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How Did You Decide Size?

Apr 9, 2007

    1. I was just wondering, how did everyone decide which size dolls to get?

      I'm a bit of a freak, and I think that when I get my first doll, that'll be the size of all of them. And I love how Narae and Narin's look, but now that I look at group shots of them...I think I may find them too small. But then I don't want to go for one of the large dolls and have some huge mini person in the corner of my room...frustrating. :doh

      So, do you have a specific size you go for, or just buy whatever tickles your fancy?


      This post was originally posted 3 years ago now (Wow!) Clearly, I went with SD sized dolls, but I have plans to get MSDs and Tinys as well. ;)
    2. My first boy was MSD... as are all my boys, minus Kyu, my Wishel. ^_^

      I love my MSD kiddos. They're really easy to carry around and they're light. =)

      I bought my first MSD boy because I loved his mold. I fell in love with H. Ivan, he fit my character I wanted him for, and I bought him... then my famliy grew. MSDs are also the middle sized, and I'm the middle child, so I dunno if that has anything to do with it. XD Lol.

      SDs also scare me. ^^; They are all so pretty, but they're so big! I'm a short girl, only 5' 1'' and MSDs just seem right for me. =)

      I'd say... find the mold you like the best, no matter the size. <3
    3. The idea of a large doll really appealed to me. I only had 1/6 sized dolls, so 60cm dolls seemed amazing. I also wanted a mature doll, and even the mature minis looked younger. Plus, if I ever get a mini, it can simply be a younger doll, whereas if I had gotten a mature mini, it would be strange to have a much younger looking mini the same size as it.
    4. It's such a problem for me, I can't decide. Narins and Narae come in MSD and SD, so it's not like I'm loosing my favorite mold either way. \I do think it might be harder having an SD though...I'm planning on posing my dolls on a small shelf in my room when I'm not around, and I'm doubting an SD would be able to fit well. ^^;
    5. I decided on MSD because the face I liked happened to be an MSD, and also I decided that I preferred the MSD size after seeing both SD and MSD sizes in real life. SD were just too huge and heavy for me.

      Maybe you can try going to a meet if there's one near where you live, to get a feel for the sizes in real life? :)
    6. How heavy are most SDs about? I've never heard much about them weighing a lot...that could impact my descision.
    7. I think I've answered this question before somewhere... but, long story short, I decided on an SD sized because I'm really tall, and when I held a friends MSD sized doll, it felt way too small to me.
    8. Well, some sd's are more heavier than others, I held a volks SD boy, and he was way heavier than a cp boy, guess cause of the resin. They are heavy to me, but I'm planning on getting at least 4, lol.

      Luckily, my friend who got me into BJD's had a mini and SD, and a tiny so I could see all the sizes and see which i wanted first, which was msd. I did think SD were too big, but then warmed up to them. :)
    9. I'm 5'2" and I found the only SD I've ever carried rather heavy...but I wouldn't call it particularly discouraging, I'm actually considering getting a Lishe someday. I started with an MSD because the first doll I fell for was an MSD, and the character I had in mind was supposed to be a petite girl anyway. Also there was the affordability aspect. Not to mention she's easy to transport, I can just stash her in a big tote bag with my textbooks and have her with me all day. If you're that concerned about size though, don't they have small and large Naraes? Hope that helps somewhat. :)
    10. I like SD the best, because they are heavy. The feel substantial in my hands. But I've fallen in love with an MSD mould *sighs* - and I said I'd never do MSD again. And I want a tiny.

      You can have all sizes, so I'd go with what feels instinctive, for now.
    11. My first was an MSD, mostly because I fell in love with her face!~

      But, now I'm saving up for an SD!

      Though, my MSD is actually a Kid Delf, so she doesn't look as awkward standing next to an SD, because she's a *kid*.

      Mini Fees and other mature MSDs with 57cm and up look really weird together, in my opinion. D:
    12. I'm planning on getting one of the smaller ones, I'm mainly thinking of a lati, I think they;re just adorable and it would be fun to have such a little childish doll around.
    13. Size didn't really cross my mind. I fell in love with tanning skin El, and size didn't matter to me... despite the fact that I'm skinny and on the short side. I played with the idea of getting a MiniFee.. but I didn't really feel like I'd be as satisfied with it.. you know?

      I'm weird.. I make up reasons for things and have no idea how to explain them. :doh
    14. I find I like the MSDs overall better then the SDs. They're less expensive and I feel a little more comfortable carting them around from class to class then I would a SD. They fit nicely into bags or comfortably into the crook of my arm so they look super cute. They also tend to have better looking molds, in my opinion.
      That's not to say there aren't exceptions. The D.O.D.'s Homme and Camine are absolutely stunning in my opinion. If I ever get the money and finish with creating my little family... then I might pick them up, assuming they're still around >.>...
    15. i'm saving up for a SD (my first BJD) i just feel that thier more like a companion than a doll... i dont mind heavy things either... i carry around human kids alot as well as heavy things so i dont have a probalem with the weight. the SD's for me seem yo have more of a presence as well... but that might just be me...
    16. I used to own MSDs.... but none of them stuck. I didn't like SDs at first, but then I found a few molds that I really liked. ^^ After I got my first SD boy it didn't take long for me to get used to the size, and now I don't own any MSDs. ^^;; Tinies are great too. They're just so adorable!
    17. I started off with an Obitsu, 60cm but light weight. Next came two Tinys, a Ru and a SoJi. Loved the size. Then a whole series of Msd's Finally a Lati M, who after waiting 5 months for, is just too heavy for me to handle. He will be adopted out. I am in motorized wheel chair and I really need dolls that I can handle with one hand. Sharmin, Unoa, and Tiny's are just right. I love the big dolls, but they risk their lives living with me.
    18. Not sure really, I'm only 5'4", but that didn't make me flinch at the thought of an SD sized doll. An SD doll was the first type I ever saw, and I guess it just stuck. Though I would like to get a smaller doll someday... someday.
    19. Size was a pretty easy decision for me - the size of SDs scared me but I didn't want something super small, so I went for an MSD sized doll. It was better that way financially too - I wasn't going to be able to afford an SD with my then current funds, and saving wasn't an option for a lot of reasons.

      There are a lot of factors that could go into your decision though, you probably just need to try to find what doll fits with the most important ones to you.
    20. SD sized are the only ones for me. I've always liked large dolls & there's not the selection of realistic or mature faces in the smaller ones. The bigger dolls also make more of a statement when they're displayed & they're much easier to sew & make jewelry for.