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How did you first get into Dolls?

Sep 7, 2009

    1. There are so many doll lovers out there, and i would like to share how I personally got involved with dolls. Also I'm just curious to know how others got into them.

      About two years ago, I was picking up my last paycheck from the local Burger King and my friend and here friend were walking in, and in their arms they were carrying two big beautiful dolls. Something just instantly clicked inside of my and I vowed then and there I would find out WHAT they were, the cost, and gengerally how to obtain them.

      It's been two years and I still have no doll because of funds, but I will be changing that very soon.

      So people, talk to me about how you got into Dolls... and sorry for repeating myself! :fangirl:
    2. Someone had them in his signature on Gaiaonline, and I had to find out what they were and how to get one. :D
    3. I saw them at an anime convention and started researching them when I got home. It was a few years ago, and I'm only halfway into saving for a boy of my very own.
    4. I blame my best friend entirely. She'd discovered them on Ebay while trying to find elven dolls and vowed to own them herself. I listened to her for months, going on and on about them, then talking about the one she managed to get for herself. I vowed never to get one after hearing how much they cost. There seemed like much better uses for my money, as far as I was concerned.

      I did, however, like the idea of their customizability, and the idea of owning something I could turn into the characters I'd created in our gaming sessions appealed to me. If only they weren't so expensive!

      Then, one day, she texts me saying someone had an elf boy head up on Ebay. I'd said that if, and that was a big if, if I got one, my first one would be an elf boy. Now here he was, on sale. I hemmed and hawed about what to do. My finger held over the Buy-It-Now option. Then suddenly, I clicked it. And like that, I was the owner of a BJD. Shortly thereafter, within the week, he had a body and I had ordered his sister. In seven days I had spent $1500 to start my new hobby.

      Not that I knew it was a hobby yet. I believed the madness would end there. *sigh* How naive I was. Here it is, three and a half years later and I'm up to 26 dolls with two more on the way and eight heads waiting for bodies. God only knows what happened.

      So let me just tell you, BJDs are the Pringles of the dolly world - you can never stop at one. Not unless you have one heck of a willpower. Just warning you.
    5. I saw them a few years ago at an anime con... researched them, found Volks, didn't realize there were other options, and their aesthetic wasn't quite what I wanted (not quite the right faces, and I wanted an elf and didn't know that was an option at the time, either). So, I put them in the back of my mind for a while. Then saw them again at another con, got to see a couple more close up, and was shown to a website with multiple companies, including one with the perfect face for what I wanted. And I was sunk from that moment on. :D
    6. oh wow, anime cons must be a really great place to see these dolls. i have yet to go to an anime convention too :(
      and to ElionwyG sounds like you're got a great friend, SERIUOSLY. and mmm Pringles lol.
      I'm looking forward to owning more than one, but I don't think i'll able to get 26+..... that would be awesome though!

      Thank you all who have posted on here so far. it's amazing to me to hear how you guys got involved :fangirl:
    7. I also first saw them at a Con I usually attend every year. I had no idea what they were called and where I could get one. And me being who I am, I'm to shy to ask people I don't know about random stuff. BUT! Lucky for me my sister said she had a friend, whos friend had one. Or something. Lol. So, she was able to tell me what they were. And thus able to look them up, and find a lot of multiple companies and such. But I only got my first doll this past Feb. After like 3 yrs of know about them.
      In the beginning I think I became discouraged A LOT, when it came to getting one. I was only like 16, and there was really no way of me getting one. I knew my parents weren't going to get me one. So, for me, it took me a lot of losing interest and gaining interest again. To be my first doll. Lots of fun. Lol. But I have my Citlali now! And am saving for another.. And wanting lots more. Lol.

      Good times! :D
    8. my 2 older daughters came home from an anime convention with these huge bjd's and when i found out how much they cost i near hit the ceiling. the following year they came home with more dolls, and even as i expressed my displeasure at their wasteful spending, my brain was composing a plan to get my very own doll.
      i was so envious of their lovely dolls and their beautiful clothes, their posibility and the wigs and eyes. once i held one i was in love. and then to top it all off, my oldest showed me a picture of akando on the iplehouse website. i was a goner!
    9. the first time I saw one was on Myspace actually, about four years ago xD
      a friend of mine posted pictures of them saying how creepy they looked. instead, i found them to be the most beautiful dolls i had ever seen. since the picture had a watermark in a corner, i looked it up. it was a Luts doll.
      well, for a good year or so, I kept returning to the site and just admired the dolls.
      a few odd jobs later, i finally worked up the nerve to tell my parents about the dolls and their cost. i had enough money to buy one. and was determined to convince my parents to let me order a doll with my hard earned money. next thing i know i'm clicking the buy button for a Luts DelfKid Cherry Girl.
      I love my Luca dearly and dont regret spending all my summer money on her. in fact, i'm planning on getting a sister for my Luca sometime soon

      EilonwyG is right, they are like pringles =3
    10. I can't remember where I first TOOK NOTICE of them. I mean, okay, they were always at the anime conventions that I went to. My friend and I would walk past the display/gathering things that the doll owners would have, sitting in a corner and stuff (I bet they WANTED people to walk by and look, anyhow, so it's not as if I wasn't supposed to!) but I just didn't really think about trying to get one. Then in 2007 I looked up LUTS, and the price tag made me whimper, cause I didn't think my parents would approve the idea, even if it WAS my own money.

