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How do you carry your larger dolls?

Dec 4, 2011

    1. Hi everyone! :)

      Mods, if there is already about this, I am so sorry! You can delete it if you think necessary. :)

      I was just wondering, how do you carry your larger dolls? Like when you go to a meet up. Do you carry them in carrying cases, or just in your arms? I ask because I have seen little carrying cases for tiny dolls, but I wasn't sure if there are any for larger ones! And if I ever go to a meetup, I don't think I would want to hold my doll in my arms the entire time. :P

      Thanks! :D
    2. Well, to answer your 'question' there are carriage cases for larger dolls also. :) Just look at company sites like dollmore and such.
    3. I know that big carrying bags exist but I don't have one, so when I'm carrying my SD I put her in a large bag with cushions or something like that to avoid shocks.
    4. Ah, the same question I had when I first got my Luts SDF... XD I always carry my larger ones in my carrying bag. I got it from Happydoll A LONG time ago, but I know Dollmore, Luts, Volks and other companies sell larger carrying bags. I've seen owners using traveler bags/luggages to bring around more dolls as well. I love my big dolls, I also love how weighty and thick compared to my little ones, but it gets pretty darn heavy and painful if I am to carry even one of them around all day. I've done it, and my arms felt like they were about to fall off the next day! (But if you rock-climb and are not like me who is not athletic/built at all, maybe you'll do better... haha.)
      Also, you can store other things in the bag (i.e., extra wigs, clothes, parts...) also and if you get a large carrying bag there's room for more dolls as well. I just prefer BJD carrying bags versus regular bags because BJD carrying bags have straps to hold the dolls in place inside. :) They're just way too convenient! :D
    5. I don't know what I'd do with my Lusion Dahlia in public, she's seriously huge and heavy. Around the house, I do often lift her by the neck, and if I'm carrying her around I drop her into the crook of my arm and hold her around the chest, her arms resting over my arm. I often carry my other larger (SD-sized) dolls in the same fashion, or have them sit in the crook of my arm.
    6. Now I use a carry bag that I got from Soom but before that I would tote Anna around in my back pack, she'd 'sit' in it with her head peeking out ^^; and then I ended up buying a rolling suitcase just because sometimes Im taking more then one and now I have too many than will fit in my carry case.
    7. It depends on how many I am taking out with me to be honest. If I am taking one or two I just carry them in my arms because I hate packing them in cases. It also depends on how many places I am going. If we are just doing doll stuff or a convention then I just carry them if we will be doing other things I am more likely to pack them for safety. I usually sit my doll along my arm and I will sometimes sit a second doll in his lap, either a second SD or MSD or YoSd. Sometimes if I am only carrying one of my biggest boys I will lean him against my hip and fold him over my arm (I did this with my kids when they were babies too) and my big 70cm DZ boy I will carry up on my shoulders at conventions to give my arms a break. He is my easiest doll to carry for that reason. I have too many dolls to take them all out together.
    8. Depends how many I am taking with me. If all 8 a wheelie shopping bag or suit case. If two or three a large tote bag. If one, generally in my arms (Heck I used to lug real children around twenty years ago so one doll is not too bad it's a matter of adjustment). I generally do not take all 8 with me, I like to keep track of who I have out there and what I am doing without too much fuss. Generally at conventions I take one so that the doll is constantly with me. At meets I will generally take more for we tend to sit in one place. There are some very good doll specific carrier bags, but it is a question of just packing well.
    9. I carry my big dolls in one of two fashions:




      But it depends on where I'm going, and the case usually comes on my trips, even if the doll isn't inside of it. ;D

      My carrier is an AngelRegion hard case. They're really awesome for clumsy oafs like me. They come in two colours: white/brown (as pictured), and black/red. I really endorse people buying them. They also fit my Supergems. Just not with fantasy parts.
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    10. I enjoy carrying my dolls around, so even though I do have one MSD sized doll bag I usually end up carrying them around anyways. ^^
    11. I only have a SD size doll, the rest are MSD or YOSD, so i usually carried him on an IpleHouse´s carry bag wich is very useful and safe.
    12. I almost always use a carrying case-it's just a heck of a lot easier to tote them around in, (mine is a 70cm one from Dollmore) As much fun as it is to carry my big boys, I'd much rather have them snug between some pillows and slung over my shoulder, at least until I get to the meet-up. It leaves my hands free and I don't have to worry about them falling over while in the car etc.
      Once at the meet, I usually unpack them and carry them around.
    13. To and from the meets, in what ever bag they fit in - I have a couple of carry cases but I can only get about three SD sized dolls in one of those, so if I'm taking more I take a wheely suitcase or one of the those sewing-machine transporting padded troelley-bags and layer the dolls with cushions in that:

      If it's an noutdoor meet or one at a public venue where we'll be moving around a lot, I have backpack bear carier from Bulid-a-Bear that's klike one of those baby - carriers and an SD sized doll fits nicely into one of those and can be hung on your front leaving both hands free:

    14. Oh wow, thanks for the feedback everyone! :D It's so great to hear everyone's BJD carry tactics. x3 I think I'll probably just carry her around most of the time, but I also think I would like to buy a carrying case that was maybe see through in the front. It's starting to rain a lot here, and rain = snow, and I would rather my doll not get wet. x3 <3
    15. Aww, very cute and stylish! <3 And your doll on your shoulder has a gorgeous face! Is she a Supia doll? :o
    16. Yoga bag, long thin and cheap, lined with cardboard for stiffness and pillows for cushioning!
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    17. My first bag was a yoga bag, now I have two nice doll bags. I find an over the shoulder strap is a must for the bigger dolls!

      One of the great things I've seen for toting around several big dolls is to use a Rolling Scrapbook Case. Keep an eye out for when they go on sale. It's basically just like a suitcase on wheels, however, it's wide at the base, and opens from the top and not the side. Several dolls can fit inside in a sitting position. You can find them at craft stores like JoAnns.
    18. I have an umbrella stroller that I carry around Ryuichi (60cm Delf Shiwoo) and Tatsuha (70cm MNM/Spiritdoll Proud hybrid) in when I go to anime cons and meetups and whatnot, but when I take all of my Resinoyds someplace outside, they also have a red wagon. I did get a carrying case when I got Tatsuha's body, but Ryuichi doesn't care for it much. he gets kicky after being put in a bag. :sweat

      Otherwise, I carry whichever one I'm taking in the crook of my arm, if I only decide one's going with me anywhere, such as grocery shopping or to Joanne Fabrics. Then they go in the child seat in the cart with the seatbelt securely around them in case of falls! :)

    19. I bought for my archeologist-boy (Mr. Jones) carrying suitcase. Love it <3

    20. This is a rather old thread but it seemed like the most appropriate place to ask, does anyone know if Dollmore actually stopped making their rolling suitcase carriers? I think you could fit some SDs sitting down and smaller ones in the middle. Can't seem to find it in the carriers section or anywhere on their site.

      I have a Spiritdoll 70cm carrier but it's been well used and the zipper isn't doing too well, I was looking for a rolling replacement.