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How did you feel the first time you sold a doll?

Oct 31, 2016

    1. I'm selling a doll for the first time, but also my first dream doll. I have so many mixed feelings, on one hand I'm glad someone wants her and has a good home for her. The person I sold her to seems so nice and clearly is going to play with her and give her the home she deserves (I've hardly ever played with her because of her size...). I'm so grateful for that! And because it was a very quick sale, all things considered.

      However, I have so many other feelings, too. I got her all packaged up and I felt a twinge of guilt for selling her; I've had her for such a long time after all and originally, she was the doll for me. I used to look at her and feel butterflies in my stomach, I sighed at how gorgeous she was for months! Now I look at her and all I can think is how many other dolls I'd like to have. I feel guilty about that, too! :doh

      On top of that, I'm so afraid she'll be damaged in shipping! I can't imagine anything worse.

      It's such a surreal and bittersweet experience, definitely. I feel much more strongly about it than I thought I would when I decided to sell her! :pout:

      How did all of you feel when you sold a doll for the first time? Did the doll have any importance to you? How did the shipping/selling process itself go?
    2. I think it's normal for your taste in dolls to change radically once you see what's out there - although some people hold onto their first doll forever, it's not compulsory, especially if you don't really want to look at it or do anything with it any more. I have sold nearly all my dolls fairly recently - including my 'first doll' and yes I did feel a bit of a pull with her, as she was so special to me once!

      With all my dolls I sell I'm worried sick about them being in transit and bubble-wrap them to a ridiculous extent - but I've received dolls with barely any bubble wrap on them and they survived just fine! I usually pay a bit extra for a 24 hour delivery service just so I get some peace of mind ASAP :)

      I did try selling the old doll in my avatar once - she's my 3rd doll. In my mind I was fine selling her - till I started boxing her up. I'd already listed her on ebay and as I started packing her my son came in my room and said 'oh no :o you can't sell her - she's good!' and my doll seemed to look at me sadly at that moment :sorry And I was suddenly in a panic incase someone bought her - rushed and cancelled the listing! So the best test of whether or not you should part with a doll is pack it up to sell - ideally BEFORE listing it! :whee:
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    3. This happenned to me a year ago. I had finally obtained one of my dream doll, and for months i was completely in love with her. But as time went on, i started to prefer other kind of dolls. After a while i decided to sell her, as she was always staying in her box, and even though i loved her, i never really managed to take any nice pictures of her.
      It was a bit hard to let go this little princess, but now i don't regret it, and even though i don't like saying it, i prefer the dolls i have now :sorry
      I think that until she arrives safely at her new home, and is loved there, you don't have to worry. :kitty2
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    4. I actually felt relieved when I actually got around to selling my first doll. I'd delayed selling her for a long,long time as I still couldn't quite part with her but once I accepted that it just wasn't working out and that she shouldn't just be stored away ignored, it made it easier. The shipping/selling process went smoothly. I'm always paranoid when wrapping resin dolls that they will somehow break in transit but sending them within my own country via a special next day delivery service helps to reassure me as I know that it won't be in transit for long and so the chances of the doll getting damaged are reduced significantly.
    5. I think I feel that way a little bit! I started thinking about selling her 2 or 3 years ago and had even taken a bunch of pictures to post with her listing, but in the end I got overwhelmed by the thought of shipping her and getting everything together and I couldn't do it, so she went back into her box and has been tucked away since then. So in some ways, it definitely feels good knowing that I've finally taken care of it!

      I think like @Dollyaya said, I'll feel much better once she is at her new home. :)
    6. I had a major panic attack and was VERY close to emailing the person and telling her I changed my mind or saying there was something wrong with it so I wouldn't have to ship it. But I came to my senses and sent it. The first one is hard - it gets easier. I try to have a 'rule' that if I want or buy something new, something must leave. It's easier said then done in todays market because you either can't sell it or have to give it away for a tiny amount. Then I get depressed for a different reason! LOL!
    7. I was elated, actually. I wasn't at all happy with the doll, so when I came across someone who wanted her I was beyond ready to get rid of her. She'd been sitting in her box for months at that point. The selling and shipping process went smoothly.
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    8. Heh, I sold my first doll, an iplehouse carved heritage Pamela, sort of on a whim...she used to piss me off to no ends when I tried to pose her. The day I just casually looked through the marketplace and saw someone wanting her, I had had a particularly rage filled photo shoot with dear Pam. So when I contacted the person to sell her, I only had revenge on my mind.

