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How do I keep her head on?

Dec 28, 2007

    1. I'm new to the MSD world. I have a Volks F-02 who is my new sweetie pie. Only thing is I can't figure out how her head cap stays on. Any suggestions?
      Here's a peek at her!
    2. Amiee (as in not me) wrote this on the subject:
      Mini-SDs headcaps do not attach to the S-hook, nor do they have a rubber band; instead they have small poles that stick into holes in the head and in the cap, allowing it to hold on that way. Simple slip your fingers between the headcap and the head, and prise the cap off.
    3. Your girl should have a S hook and rubber band attachment to head cap.

      It takes a while to figure out how the rubber band is doubled looped into an X.
    4. Thanks,
      Is there anywhere online that shows how to do this?
      You should see the contraption I have going on now.
    5. If you are not against putting moleskin on either side of her head that is how I keep my girl's headcap on. It will leave a residue yes, but it can come off.
    6. I couldn't find a picture. I have been traveling for the holidays but will take a picture when I get back home.
    7. Oh, that was good. Off to try it!
    8. Thanks it worked!