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How did you first find out about BJDs?

Apr 25, 2011

    1. Many people come into the hobby in so many different ways, but how did you find out about these gorgeous things?

      For me, I found out about bjds through Sims 2 about 3-4 years ago. I would often mod my pc version of the Sims two when a certain artist for sims skins made this amazing clothing, and it was based off a Soom Outfit! When I saw the real doll, that hooked me and shortly after I bought my first doll direct from bobobie.

      How about you?
    2. Convention. But i dint know what it was until a year later when i saw it in a magazing (Haute Doll) and i been into it ever since!
    3. Me too! XD I kept downloading these really pretty Sims that the creator kept calling BJD's, and their clothes, and eyes. The Sims2 site Garden of Shadows, was where I found out about them. I first heard about them in July 08, and by Nov 08 I had some OT ones, and got my BBB Sprite in early 09. And the rest is history. :)
    4. I'm a knitter with a small business and people regularly come up to me and ask, "Could you make such and such?" Well one person asked me if I could make doll clothes.

      Sure! I said. What did you have in mind? American Girl? Berenguer? Barbie?

      No. She wanted a sweater for her Iplehouse Eva, and sent me a picture to explain. Oh man, that picture. I thought she'd sent me a picture of herself . . . it was so lovely. When she told me what I was looking at, it was the end for me. I started scouring websites until I fell in love with the DZ Megi-3. He lives with me now, and I'm so grateful.

      I never did knit that sweater, come to think of it. . .
    5. Heisejinyao. I love her artwork and I was vieweing her images a long time ago when I came across the pictures she took of her Luts dolls. I thought at first she'd made them and then, after much research and hopeless Internet begging, someone shone a light on my igorance. I've been hooked ever since. I got my first doll in 2009 and haven't looked back.
    6. A few years ago my friend showed me the Luts website and i wanted one but couldn't afford it then just this past year they started to collect them and i got re introduced to them. i fell in love all over again i just bought my first three dolls in April :)
    7. I was (and still am) a jmusic fan, I was active in many communities about it.
      One day I saw a thread about 'jrock dolls' wich was basically BJDs cosplaying japanese musicians.
    8. Someone posted pictures of their BJDs on a gaming forum (in the spam section, lol). I kept going back to the post and looking at them. After that I started researching!
    9. Accidentally saw pictures of dolls on the Internet. A year later, again stumbled, got interested. Climbed purposefully seek, first shots, then information about "how it works." The first articles were found where the material, sometimes not even remotely came close to the truth.
      After some time a simple interest grew into a passion. :aheartbea
    10. I think I first found them during a random internet search, then anime conventions, then DeviantArt. After that, it was mostly my own research, and occasionally remembering that I wanted one (the price tag turned me off for a long time). I got my first doll after a sudden, impulsive search on Craigslist, of all places!
    11. A few years ago I went to a convention (Otakon) and I passed by this little group of girls with a bunch of dolls! I didn't stick around long enough to find out what they were due to a panel I wanted to see. But in the back of my mind I wanted to find out what they were. The following year I walked through the cafeteria in my school and noticed a few girls with dolls in the corner! Luckily I knew one of the girls so I figured it wouldn't be too awkward if I went over. She informed me that they were these beautiful things called "ball jointed dolls" After that I went to see what they were all about. After a few months of research I finally got one of my own, a gorgeous ResinSoul Yun! And I never looked back~
    12. The local library had a case of Asian ball jointed dolls at one point. I was like O____O.... That was like 3 years ago.
    13. I did a random search on DA. Just goofing around and seeing what I was going to come up with. Clicked on the photography and dolls section and saw Dieux-Faux Anath-Amen (SOOM Euclase) and fell in love. :D
    14. I found out by dA. I was browsing around and ended up on someone gallery of bjd photos and just love them! ^^

      Btw I think there was a similar thread
    15. First I'm just a figure collector but when I see some link while I search figure,I go to the link and found many pics of BJD and that make me fall in love with them.XD
    16. First , I'm watching Rozen Maiden and then i'm look around on the internet for a cutie dolls , then i found some website talk about BJD and.. then i'm got sucked in :3
    17. I had a friend when I was a little younger who was into them. I usually saw them on dA and thought they were absolutely stunning but when I did research on them I was amateur so I kept running into SD dolls that were 600+ dollars and getting totally freaked out because I had no money at the time and just figured I would never be able to get one.
      Recently (within the past year) after I had sort of pushed the BJD thoughts aside my cousin actually resurfaced the interest in me when she started talking to me about them, asking if I'd ever heard of them because she was ready to actually purchase one. So, the interest was sparked in me again and I am happy to say that I have a LUTS KDF Boy Bory (Ciel [name not affiliated with Black Butler]) on the way as we speak. I fell in love with his little face. I can't wait to have him home!
      My cousin is very lucky to have two gorgeous little ones now. A Latigreen Lea (Madison), and a Slinkyneko Borry (Nora). My other cousin actually ordered her BF Jasmine (Ophelia) a day before mine so it a month or two we will have all four dolls together. Very excited.
    18. That's so cute that she got you back into it, and now you can play with your dolls together. I wish I had a friend or family member that shared the same love of bjds as me.
    19. I saw them at anime conventions and places where they sold anime and manga, but it didn't really click until I saw an issue of Haute Doll magazine that had on the cover an ABJD. Bought that issue, went to all the sites that were listed regarding ABJDs, and eventually received my first one as a gift from my boyfriend (now husband) when we went to the Volks USA store in Torrance about a year or so after purchasing that magazine. Been hooked since then. =D