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How do you carry your dolls?

Jan 26, 2006

    1. I've been trying to figure this out. When you carry your doll in your arms, do you carry it legs bent in the crook of your arm like how Sinku tells Jun to in Rozen Maiden, or do you carry it around the waist in front of you like a teddy bear?
    2. Mostly like one would hold a baby with one arm. Also, sometimes I'll lie him over my shoulder if I need my hands free for a bit. It kind of depends on what I'm doing other than holding him.
    3. Both, depending on what I am doing and where I am.... sometimes I will bend her legs and sit her in a cradle of my palms in front of me too, with my thumbs over her hips for stability, if that makes sense

      Be well

    4. Generally they perch on my left arm. Because, for some reason, I find it awkward to sit them on my right . . . .

      Which means I can't carry more than three . . . .
    5. I carry them in the crook of the arm with legs bent like shinku tell Jun. Teddy Bear style makes it riskier for your doll to slip to their doom.
    6. I carry them both ways, but mostly in the crook of my left arm.
    7. I sit himon my shoulders, one leg aroung each side of my neck or I hold him in one arm.
    8. I only have one and his a MSD ^^; I carry him with my left arm... his feet are held my hand hand and he's in a sitting pose with his back leaning on my upper arm...yeah ^^;

      and sometimes when I don't feel like carrying him I sit him on his carry bag and have him cling to the bag's strap. and then i hold my hand close to him so he's kind-a traped between my body and my hand ^^;
    9. I carry mine in my arms, though I have a bag for Hikaru and Fumiki as well.
    10. I carry him in the crook of my arm, his hands folded on his stomach and my free hand on top of them. Feels safer that way ^__^
    11. me too :)

      though I'll have to find a new way when Sumiya gets here..(probably just the same way, without my hand on top..because..then I would need 4 hands..which would be pretty cool..)
    12. I cup my hand so my mini-sized can sit in it - that way, I can hug him close for safety, or if need be hold him away from me securely by holding my thumb over his thighs.
    13. I carry them upright, with one arm wrapped around their waists. ^^ I guess if they weren't minis I'd have to find some other way to do it. If I tried to pick up a Hound that way his feet would dangle by my ankles. Lol.
    14. I carry July in the crook of my arm with her knees bent, so she's sitting. (Like im Rozen Maiden.)
    15. This. Only that he usually is more upright.
    16. I carry my boys with one in the crook of each arm ^^
    17. It depends on what I'm doing. But for the most part I carry them in the crook of my arms, like babies. lol
    18. Okay, this probably sounds barbaric, but...

      After owning her for a month, I've realised that I usually carry Michelle by simply putting my hand around her waist and lifting her. If I'm standing with her for a longer period of time, I generally seat her on my bent left arm while still holding around her waist with the right hand so she won't fall. The reason I carry her that way is of course that doing so is extremely easy with an MSD - but also that I'm ridiculously scared of ruining her fragile Hisui-hair by putting the back of her head close to my body. I'm getting a new wig for her soon, though, and I'm actually quite courious to see if that will affect the way I carry her.
    19. Like others have already said, I carry Sam in the crook of my arm. Because I'm ambidextrous, I tend to have her sit with her little toosh in the bend of my left elbow and hold her feet with my hand. That way, I can place my right hand over her to keep her more secure if I need to.

      But if she's with me at my desk (like here at work) I sometimes have her just sit on the desk in front of me. It's the perfect height for her to rest her head against my shoulder and I can rest my chin on her head.
    20. I carry my doll a million different ways. Most often, I'm holding him with my arm outstretched, so his butt is resting in my hand and his legs are stretched out. Does that make any sense? XD;;

      Or I'll just cradle him like a baby. ^ ^;;;; Which makes me feel a bit odd, because then people call me his mother.. and I don't consider a doll to be my child.. [and he's supposed to be about a year older than me as it is. XD]

      Or, if I'm feeling particularly lazy and/or I need my hands, I'll just stick him in the front of my jacket and zip it up under his armpits.

      ...yes, I'm weird. :3