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How do people handle their dolls, gloves or no gloves?

Jul 18, 2007

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Sometimes

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    1. Do you use gloves when playing/dressing your dolls or not? I was curious was all as ive been handling Lilith with bare hands. If you do cover your hands what do you use?
    2. No, I never use gloves when handling dolls. As long as your hands are fairly clean and that you wipe your dolls down if they get dirty, you shouldn't be concerned.
    3. Gloves? no, never.

      I only make sure my hands are clean, as in nothing greasy on them when I touch my resin kids XD
    4. *is amused by the survey's wording* :whee:
      I don't use gloves, simply because its a bit of a pain to put them on whenever I go to touch my boys (coz it happens often!) Clean hands is important, of course, but gloves is a bit much, in my honest opinion.
    5. No, I see no reason to. If they get dirty, then I wipe them off. I do avoid touching their faceups, though.
    6. Ha ha ha. I just realized how bad that question is. Well, whichever way it is meant, dolls or other activities... No.
    7. it depends. when i first get them, i literally treat them with kid gloves and then i realize they're hardier than that so i don't much bother later on. i'll use them to put on their wigs sometimes so i won't have to touch their faces with my hands, whether clean or not, we still have oils in them. i like to preserve the faceup as much as possible
    8. --
      #8 Devil's Trill, Jul 18, 2007
      Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
    9. Gloves?! (rolls on floor laughing) no never.
      I do make sure my hands are clean though!

      "Touching Empty Handed" (as the Japanese say) all the way!

    10. No, I have never worn gloves when playing with my dolls. I do, however, remove any jewlery that I am wearing. I don't want to scratch them. Arlene
    11. I don't find them to be so delicate that one needs to wear protective gear when playing. Resin is pretty touch, though not invincible, tough none the less. Resin is pretty easy to clean, so I find a simple 'sponge-bath' does the trick. Go magic erasers!
    12. hmm, when i'm packing dolls up for sale i do, to make sure they don't get dirty, but that's with like latex type ones, not white cotton type. For my own, no, i do either wash my hands or have sanitizer handy. ^^ lol, the survey wording is funny. :)
    13. Well yeah, but you are packaging them for sale. You want to make sure your customers get a 'brand new' smell and feeling with their doll. Of course you'd use gloves.
    14. Nah. I just make sure my hands aren't really dirty or greasy with food. I do avoid touching their faceup, though.
    15. Gloves nah. I hate wearing gloves even in the depths of winter, and yes my hands do turn blue with the cold.
      And I have a 'thing' about clean hands, I must wash them 10 times a day. OCD anyone?:doh
      So I dont worry about my guy getting dirty.
    16. I wash my hands before handling them. The only time I wear gloves is if I'm doing a face-up, and then I only wear one on the hand that's holding the head. It's not really necessary, but that way I avoid getting any oil from my fingers on the resin while I work.
    17. I don't need any protection when I dress Wu.
      I only make sure to have clean hands. And even if I fail and make his body dirtx a bit, I kan easyly wash him, he has no bodyblushing.
    18. Can't say I've ever even thought about wearing gloves to handle my dolls except when I'm doing face ups and even then they where latex ones to protect my hands from the msc when I sprayed.

      I usually make sure my hands are clean before handling them, since they're muck magnets but I'm a very tactile person... I like touching things (does that make me sound like a freak or what?) and the only part of my dolls I'm really carefull about touching is their face ups.
    19. I don't wear protection even if I am wearing black nailpolish... And one day I know I will do a mark on Drazik's face BUT... I find it very disturbing to wear gloves to touch your own things
    20. Eeewww never.
      I'd never want to waste the time putting gloves on. >_<
      Most of the time Shiro is waiting for me when I walk into my room and I end up attacking him lol.
      No time to think..."Wait...No...Stop...I Need gloves!"
      I'm not that over protective.