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How did you know which one was right?

Dec 8, 2009

    1. I am trying to decide this question for myself, as I am looking for a BJD to call my own. I have no idea who I will get along with, which brand to buy from, which gender, or anything.

      So I am going to ask for your opinion,

      How did you know that your most favorite doll in the universe was meant to be yours?

      Love at first sight? Grew on you?

      I would love to hear about your experiences.
    2. I was just "window shopping" when I saw my girl and instantly fell in love with her. Look around I know there's a lot of companys out there but just keep browsing and you'll find the one you can't live without.
    3. It was absolutely love at first sight :aheartbea I've never seen any doll quite like him, I'm he's really my doll^^
    4. I have to agree with these two. Love at first sight! A few years ago I had stumbled upon BJDs and thought they were so pretty, but I never bought one. A few years later I was looking for fun again and when I saw DiM Flora I couldn't keep myself from getting her. I searched hours and hours and finally found one on this random website, and after I ordered her I went to the main site and tried to find the link again. It was gone XD So I was panicked for a day till I got a confirmation email that they did have her and she was on her way. I was soooo happy! So yes.. when you see it, you'll know. :)
    5. Love at first sight. :) Grabbed me by the heart and would not let go. Still have him and love him best, even after over three years and many many many others that came after.

      I looked through every single doll out there. The one I settled on was like a shot through the head. Knew it in an instant.

      Good luck finding The One for you!
    6. uhm...to be honest: I dunno :sweat
      I was looking for the "perfect first doll", too^^
      the first one I thought I wanted to buy was crobidoll lance...but then i decided to get a girl xDD ...I really liked rosette's dolls...but I HATED their body mold...then I saw angell-studio's andrea...started to grow on me...but it was a boy :sweat
      but THEN!! I saw my girl and I really knew that would be my first one xDD
      haha^^ sounds like I change my mind very often...ok, i actually do, but i really love her...
      good luck on yours^^
    7. like many people I just looked around at all the sites, I had joines DOA at a time when I wasn't sure I wanted to be apart of DOA my account sat in active for a long time. Then a friend who owns a AA decided to show me pictures of his boy and I was so in love. Then he showed me where he got his from and I found the perfect doll it was a Abio Angel like his but LING.

      I am happy I bought him I have had issues with my doll but none that I can't work through. Even if I seem to be the ONLY one who can pose him.
    8. I've always tried to choose dolls who most closely fit with the way my characters look after many years' development and evolution inside my head. I was browsing around all the various sites like many other people have mentioned here, when suddenly I saw Shiwoo on Luts' website and and was immediately hit with 'hello, Ilú...' Looking at the company pictures of Shiwoo his little face struck me as absolutely perfect for my favourite character, and that's when I knew he had to be my first doll -- I've never regretted it in the four years I've had him :D
    9. The doll that make me want a BJD and was the reason of my love for BJD was the one I had to buy first :) and she was a Lati Yellow :D !!!
    10. Oh Man!
      I'm still waiting for that one I found two I believe that I want is--
      - Luts Delf Lishe Speacial
      - Fairyland Minifee Shushu
      I want them both SOOO bad!
    11. I asked the same thing myself when I first started this hobby. I was confused and didn't know what to buy, all I knew was that i wanted to own a BJD. Every doll i saw was cute in my eyes but none of them was my ideal doll.

      I was lucky that I chose the perfect doll i ever wanted as my first. It was love at first sight, he's a DOD Zen and I'm soooo immensely happy with him!. When i saw him (as someone else's doll, the one from the site doesn't do him justice in my most humble opinion ..>.>) I knew right away that he's what i was looking for.

      Five years later and he still remains as my favorite. My feelings for him are different to the feelings I have for my other dolls. He's mine and I can't imagine ever parting with him. My other dolls, I like them but they can go anytime if i were to need the money and such.
    12. If you see a doll you like, and you can't stop thinking about him/her, and you find yourself doing extra things to be able to afford it (extra chores, selling stuff, odd jobs, whatever)...

      You're probably safe getting that doll. The great thing is that if you find that you choose wrong, you can sell it at roughly what you paid. There aren't many hobbies where that is the case.
    13. The doll that make me want a BJD and was the reason of my love for BJD was the one I had to buy first :) and she was a Lati Yellow :D !!!
    14. I saw many dolls on Deviant Art but I never considered getting one 'till I saw Kalcia's Elf mod Lishe. She looked just like my main character (and at the time I didn't know others got BJDs that fit their own characters - see what a newbie I am?) and I HAD to have her. I did lots of research, visited many sites but I always went back to her. There was no other doll that caught my eye. Luckily, I was able to convince my husband to get her for me for Christmas. All I can say is: don't settle, save your money until the right one grabs you.
    15. Actually, I knew she was right because she was the face that drew me to the hobby. Even though after three years of actually being in the hobby I didn't even dream of actually getting her and I was trying to convince myself she was ugly (yeah right). But yeah, it was love at first sight. And now I finally get her! I think you'll see the one you really need and she'll (or he will) find you :)
    16. For my first one I scavenged Ebay until I found THE one that caught my heart, which was my darling Kaiden, a CP Minifee` Elf Shiwoo.

      =] I bought him when they discontinued the Eluts.com Minifee` line back in January of 2008
    17. I regulary look at dolls but when I have this tingling feeling when looking at them or when I start thinking about their character and if they would look nice together with doll dolls at home, then it's mostly a doll I'll get.
      When I open the link to the promo pics and see stunning pictures, it's depending on how they touch me. I came across promo pictures and dolls on DoA which were cute, nice or just :o. But I didn't get that certain feeling then. Most Soom MDs give me that feeling. They're so beautiful my eyes get wet but I wouldn't know what to do with them. They're not my kind of doll and also wouldn't fit into my existing group.
      For growing overtime... My first doll I chose carefully. Did researches like before getting a pet. But only short after she arrived her company brought out some stunning LEs and I didn't think too long before getting him here. It's different for each doll, though. ^^
    18. Mine was a love at first sight, but I spent months researching the online sites to find out who he was. I originally saw a picture on Ebay (of all places!!) and he was just identified as "ball jointed doll'. It was his smile that caught me off guard & amazed me! After a long time and tromping through many websites, Unidoll came up & voila! My Daemon is a Unidoll Feanor and he'll be forever welcome here good times and bad! He's a keeper! Good luck on your search too!
    19. I'm a collector of others Toys....you name it....Transfomers, 12inch soldier story, Lego, Playmobil,
      etc but nothing beats this Love at 1st sight, saw him on display in one of the Anime convention, my
      heart sank and was captured by his look, after that, it was history!

      You will know it once you see him or her!
    20. When I bought my first doll I was stuck between three dolls ( but one of the dolls really stuck out to me). I asked my friends which one I should buy, they all came up with reasons about why I should buy the other two dolls. But my mind had already been made up, so I wound up ignoring their suggestions and bought the one that stuck out to me.

      Usually when I want a doll it takes more then love at first site, I usually look at owner pictures until finally one sticks out to me. I can't get it out of my mind, there are plenty of dolls on my wishlist but the ones one my priority saving/preparing to buy list are the ones that I REALLY want.