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how do puki joints work? please help!

Oct 29, 2008

    1. I don't own a pukipuki but think they are brilliant. i would love to know how their wrists and ankles are attached as they are so tiny. i know the hands and feet are magnetic, but how is the elastic attached?

      does anyone have any pictures? please put my mind to rest! thank you
    2. Just the actual foot and hand parts are magnetic and can be switched, the wrist and ankle joints are balls, at the end of which are magnets.
    3. Y'know, I haven't even bothered to glance at my girl's stringing, and she's at home now... but the fairyland site has a nice drawing of all the parts laid out in the 'pukipuki manuals'; that may help.

      Edit: OK, I checked my girl, and puki wrist and ankle joints are attached with teeny s-hooks.
    4. thank you thank you!! that's brilliant. it's amazing what you can find once someone points you in the right direction...
    5. I took a picture for you:
    6. Gah, stupid work computer is blocking images again. Thank you very much for the picture. I'll be sure to check it out when I get home.

      Similar puki question from a noob: these guys don't happen to have magnets in their heads by default, do they? In other words you need to attach the magnets if you want to add the pukisha ears, right?
    7. the magnets are already attached by default for the pukisha ears
    8. No, there are magnets in the headback itself (to attach pukisha ears or cochon). But there are no magnets to attach the faceplate.

      :EDIT: Here, I took a photo to show you. <3

    9. You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the info and pictures!
    10. HOWEVER! There is a spot where you can glue a magnet (provided when you order them) into that triangular area that you see, and one to the corresponding location on the faceplates. This is useful if you have a loose faceplate, and the holes are already there.
    11. I have attached magnets to Nemo's head because the faceplate was beginning to fall down! :D I always take it out when I change clothes.
    12. Just be careful gluing magnets in that you glue them the right way around - one of my Flora's foot magnets came out the other day and I glued it back in the wrong way aorund

      So now I have to figure out how to get it back out again so I can re-glue itin the *right* way....{deep sigh!}

    13. thank you for the phots, that's really great :)
    14. thanks for the post. I got my first Puki today a cupid 2 and was getting a little distressed as the awake face plate was extremely loose compared to the sleeping face plate. Now I just need to figure out everything else about him. Oooh the excitement.
    15. Do they hold a pose pretty well?
    16. AMAZINGLY well. I was told by Lua's previous owner that she was a bit loose but I have yet to find it! She poses very comfortably and naturally just like my newer Pukis.