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How Did You Pick the Name for Your Doll?

Jul 26, 2016

    1. Some of my dolls have names from the character they came with but others I just found the name that fit them. So how did you find your doll's name and how did you know it was the right one?
    2. some of the dolls names were characters in a story I'm writing. Others just came to me. And then some, I research names I like and usually end up smushing them together. :P
    3. One of my dolls is a character from one of my stories so her name is the name of the character. My very first doll had gone through a couple attempts at shelling characters before I gave up and just started letting her develop herself, and then that led to a few tries before I found a name I liked for her, but now I'm quite pleased and even found a role for her in one of my other stories. And my third doll gave me a lot of trouble between me ordering her and receiving her and my friends would joke that it was my "customs saga" and thus I named her Saga, which caught on immediately and I haven't ever considered changing it since.
    4. Most of my girls are named after characters I play, or have played in Everquest 2.
      A couple though just seemed to scream their name at me.
    5. I usually find my names in movies or books. But for my first BJD I was so excited that I was asking friends and families for names and that is how she got her name. :blush
    6. I researched names for my first doll and fell in love with the name for her. My second doll is still on preorder so no name for her yet. And my third doll is a shell for a character, so she has that name.
    7. I've used the names that came with my boys! 2 of course were named David after me lol, but the newest one Enoch from Granado will be changed quickly, I'm waiting until he arrives to rename him!
    8. I'm still waiting on my boy to arrive, but I've already picked out a name for him, whoops. His previous character went by the nickname "C" so I decided to pick another C name. My first thought was Caspar, since I adore that name to bits, but that belongs to a much older and very dear character of mine, so I chose Caspian for the doll instead ;o It's likely it was also influenced by the lovely aqua eyes he was photographed with, oops; I always associate aqua with the name since it's also a sea.

      Pretty simple, perhaps, but I'm a very experienced character creator, and unlike many I often have a name for the character before I've ever even drawn them. It's an integral part of them to me, I suppose, so I'm just used to picking one that Feels Right right off the bat.
    9. I usually pick the name (and personality and background) before even deciding on a sculpt. I have always been into writing, so it just feels natural for me. That's not to say it never happens the other way around though.

      Usually I either use a name I already like, it can be either a name from a celebrity or a TV show character, or I search for names online I think would suit the character in mind.
    10. The names come as I get to know the dolls (for the most part - one, however, decided she was a character from a book, then I had to find a sculpt to be her sister from the book too - I don't like doing that a often a doll will decise they aren't the character you get them to be)

      Sometimes the name comes immediately, sometimes it takes a while for the right name to come, and sometimes it never does. I have one doll who is stuck with the description I used for her until her name becalme apparent, because her name never came. And, another doll who, when the right name eventually came it wasn't even a name I like... but it's the one that is right for that doll.

    11. My kids have far too much influence...I named my last doll, and my 5 year old told me "no, that's not right, her name is Robin" and everybody else agreed. Eh...Robin really does fit her better.
    12. Mine was easy- She'll be shelled as one of my characters, so she obviously has the characters name XD
    13. I choose names for my dolls based on what time/era they come from, so I'll do research on what names were common and go from there. Usually I have an idea of what letter I'd like the name to start with, or if I'm searching from scratch I'll jot down the names I like best and go off of the name meaning to help me decide.
    14. Most of my girls (Agatha, Nanoha, Homura, and Miku) are based off of existing pop-culture characters, so they just got their names from there.

      Abby, on the other hand. . . Oh, Abby. She was going to BE Homura originally, but Homura adamantly kept her original head, leaving me with a floating head. Finally, tired of having this head rolling around in a jar, I decided to make one last-ditch effort at customizing her into something I liked.

      And while I was working, my bestie emailed me saying he finally watched Young Frankenstein, quoting, "Abby someone. Abby. . . Normal."

      So there I was, sanding down a head with no faceup, and the name just CLICKED. Bam. Abby. . . basically chose her name, and she's not going anywhere now.

      Conversely, I picked the name "Tachyon" for my Cuartos Darkhorn before I even bought him, because it just seemed like an epic name for a dragon. No other reason, though it does make me want to get other dragons to be "Luxon" and "Bradyon" now.

      *Edit* Abby and Tachyon "tax"
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    15. I wait for the name to come to me. Checking names lists, characters from an era etc. never got me anywhere. Sometimes as soon as I open the box I know. Other times I just get to know her and pop comes a name. That name often surprises me but it is seems to fit perfectly. I have yet to change a name once it reveals itself. Good not to feel pressure to find a name and enjoy the discovery process. :roll:
    16. That's really sweet, haha. I too want to name my doll Robyn, it sounds really nice for a girl character and has a tomboy-ish touch to it.
    17. A name eventually pops into my head while looking at the doll, usually after they have a face-up I like. And then I argue. "Wait, that doesn't fit the image I had of you at all!" I'll try other names, but will always come back to that random name which popped into my head earlier, and end up giving in at some point. This pattern has been pretty consistent with my favorites. :sweat

      Three of my dolls were bought from a friend, and those dolls kept their old names, because I just can't imagine calling them anything else.
    18. I'm with some of the others. The names just sort of come to me. With the two that I have, the names just seemed to fit when they came up either in conversation or in my head. Zenith was just Zenith and no other name would fit him. And the minute I took my Luts Pine out of the box, my wife started calling him Frankie. Then our daughter started calling him Frankie, and then I did too. XD It just seemed to fit the personality and character I wanted him to represent.
    19. I couldn't think of a good name for my dolly, so I actually came here and asked for help. I uploaded a picture of her, a brief summary of personality, and asked for peoples opinions. Ended up going with Aisling. It was the name that stuck the most. It's Irish and means dream or vision, fitting her daydreaming, manga reading, wanna marry Yugi Mutou persona.
    20. I often find names in books. But for my first doll I was so excited that I was use my pet nickname.