How Did You Decide Size?

Jun 23, 2011

    1. My dolls chose their size at first. LOL! I ended up starting with an SD boy and then got one of the bigger 70cm+ because he was cute!

      At first I thought I would have to keep an eye on proportion and how the dolls matched into the 'family', but now I'm willing to try different looks. My SD Dragon Doll girl will look more like a fantasy doll next to a planned SD Iplehouse Girl. Last September, I wouldn't have even considered that. For my size range preference, I like the bigger dolls because I sew, and there's more room to work with design details on clothing for the bigger dolls.

      I think after a while, it's just a matter of what doll looks so cute you can't live without it and end up buying what ever size it is. I love the little bitties, they are getting more and more cute! But I can't justify getting one of them. I moved to BJDs to get away from the too small (for me) 1/6 dolls.
    2. It just depends on their look, my first that I have on layaway it's a MSD size, but the second I already have planned its a SD size =D
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    3. I started with MSD, mostly because of price. At the time I wasn't attracted to 1/6 dolls -- I thought they looked too doll-like and I preferred a more mature look. I was afraid to start with SD, even though I was really attracted to one, in case I didn't like it once it arrived. I couldn't justify the expense. No stores around here carry them, and I didn't know anyone locally who collected them, so there was no possibility of seeing one in person first. After I took that first leap of faith, I ordered the SD I really wanted. Since then, I have collected all three sizes and some in between. It all depends on the sculpt: if it moves me and I feel I have to have it, I buy it.
    4. I'm starting to bounce all over the place when it comes to size. I just happen to mostly have SD size at the moment because I liked the molds better than some.

      So many size dolls, so little money XD
    5. I just bought the first doll I fell in love with, regardless of his size. The rest of the dolls that I get which are relevant to his story will be the same size (MSD) and then I plan on moving up to SD when I get dolls for my next story ^^ As long as all the characters from an individual story are the same size, I'm happy. It all depends on which dolls I fall in love with.:D
    6. Decided easily... SD-size was too big and all the dolls I had seen so far had been MSDs, that was the size that semmed most appropriate to me, not too small, not too big. And I still think i will stick to MSD !
    7. Okay I keep flipping around from MSD to SD. My first love was DoDs Zen. But his model was far to childish for me to be happy. So I then flipped to Iplehouse Ryan and have been steady on that for a good few months. But my husband has pointed out I've been whining about the model still not looking mature enough for my tastes. Granted Ryan has a 'built' body, and the head I adore. But it's still not... manly enough for me. However when I start looking at Leeke World's L class men I go to Min and Kyou, but both have faces that are a tad to realistic and hard for me. But yet when I lean towards Luke's lovely face I start picking the gentle body which is on the same level as Ryan.

      How are earth do you all pick your first doll I'm near insane trying to find the 'right' one at the same time fighting urge to pull back my spending hand.
    8. I knew, that my first dollfie will be Volks Mini Dollfie Dream or Dollfie Dream...
      I had a choice between MDD and DD, but ... seemed to me that 60cm DD will be too big for me. >_>'

      I decided on a Volks Mini Dollfie Dream. Now I see that this 'little crumb', so ... Now I'm looking for sister for her, 'that big 60cm DD' ;)
      Crazy ^^'
    9. Ones with the most variety in clothes! i have DD right now, but in the future possibly MSD/MDD. anything smaller or larger just seems unnecessarily large/bulky or too small to see.
    10. I chose an SD first. From the start, I knew I wanted to collect the bigger ones despite their price range *_*. SD's also, most of the time, have a more mature look that I like and fits well with my characters since most are adults :).
    11. I went with an SD size because I liked the quality of the wigs, shoes and accessories more than the smaller dolls. That said I really do like tinies. I think it's partially because it reminds me of the toys I had as a kid.
    12. I chose SD size because I was impressed with the size. I loved that they were so big. :) I have a few tinies, one has a name but two others don't. I guess I just don't see as much personality in them. They are more like toys- I didn't name every one of my Barbies either. So, yeah, I still prefer bigger, although I am ok with MSD size, too.
    13. I chose SD because I wanted a big BJD and MSDs are an awkward size for me, also I saw some amazing huge BJDs at my first meet so I wanted one like those.
      I also just seem to like bigger things (my laptop is a 17in), or maybe it's because my eyesight is failing......

      I'm ok with YoSDs too though
    14. Smaller is better for me. I just keep finding myself attracted more and more to the YoSDs and similar sizes, I can't seem to pull away. I have some plans for some SDs though, and I think two msds. I like variety, but I think the Yo's attract me since bigger things just seem so big, and make me wary. Also, to me, seems like they'd be easier to handle. Clothing for the msd sizes are very tempting though, and something that really makes me wish to own one one day.
    15. I'm going with MSD. Probably will never get anything bigger as I don't have a ton of "doll space", as my priority space goes to my reptile collection!
    16. I started off with a msd, and with some luck ended up with a SD not soon after and i did not seem to have issues with either of their sizes. I had some bonding issues with the msd but she was not right for me. i have a range from 18cm-60cm now, with a 70cm on layaway so i don't think it's about size for me. i have some off topic dolls and i just can't bond with them, it's a resin thing. :)
    17. I just loved the look of mature BJDs when I first joined the hobby, so I was drawn to SDs. I still prefer them! I wouldn't mind getting a couple MSDs, since I find them cute but tinies are just too small for my taste.
    18. For me, it was all about price at first. I researched for years what I wanted and budgeted what would be the most expensive, least expensive, what I really wanted and what I could get for cheaper. I realized that I loved MSD size because of the price range sitting right where I was comfortable. SD was a bit too expensive for my way of life, and I was intimidated by their size and value. When I got my first YOSD, I fell in love with how tiny they were! I think YOSD is my favorite size now. I never really liked Chibi things or cutesy kawaii things, but there is just something about YOSD sized dolls and smaller that strike me. ;~;
    19. My first girl was a SD. I tried an MSD next with no intention of ver getting a tiny. I now how have a tiny as well. I've pretty much decided that MSD is the size for me. I have 3 of them with a 4th on the way. But I still find myself attracted to SDs and tinies so we'll see what happens lol. I do want to get a 70cm and a 1/12 girl to experience all the sizes.
    20. I'd have to say my characters also chose their own size. Because they're all full grown adults and are in early to late twenties, a handful in the thirties, I was much more drawn to the SD and above. I have two Iplehouse EIDs and three SOOM Supergems with another planned Iple EID and a SOOM Idealian. ^^;

      The clothing range also impressed me, admittedly. It's still a small scale to sew for, but they're the bigger ones that just get those amazingly elaborate outfits. I don't know if I'll ever have anything smaller, but handling some of the other sizes at convention meets was nice, too! I'd love to have one be a little more compact to transport, but the bodies and sculpts are just too immature for my characters!