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How do you combine collecting with.....

Oct 7, 2011

    1. Hi everyone,
      I'm new and was just wondering how you combine collecting bjd's with your job, family and friends.
      I mean time wise. Does it work out for you. Are you able to collect without taking time away from your loved once and your job.
      I only got interested in bjd's a few weeks ago. But doing the research of what doll I should buy, clothes, wigs and other things is taking up so much time it's causing me sleepless nights. During work when I should be spending time with my co-workers I'm online reading on DOA. To be onnest it's making me a bit crazy. Now I'm wondering if collecting is for me.
      I would love to hear your experiance and how you deal with it.
      Thanks so much,
    2. its easy to deal, my bf is in japan so i dont need to worry and most of the time i put my doll on the study table, if i have time i sew clothes for her, my mom hates my doll, she even hit my doll's head 5 times before :xif you think that its taking too much of your time stop collecting them

      i think you are rushing too much you should really step back and take your time
    3. I think your problem might be that you're allowing bjds to take over just a little bit because it's new and all. Right now you might want to take a step back and remember that this is something to be enjoyed- not something you replace your real life with. So if the hobby is giving you this much of a problem, you might want to just take a break for a while, and concentrate on the things you have to do.
    4. Obsessive planning is usual in the beginning stages of collecting these dolls, but I think it dies down a bit after you actually buy a doll. I always take time for myself and my personal interests; it's what keeps me sane. Just don't get in trouble at work; maybe you should cut back a little if it is causing you some stress.
    5. I agree with Teruchan.
    6. It really takes only as much time as you let it. I don't spend a lot of time on my dolls, tbh. Every now and then I get the urge to take some new photos and that's about it. I spend more time casually browsing DoA, but then I have a job that allows me to do so and it's a great time waster during the day. It doesn't interfere with my ability to actually do my job though.

      I have other interests outside of dolls, and most of my free time outside of work is spent on them because I like doing things for them more. I'm going to be spending probably an entire day sitting in a line after driving two hours to get to NYC next weekend to go to a con to see one hour long panel. Soom is going to be there, and I don't care because that panel is way more important to me.

      If you find dolls taking up too much time, close DoA. Don't browse. Do something else. You can put the doll away and always go back to it later.
    7. I agree with all of the above that it only gets you as involved as you want, and that you might need to take a step back. This is a hobby, it is not some huge life decision that someone is forcing you to make. There's nothing wrong with taking your time and slowly deciding as you go, don't feel like you need to dedicate every waking hour to browsing companies and learning things as quickly as possible.

      I browse DoA when I have free time, and even then I just pop by a couple of subforums/threads that I like and I'm on my way. I don't spend a ton of time doing things with my dolls in person either, for the most part they just sit on my dresser and look nice. Sometimes I change their positions, and when I'm bored I'll take some photos or sew a shirt. the BJD hobby is very leisurely for me, and it's never overtaken my life.
    8. I spend a LOT of time on my dolls...either customizing, sewing or, mostly, roleplaying nightly for a few hours. It DOES take up a lot of my time, but I think it works. I work a 9-4 job, my husband is on second shift, so most of my playing happens while he's a work. I don't live with my parents, so rarely see them anyway. My sister is in the hobby, I have no kids or pets that need my attention. All of my closest friends live several hours away from me, so I chat with them online while I roleplay or do faceups or whatever.

      Also, as far as work goes, I have an office job that mostly deals with answering the phone and a bit of morning paperwork. My bosses don't care if I'm on DoA, as long as my work is complete first, and I'm a secretary in a lawn business, so I'm alone in the office while my co-workers are out servicing yards, so its not like I ignore them or anything.

      I use my weekends to do non-doll stuff with my hubby, sister or other family. I still roleplay at night, but that gives me all day to do other stuff.

      The dolls are a huge part of my life and my biggest hobby, so they do take up a lot of time, but not so much that my family and job suffer.
    9. I'm afraid real life goes before hobbies. This year I've been so busy (I spent most of last month abroad for work and part of the summer taking care of an elderly relative, in two weeks I'm abroad again for vacation time) and I don't think I have achieved any progress doll-wise in all the MSC-friendly weather season.
    10. It's not just having a hobby... It's sometimes difficult to balance just about anything you do in life. But it's something that's important to keep in-balance. Some people just get really caught up in things--dolls, or some activity, or a boyfriend... and will forget about everything else. This can be fun, but not good for your job or your friends or keeping up with necessary things.

      If you know you are getting WAY too distracted by something, and it can have negative effects on your life, then you definitely need to try and step back.