      Fast forward two years - two things in particular cemented my determination to get one. Firstly, on a trip to my dentist one day, I saw that his daughter had one, and that's when I realised that it's not necessarily a hobby that's TOTALLY out of your reach. She's a normal girl like me, and evidently doll-owning isn't just for the rich and famous, so to speak. (Though I am sure those people at the conventions aren't famous. Just a figure of speech lol). The second was catching up with one of my very old friends from primary school, who showed me her pretty doll with cat ears. I don't do animal ears myself, but anyhow. It made me think, I gotta try, or I won't know if I could've gotten one.

      So back I went to LUTS, and now, I've saved enough money for the doll I want. I just haven't placed the order yet!
    11. oh wow, i'm loving all your stories <3 i'm still trying to get my first doll. i wanted to get a Lusion for my first, but i'm slowly realizing that i MIGHT need to start off with a smaller doll like a Bobobie Tiny Elfkin or something really small like that.

      But anywho, my problem atm besides funds is that my mom isn't very supportive. She thinks they're cute and all but she thinks they're VERY creepy as well :(

      So i hope when i get one i'll have a better ending to this story :lol:
    12. I blame two of my really good friends entirely for making me obsessed with these dolls. :P

      I'd heard they were getting them, and must admit that I was very interested about them, but wasn't really ever considering getting one... then their dolls arrived and they were so beautiful! I began looking into them more, researching and lurking around here on DOA. Thanks to them I'll be ordering my first two dolls this coming week. I'm so excited already!! :D
    13. Anime convention
      I saw a lot of people caring them around my first con and didn't understand them and found it to be absurd to pay such a high price for a hunk of plastic but the more cons I went to and the more I learned about them the more I wanted to know. And soon feel into the doll clutches of doll addiction and I just cant get enough of them now~<3
    14. The first time I seen ABJD's was at a doll convention in Orlando Florida. There was every kind of doll you could imagine there. Literally thousands of dolls form anitque and modern to Ooak dolls. I had been collecting dolls for almost 10 years at this point but I had never seen dolls this incredible. I fell instantly in love with them.

      My instincts told me these dolls were way too expensive for me. I worked up enough courage to ask the owner if she was selling them and found out that she was just showing the line of Ooak outfits she made for them. I walked away from her table not knowing what kind of dolls they were. A few years later after discovering Blythe I came across BJD's on someone's dolly blog. It had been some years since the first time I saw them at the convention and I didn't realize they were the same dolls. But I had the same reaction. I loved them. It took me a few years before I purchased my first but now I have a family of five.
    15. The first time I saw a doll was at the local anime con. The next day, the city's newspaper had an article about them. I thought they were kinda creepy at first but now (a year later) I have my own doll on it's way to me.
    16. well actually I had seen them wandering the internets~ I saw them mostly on DA (deviantART) and feel in LOVE with them! I watched so many people with them in there and finally decided "I should get one!"
      so I looked at FAQs~ the first place I went to was eLuts. and you know their dolls are a bit pricey. so I had planned out a HUGE plan! XD I wanted the BORY boy :3 (I still want him...so bad...) my dad (who I told first about them. WHY I did that..i dont know...) said "NO WAY." :( so I sulked a bit then a while later told meh mommy about it! she loved them too but the price was to much... :( so being teh wonderful mommeh she was she got me a doll magazine at one point and found the featherfall place where they had RS!! the wonderful affordable dolls! but you wouldn't BELIEVE the research I did before I got one!! it only goes to about a year from finding them to having one in my hands right now~ :3 and I think I'm lucky XDD being a younger BJD collector lmao but I think it's MSD for now...I am planning on having an SD tho by next year....
      and I'm soon to buy another one this month hopefully! :D
    17. OH and I forgot to say XD

      EilonwyG this "So let me just tell you, BJDs are the Pringles of the dolly world - you can never stop at one. Not unless you have one heck of a willpower. Just warning you." it's. the. best. quote. ever.
    18. amazing quote :)

      I'm pretty sure I saw a Volks doll dressed up as one of my favorite anime characters (Who I cannot even remember) And was like wow that doll is awesome! I want one. And started researching.... That was 7+ish years ago. I found out about Volks and CustomHouse and didn't really like any that much but still wanted one, thought they were very pretty :)
    19. I first got into dolls well over 20 years ago. I was selling antiques at the time & saw some dolls & fell in love. Antique dolls were all I collected for years then eventually some artist dolls, then fashion dolls & now BJDs. Angelguardian is directly to blame for the BJDs. She brought some of her's to our fashion doll club & after playing with them for about a year I decided I absolutely had to have some of my own. And it's been all downhill (for my wallet) ever since.
    20. I've collected dolls all my life, but found an Asian bj doll by accident on ebay while I was looking for something else. I was ok until I discovered that there were others of her kind...lots of others.