiness and mental well being and I have found that this hobby constantly makes me smile and brings me joy:)
    16. Personally, I tend to think that if you have to work hard to convince yourself that's it's worth it, then it's possible that for you it actually isn't.

      If the only reason you're debating it is worrying about "deserving" it, and you're already in love with a particular sculpt and you have both the display space and the budgetary space for it, then I'm all in favour of taking the plunge. But if you just like elements of the hobby (faceups, doll photography, clothes making), then maybe it's worth giving it a try with a non-DollfieDream vinyl BJD (or other lower-priced doll type) first. Sure, you wouldn't be able to share them outside of Brigadoon here on DoA, but if the worry is primarily financial, that might be a more frugal way of seeing how much you actually enjoy the hobby before you make the bigger financial commitment.
    17. Well, first I convince myself that I have x amount of money to spend on fun/hobbies, then I buy what I really, really want at the moment. A lot of times I choose doll stuff, sometimes other things. As long as I don't go over my fun fund limit it's all good. I have a harder time justifying spending large amounts on non-essentials than justifying spending it on dolls.

      It's one thing to consider whether something is worth a certain amount of money or not, another to determine whether ones current disposable income can cover it, and yet another to decide whether we should spend a certain amount of money on pleasure and fun for ourselves.
    18. Having some sewing and crafting talents made my justification easier. The doll will be the largest investment and then my expenses will be minimal after that (except for many nice shoes...)
    19. All you have to think, "Am I worth this? Don't I deserve to have something I want & desire & if I can afford it then buy it?" I have six new boys coming & for them I've probably shelled out over $5000.... I deserve nice things & im going to buy them for myself to enjoy!! Enough said
    20. OOO - easy - I'm old, everything I love is worth it in my age :) <3
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