How do most artists here authenticate their sculpts?

Dec 2, 2019

    1. I first have to admit that I haven't done my research. I did look around threads about recasts, but those were extensive and somewhat old. I am still reading. The above will be my first question to this community, ever. Please forgive me if the question has already been answered in an older post.

      A follow up question would be, Is it necessary to go beyond a Certificate of Authentication?
    2. Well a lot of times some dolls have special details, like in their headplates or on the back on their head. like Volks has a gold plate with some details on the back of their head. others may have names of the mold or company inscribed into the resin inside. These are pretty good indicators about a doll. some recasts will be missing those details, or if they have them, it looks sloppy.

      Some companies also give you a certificate of Authenticity, as you mentioned, but some recasters even try to replicate those too.

      Its always good to look and consider where youre buying from. for example, if you buy directly from a known doll company, of course its original. Authentic Dealers will also buy directly from them (such as BJDivas or Denverdoll, angelique, etc)

      also, sometimes, just looking at them could be a dead giveaway with details, resin colour, or the quality overall.
    3. Is this for you trying to see if something for sale is legit, or are you selling the item?
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    4. I don't have a keen eye for the recast. My only clue is the price. So if it is priced like an original, has counterfeit markings and CoA, then I am likely to get duped. I read through the DoA wiki on recasts. Low price is the red flag that I can use with confidence. Buying direct from the maker is easy enough to do to avoid all of the traps! Thank you for your reply!
    5. I bought a doll secondhand. It has no Certificate and no markings. It wasn't cheap and it wasn't expensive. I suspect that it is a recast, but I just don't know. It will never re-enter the market. I didn't buy it here. I bought it off of Facebook from someone I know at regular meet-ups. Would she sell me a recast, someone I trust? I don't know that either. I chalk it up as lesson learned if it is not legit.
    6. Some people are shady like that and have sold recasts as legit. Others maybe didn’t realize they were doing so.

      Since DoA doesn’t allow discussion about recasts, the best thing you can do is post in Ask the Moderators and link them to some photos or the sales post for your doll and let them help you determine if the doll is legit. They are the experts, after all! :)
    7. I don't really want to discuss recasts. My restructured question now is: What do artists do or use to authenticate their dolls that they make and sell? "This is how you know that this is a doll that I make." A signature, a stamp, a plate, a certificate. I didn't want to create a survey because I want to see if anyone would add how confident are they that this is enough?
    8. It really depends on the company. I have dolls that have each of those things. I also have dolls that didn't come with any of them. Recasts are still a relatively recent thing in the BJD world, and so many, many older dolls just don't have the certificates and head-plates and all that.
    9. There are groups on facebook, such as BJD Addicts that there are tons of people there that could help as well besides asking the mods. like i mentioned, definitely price is a big thing, but not always... some heads are just so... out there... many have them.. ive had seen some heads for got 50, 60, 70 dollars when they are worth way more just because the market isnt looking for those or its so saturated.

      Theres so many ways to tell, but like others mentioned, it all depends as i had dolls too that i knew were legit because i ordered them directly, but they didnt include anything on them (at least that i saw).