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How do you celebrate your dolls' birthdays?

May 11, 2005

    1. My boy, Kazuo's birthday is coming up (On Friday),... and after all this time, I've still never celebrated one of my doll's birthdays! I think I will celebrate his birthday this year though!

      I was wondering how you celebrate your doll's birthdays (if you do).
    2. I usually just buy them a little something and be sure to pay them attention that day. Haven't had a "party" per se or anything like that other than annoucing it on my LJ.
    3. They celebrate with me... :3

      Ghaleon's birthday is the day before my husband's birthday. And Andesha's birthday is the day after mine!

      Jareth hasn't gotten a body of his own yet, so he doesn't have a b-day. X3
    4. I've never been big about birthdays, period. If you asked me off the top of my head, I can't even spout their arrival dates. ^^; I'm just really happy that they're here with me. :) I personally don't do anything overly large. I usually buy my girls stuff whenever I see something that would be nice on them over the course of the year. ^_^
    5. A few weeks ago it's been my first SD boy's birthday! :D
      On that special day, I thought about all of the things he's done for me in the year he's been with me, and I said thanks to him for all of them :daisy
      As a birthday present, I finally found the courage to re-string him! :grin:
    6. :oops: I am a bad mommy, I have not celebrated my dolls birthdays. Gee come to think of it I forget the day of their arrival as well, must cut down on the hours working so much.
    7. I've never done it before but my friend and I are planning doing a very sweet party to my baby. She is going to make biscuit (no idea if i wrote right) cake, I'm going to get some wigs and ask mommy to make her some clothes! Then, I'll get the camera, call a few people (sister, 2 or 3 friends that live next and also Yela, Chibi, Lelie and the brazilian doll owners that I love sooo much ^^)
      Nothing very big... but very special! ^^


    8. Hmm.. my girls birthday won't be for a while but when it comes up I plan on getting them a small cake from this tiny bakery near the beach who makes the most outstandingly beautiful cakes. I would get her something I wouldn't normally buy and wrap it up nicely. Then I would have all of my personally dollie friends in the area come over for like a mini doll meet type thing (if I ever make dollie friends in my area). :D wow that sounds better then MY birthdays :oops:
    9. Ichiiro's birthday isn't until October, but I plan to buy him something nice (like an outfit, or an expensive wig or shoes, or somesuch) and maybe see about getting him a little cake.
    10. I bought him a boyfriend.


      Caro: :grin:

      Simon: You...bought me...I'm a birthday present? <faints>

      Caro: <one-handed Simon catch> :grin: That's what I'm talking about, right there.

      I have no idea how I'll deal with the next birthday. I'm kind of afraid.
    11. Well, nothing special but I just buy them something that I've been meaning to get them, or something a little more expensive than usual. And a small photoshoot.
    12. Cacau you're so sweet!!! XDD
      I'll be very very very happy to go to Choco/Mikael's b-day party!!! :grin:
      And of course I'll give them some presents too! ^^

      uhm... I think I'll celebrate my boys b-day too!
      I would give them lots of presents and take toons of pics! :daisy
    13. that what i was thinking: choco's birthday is comming ^^

      well answering the topic: at my boy b-day i gave him some gifts (well ^^'' one of them is kindda late but it is comming :3) and he had a blue biscuit cake and much attetion (a sit was a work day and i was working back then i brought him with me at work :3 me and my co-workkies actually sing happy birthday for him :oops: )
    14. Jaede's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks! I've already bought him a new pair of boots, but I'm sure I'll do something else for him... Now to decide what. I'll probably set up for a few nice photos to document the occasion. ^^V
    15. Well I've never had one before but for my first Doll birthday I'm having a bjd meet with cake and pressies for Finn, yay! :D Its going to be an evening deal and I believe it might involve a few people (both fleshie and resin) staying the night too! Oooooer! XD
    16. i havent had any of my dolls for more then a year... but when their birthdays come around ill throw a little bash with all there other dollfie friends... (hopefully before moons birthday her man will be home)

      ill even have a cake too! i work at an icecram store adn we have these mini cakes... so ill have cake and icecream and presents weeeee!!1
    17. ...Or Doll Birthday's...arrival days....

      I'm curious, with Ringo's birthday right around the corner, hes a year old almost, i was curious to see what others did to celebrate owning dolls for over a year.

      To keep this more of a discussion rather then a RP type thingy, I'll see if i can ask a few questions.

      Do you hold a special doll meet up?

      Do you buy "gifts" for your special boy or girl?

      Do you take lots of photos?

      Make something special?

      ...or does the thought not cross your mind.

      Ringo is very special to me because he came to me on special grounds...so I will celebrate his coming to live with me, while i'll guiltly admit i cant keep up with the others. Sorry guys.

      So let me know what you do to celebrate!! (I need ideas too! :P )
    18. Congratulations! I recorded both Luke and Windy's arrival days (or in Luke's case arrival of body/assembly day). When Luke's came around the first time, I was broke, unhappy with my dolls and generally not feeling like doing anything. But when Windy's came around -- I made her a new outfit, took pictures and sent emails around to other people who had been in a waiting thread with me.
    19. yeah i sent Ringos foster mom a pm to tell her that i'm still happily in love with the boy she sent me!! <3
    20. Hm.. im bad i don't remember my dolls' birthdays :S