      You know what happened as I was taking photos to send Pamela's new owner? Course. She posed beautifully. :x:doh
      I did feel a little guilty, because I just thought she was so gorgeous, but not tooooo tooooo guilty. Basically, her posing like a champ was just a big middle finger pointed directly in my general direction. :love That Pamela sure was saucy.
    9. I felt really happy and relieved when I sold my doll leaves wish, I didn't really feel bad or anything thing. It was really nice to give them to someone who wanted them and would spend more time with them.
    10. When I first decided to sell a doll, I felt really guilty. She was my third doll, first girl, and had been a holiday gift that I had requested. She was a Bobobie Pixie. However, once I had her in hand, I never really liked her like I did my first two. She didn't pose as well, her resin was much lighter weight, her headcap was so shallow that I had trouble getting her wig to fit, I hated her faceup and didn't know how to safely wipe it, I hated how huge her eyes were in person especially compared to her tiny nose and mouth, I didn't like her hand sculpting and to top it all off, I didn't like her elf ears. Just one disappointment on top of another. I forced it to work for over a year, but it just got worse. I was new to the hobby and didn't know all the things I could try to fix her, but also I just seriously did not like this doll! I felt so guilty selling her when I had specifically asked for her, but she was just so...different...in person.

      Once she finally sold, I just felt relief. It felt so good to get her out of my house and have money for something I'd like better. Even if she was a gift, I looked at it as my mistake for telling my family the wrong doll, and that the money was still going into something I'd like better. They didn't mind at all.
    11. I loved my 1st boy, but as many say I moved on to other boys that got my attention & became more of my style. My 1st boy was too sweet for me so I sold him on eBay to someone. My style has changed to a more realistic fashion style of guy!!
    12. If I did like the doll a bit of guilt because over time they became a bit humanized.

      If the doll was a wrong fit right from the start and I never connected I feel happy the doll found a home.
    13. The only one I ever sold was to a friend. I'd never quite connected with this particular doll, but I knew she was going to someone who was anxiously awaiting her arrival and would adore her. I sometimes think I see more of her now in her new home, because there's a new photo on FB or Flickr almost every day. It makes me happy, because these dolls aren't meant to stay in a box or half-forgotten on a shelf. They're meant to be seen and loved, which she is now.
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    14. Anxious. Once the sale went through all I could think of was getting it packed safely and shipped out as fast as possible. If I could have hand delivered the doll myself I would have just so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore! :XD: Then I was worried that I didn't pack it right, that I hadn't calculated enough shipping, that it would get sent back, that it would get lost, that it would take too long, that the person would be upset and launch a PP dispute or a Problem Transaction thread, [pick a reason!]. :XD:

      I'd like to say I got over all that mini panic, but I go through it every time I sell anything. :sweat
    15. Feeling a bit sorry as i let my son goes:( hoping that his new mum will treat him nicely anyway!!
    16. argh I feel so sad... Especially when she posted her... and she looks more happy... but theres nothing i can do abt. it. (financial problem)
    17. I'm only now after ten years selling my older dolls. This has been the first time, but I'm actually happy about it. I'm super thankful that I can sell them on here, and the few I have sold I know are in good hands, even if they resell it's moving within the doll community, rather then sitting in a thrift store, and I got some money toward my new dolls.

      I was worried I would feel guilty, they did mean a lot to me at one point. However, I've changed a lot, and I think the reason I am selling them now is because I need to get rid of the old me, those feelings are gone. I got my moneys worth out of them, after all I had them for ten years, and now I want new ones that fit the me I am now.

      As for the characters they had become, I don't feel guilty about that, because I sort of feel like they just moved back into my head. I'll likely be using them in my art and stories now. : )
    18. I sold my green Nelly made by Kaye Wiggs. I wish I never sold her. I never displayed her, but I wanted too. When I paid her off my husband passed away the same year. So I just couldn't find it in my heart to keep her.
    19. I get that guilty feeling too! I am the kind who can get too attached to things and I kinda felt bad for the dolls I sold (two so far and a head) because it felt like I was abandoning them. For both of them, I thought about it for a very long time and even tried to give them different looks, characters and all, but it just didn't work out... They aren't popular sculpts, so I was actually happy someone wanted them enough to give them a new home where they would be appreciated better.

      It kinda felt like sending off a child when I was prepping them for shipping to be honest LOL! I Then, I was worried for both of them while they were being shipped, worrying if they would be damaged, or even worse, lost in transit. But they reached their new homes safely. :)

      Even now, I sometimes wonder how they are doing. But that's just me being sentimental on my part. :whee:

      But then, I started playing the otome game Nameless, which was about some BJDs who became humans and it also touched on topics like owner abuse and abandonment, and the pang of guilt came back again LOL. I hope they don't hate me for selling them off. :( I don't know which is worse though, giving them up to someone who could have given them a better home or keeping them but not giving them the attention and love they deserve...
    20. Relieved. I didn't feel guilty at all. Prior to being sold, the doll was stashed unstrung in a box under my bed. I really hated him. I was glad to get him to someone who'd hopefully do something with him, or at least put him back together again!