      I can get caught up with dolls and everything, too. Part of that is natural, as others have said, particularly with a new doll or a new hobby. I know that I need to really stop myself from going to DoA a lot and checking on dolls when I need to get work done, etc. It's hard to do for me. It's not the dolls, though. I'd be distracted by just about anything... I just need to try and be more disciplined when it comes to fun things, and not get so carried away that I don't do the things I NEED to do.
    11. I don't think you need to worry, you're still in the "honeymoon" stage where everything's new and exciting. After a while you'll find your balance of dolls, work and home. :)
    12. That's just the initial frenzy, I think that wears off pretty quickly. Sometimes I ignore my dolls for long periods and other times I am making things for them and messing with them all the time. They are inanimate objects so it's not like they demand attention once you actually have one :)
    13. Thanks everyone,
      This has really helped me calm down. I really like your quote myouyu "why so serious". I was taking it way to serious like I you do with everything in live, go into it for a 100% like I have to take an exam the next day. Instead of just enjoying it and letting it be something fun to do when I have some spare time.
      I have found a doll or maybe two. They will be second hand but the lady is not sure of selling yet. I will just wait till she is ready because I love this doll that I'm sure of.
      Thank you all for sharing your experience.
    14. I only do any of my hobbies in my free time. So...when I'm not working, in school, or doing things with family or non-dolly friends I have time to devote to whatever I please, including dolls. I don't find it to be any more of a struggle than just finding free time in general.
    15. Sometimes I have lots of free dolly time, sometimes I'm very busy, some times I'm not as busy but choose to do other things in my spare time. It just depends on what's going on in my life at any given moment. I just don't worry about it and do what I feel like doing (taking care of important things like going to work first of course). I find that things usually work out just fine.
    16. I'm in school so I'm usually busy during the week but it all works out in the end. Pictures are easy, I can run outside and snap a few photos, edit and post them online after school in about a half hour. faceups I do on the weekends when I can...it can be a month or more before I get to a faceup though, depending on how busy I am. I spend time on DoA before I go to bed, usually 10pm to 11pm or 12am. If it's a school night I try to go to bed around 11pm. I just sneak in the time where I can :)
    17. I am sooo like that and sometimes I do step back to gain perspective. I have only been into bjds a little over a year and now own 4 bjds with 2 more on the way. I am naturally one to obsess over things. I eat, sleep, breathe whatever my current interests are but it's a norm for me so I'm used to it.

      With collecting bjds, I get obsessed only when I have a new one coming in. I make tons of lists and dream about it and bore my poor husband on certain decisions or character developments...lol. But it does die down once I get them. After I have them home, I have them on display in roomboxes in my dining room and since it's in the center of the house, if I feel inclined to work on their photostories, I do as my kids play in the next room or watch.

      I'm a SAHM, so I usually use the morning when my 8 yo is in school and my 3yo is napping, to come up with ideas or set up scenes. Usually I'm on the computer sporadically throughout the day when my kids are playing with eachother and my husband is watching tv in the living room where the computer is. I try not to stay up late at night but it's usually the only uninterrupted time i have for myself (my husband works the nightshift) so I tend to lurk forums or Flickr or etsy when all is asleep. Long story short, my family see me interact with my dolls throughout the day but it never takes away from any family activities.
    18. Ug...im notoriously horrible about working my hobbies into my regular schedual xD I have a lot of things that interest me, but I have the worst time balancing them out (Im a Gemini :/ ). It has been really bad with dolls. With only one doll, in the past life has gotten hectic and ill get so uninvolved and distant for the hobby for months, and even contemplate selling my doll and all his stuff, but then something will come up and suck me right back in xD Then ill obsess and hardly sleep for a few days, catching up on new dolls and DoA happenings, then a few more weeks of DoA flaming, maybe join a swap, maybe take a sewing commission, maybe buy something for my doll and sew an outfit, then ill burn out and dissappear for a few months ._. I hate this so much though, so now im trying to pace myself and take it bit by bit. Im still lurking on DoA constantly, but im trying ^ ^;; Now I just have to work in drawing, learning to use my copic markers, sewing clothes for my doll, crocheting, and continuing learning Japanese as well and ill be all set xDDD
    19. The excitement of having picked up a new hobby usually takes up most of your time in the beginning stages. I don't think it'll eat up too much of your time later on. I know I once went through periods of spending way too much time on my dolls for weeks on end and then not paying them any attention at all for like a month plus. These days, I pay them regular attention whenever I have the time to spare. I still like browsing through the MP from time to time and through the forums to catch up to the latest news and updates, as well as shop online for clothes whenever I have the cash to spare.

      There's always a lot to read up about when you're beginning a hobby which is probably why you think you're spending way too much time on BJD stuff. Don't worry about it.
    20. Yes BJD collecting and all things dolly related can be rather exciting. I think on here there might be some who tke it way to seriously. After all it is just a really expensive peice of resin at the end of the day. However excitment and engagement about things a new is what life is supposedly all about. Keeping the hobby in persoectie is somehtingthat I am sure many of us struggle with. I struggle with the impulse of seeing a doll and thingking I absolutely must have it at any cost. I am slowly learning that the finances do not like buying dolls on a whim especially when one doll can be as much as my mortgae payment. Sad but true. i often lie about the real cost of some of my dolls because of the judgements from other about what I should and shouldn't spend on doll. Some people have mucle cars and I have dolls what can I say.

      To sum this all up, I really admire your enthsiasm with collecting and I urge you to keep doing your research as which such a costly investment it would be terrile if you bought somehting you didn't like afterward. Despite what the quote/unquote experts have to say, get a doll that you love, one which calls to you and begs to be brought home. People get caust up in price and brand but when it comes down to it, the only person who needs to be pleased and satisfied with your doll it YOU!!! and no one else.

      With that said, HAVE AT IT!